Top 10 Best Smart TV Brands to Buy in India 2021 With Price

When it comes to having a great movie watching experience, higher resolution and excellent sound systems play an important role. Days are gone when TVs used to have limited features like HD resolution and stereo sound system. You can find great brands offering features like Android OS, up to 8K resolution, Dolby supported sound system, smart remotes, and much more in single TV.

No doubt that rising competition is bringing down all the features in a pocket-friendly price point but all brands can’t provide quality features at a lower price. So, going with a reputed brand is less of an issue than choosing a less-known manufacturer just for the lower price point. Looking at all the essential features along with after-sale services throughout the country is vital for every buyer.

As brands are offering quirky features and several types of TVs, it might be hard to claim the best one. It depends upon your needs as well as the features you are looking after. Due to this, we made a list of our favorite top 10 best TV brands in India 2021. Alongside the features, we are mentioning the price range and key features which will help you compare all the tech-giants in a better manner.

Without wasting any more time in the research part, let’s compare the best in best and figure out the right one for you –

1. Sony Smart TV

Sony Smart TV

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With an exceptional design, high-end resolution, and LED panels of the display, you can get the highest contrast ratio with the Bravia series of Sony. There is a wide range of models available for different price points. Sony can get you some quirky features like HDR10 support, a better sound system, one year of warranty, and Android OS in their TVs. You can find TVs from 24” to 65″ and above. The affordable series packs an HD-ready display whereas the high-end series have 4K resolution.

Price Range – Rs. 12,499 to Rs. 1,61,490

Highlights –

  • Android OS
  • 1 Year of warranty
  • Quality After-sale services
  • Bass-rich sound system

2. Mi Smart TV

Mi Smart TV

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Mi remarkably sold affordable smartphones flawlessly in past years and become the tech-giant in India. With all the quality features at an affordable price point, Mi has premium traits. The starter series of Mi TV offers you smart features like Android OS, and apps to browse content with ease. These TVs have Wi-Fi to browse content from the internet and have a great experience. The black to white contrast ratio is great for the price point so you can expect great value for money deal from Mi.

Price Range – Rs. 13,499 to Rs. 36,999

Highlights –

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Reliable After-sale market
  • Android OS
  • Great Contrast ratio

3. Panasonic Smart TV

Panasonic Smart TV

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Panasonic started in 1918, is a Japanese brand offering a wide range of appliances in the Indian market. Panasonic has become the popular choice among people in the mid-range price point. If you are looking for affordable with all the essential features in the mid-range price segment then going with Panasonic seems like the best choice. The small bezel design is their key identity for most TVs. You can get TVs from HD resolution to 4K at an excellent price point which seems reasonable with this brand.

Price Range – Rs. 19551 to Rs.64900

Highlights –

  • Best in Mid-range price segment
  • Responsive customer support
  • Stylish design with a small bezel
  • HD ready to 4K resolution options

4. LG Smart TV

LG Smart TV

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LG is a premium TV manufacturer for the past couple of years and they have the best of all kind. It doesn’t matter that if you want an affordable price TV or a premium one with an ultra-rich theater-like experience, LG is not going to make you feel down. From LED to OLED or thin window TVs, LG has the most beautiful looking design with excellent features. You can choose between Android TV or the simple ones for a reasonable price point. Even LG is offering a great warranty and premium customer support to your doorstep in India.

Price Range – Rs.13,999 to Rs. 2,59,999

Highlights –

  • Offers Several Types of TVs
  • Up to 8K resolution options
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Theater like experience

5. Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV

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Samsung might be lacking behind with its lesser advertisement in 2020 but they still have the best features for every budget option. You can choose between a range of sizes and their N series on TV is achieved an impressive sales figure in the past 6-months. The key feature like game ready LED panel with a higher refresh rate and excellent contrast ratio will help you get a versatile use of TV. You can use the same TV as a monitor for your PC or gaming console. Samsung load their TVs with Tizen OS which might be slightly slow but it works perfectly.

Price Range – Rs.14,449 to Rs. 3,18,700

Highlights –

  • Game-ready features
  • The higher refresh rate for PCs
  • Uses PurColor Technology
  • 40W in-built speakers

6. OnePlus Smart TV

OnePlus Smart TV

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You might feel amazed by seeing OnePlus name in the TV segment but it is true. OnePlus is manufacturing an affordable range of smart TVs and having an excellent sales figure from the last one year. They have premium TVs with 4K features to provide a media-rich experience. The features like the pop-down speaker, thin bezel, sleek design, and higher contrast ratio make it one of the best brands over the other ones. LG OnePlus has slightly poor after-sale services but you are not going to regret this brand that’s why you can go with this brand without any issue.

Price Range – Rs. 13,990 to Rs.84,999

Highlights –

  • Reasonable priced smart TVs
  • Great sound system
  • 4K UHD displays
  • 1 year of warranty

7. TCL Smart TV

TCL Smart TV

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TCL is a well-liked TV brand in many countries like China, the US, UK, Canada, and a few more. They are offering quality TVs in other countries but it’s been two years of TCL in India. They have great value for money options to compete against Mi and Panasonic. As TCL is an old brand, they have great experience in manufacturing reliable TVs for an affordable price point which will make you understand why this brand is reliable over the other ones. The thin bezel and all the essential features in one place ensure that you are going to get a great deal so far.

Price Range – Rs.14,449 to Rs. 1,09,999

Highlights –

  • The credible brand for impressive features
  • Higher color accuracy profiles
  • HDR supported
  • Responsive Android OS

8. VU Smart TV

VU Smart TV

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Maybe you have noticed the VU brand in the early days when plasma TVs were highly popular in India. The same brand is trying to compete against the tech-giant with their value for money options. VU has TVs with simple features like thin bezels, smart remotes, great design, and many more which will make you have a great deal. You can find VU TVs from 24″ to 43″. They are also offering a long term warranty than any other brand which can make you feel comfortable going with this brand over the other ones.

Price Range – Rs. 24,999 to Rs. 41,999

Highlights –

  • Affordable Range of TVs
  • Ultra-thin bezels
  • Simple Android OS
  • Responsive features

9. Mitashi Smart TV

Mitashi Smart TV

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Mitashi is a Japanese brand of electric appliances and they are popular for the affordable range of smart TVs that you are going to love so far. If you are looking for the best TV but don’t want to spend too much then you should look after Mitashi. The small compromises like slightly thick bezel may be an issue but you are going to save money on the affordable deals. They have one year of warranty and quality customer support to have a great experience in every single case that’s why you can go with this brand over the other ones.

Price Range – Rs.11,400 to 42,990

Highlights –

  • Provides an affordable range of TVs
  • HD ready, HD, UHD, and 4K available
  • 6” to 55” sizes available
  • Reliable customer support

10. Artec Smart TV

Artec Smart TV

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A brand that focuses on replacing old looking TV with thin LEDs at a small price point might be the one you are looking after. Well, Airtech has plenty of amazing TVs that are available at a very low price point that you can’t even find with any other brand. They are offering HD ready TVs for a price point of Rs.6,400. They have 20W speakers with quality sound and the design is great for the price point that’s why you can go with this brand over the other ones. If you want the best features at an extremely low cost then go with Artec.

Price Range – Rs.6,399 to Rs. 24,500

Highlights –

  • Best in the affordable price category
  • 20W sound system with rich sound
  • Offers HD ready to 4K TVs
  • Accessories are included.


As you go from one brand to another, you can notice similar features like resolution or sound system. But, when it comes to the operating system, thin bezels, build quality, customer support, and contrast ratio, you can find plenty of difference. All the above-mentioned brands have a credible support system in India which will give you the best of both worlds. If you care about a media-rich experience then going with LG, Sony, Samsung, and OnePlus seems like the best option. They have great 4K TVs to provide impressive features. We hope that this list will help you choose the best TVs for a great experience.