Top 10 Best Bathroom Fitting Brands to Buy in India 2021 with Price

If you are willing to renovate or fill your bathroom with dazzling fittings this article will surely help you. It is very necessary to know everything you buy especially the durability and quality of the product you purchase.

Here’s the list of the top 10 bathroom fittings brands in India with the details of its products and the quality it provides. The products of these brands are easily available and have good quality.

1. Hindware Bathroom Fittings

Hindware Bathroom Fittings

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Hindware comes first in the list of top Bathroom fittings brand. It is one of the oldest sanitary companies and leading companies in India. It has headquartered in Haryana and B.B. NAGAR. It has a manufacturing capacity of over 3800MT.  HINDWARE was established in 1962 by Somany family(promote group) in collaboration with Twyfords  Ltd. HINDWARE company produces more than 150 types of products. It has a premium range of sanitary like one piece basin, premium showers, etc. This is why HINDWARE is a leading company in India it is also old and trusted company of India.


  • It has an integrated seat button.
  • It is a technology that brings the world at your fingertips.

PRICE RANGE:- ₹900-₹15000

2. Jaquar Bathroom Fittings

Jaquar Bathroom Fittings

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JAQUAR group is a private limited company which was established in 1960 by N. L. MEHRA. It has headquarters is Haryana, Manesar its area of service is worldwide and presently operates in over 45 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, SAARC. JAQUAR group is a company that sells faucets, showers, showers enclosure, water heater, concealed cisterns, sanitary ware, flushing systems an various types of lighting products. Over 10000 employees including 1200 service technicians. Currently, the company is manufacturing 28 million bathrooms fittings for nearly 2.4millions bathroom every year. The company will touch a billion dollars revenue in the next four years with 14 new stores globally in London, Dubai, Milan, and  other countries.


  • It is low maintenance
  • Durability of water
  • It has heating solution that beats all other water heating technology when it comes to a large volume of water heating.

PRICE RANGE:- ₹750-₹15000

3. Roca Bathroom Fittings

Roca Bathroom Fittings

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ROCA is a public company that was established in 1917 by Maties Roca I Soler. It has headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. ROCA group took over India in 2006 with a sanware company Parryware   to increase the production process (8  plants) and deeper penetrations into the Indian market. In 2015 ROCA Parryware  launched it’s 1st brand Johnson peddler  to cater middle class of India. It is also the leading brand in Spain with a presence in more than 135 countries.


  • It has a pressure pump and a monoblock pump.
  • Instant water heating.
  • It is a wall-mounted basin mixer.

PRICE RANGE:- ₹450-₹4000

4. Neycer Bathroom Fittings

Neycer Bathroom Fittings

NEYCER is one of the leading brands India for the past 3 decades for its quality and Nationwide distribution network. In 1960 NEYCER got its license to manufacture 1800 MT of ceramic sanitary ware in a collaboration with M/s Elemental Baykeramaik  Vertriebs GMBH of Germany. From 1965 till now installed capacity increase from 1800MT to 9000MT. It’s main headquarter is located at Vadalur, near Pondicherry. From tabletop washbasins, wall hung toilet to cisterns, urinal it has everything.


  • NYC has Cessna 640mm which is one piece closets.
  • NEYCER Amazon sleek 345mm is extended wall hung closets.

PRICE RANGE:- ₹1200-₹5000

5. Kohler Bathroom Fittings

Kohler Bathroom Fittings

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Kohler Kitchen and bath is a path of the KOHLER company which was founded in 1927 by John Michael Kohler. The Kohler kitchen and bath group locations in India, Canada, France, Oregon but its main headquarter is located in Wisconsin, USA. Hugh Ekberg is the group president of Kohler. Kohler products are plumbing fixtures, toilet seats, sink faucet, bathroom sinks, kitchen accessories, and many more things.


  • The modern design trend is gravitating towards a seamless approach to technology.
  • It has powerful flushing and one-touch control and auto opening.
  • It has cleansing functionality and enhances hygiene.

PRICE RANGE:- ₹1000-₹24000

6. Cera Bathroom Fittings

Cera Bathroom Fittings

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CERA is one of the fastest-growing companies in India it is known as the premium company. Cera was established in 1980 and in 2021 CERA comes in the top 10 sanitary now you seen how the fastest-growing company is Cera. Its manufacturing unit is in Gujarat. Cera got the power grown award in 2012 and also got a product of the year award in 2012,2013 and 2015 they got the most trusted brands award. It has a manufacturing capacity of 23000MT. Cera produces premium technology products, showers, basins, etc.


  • It is engaged in the business of manufacturing, marketing, and disturbing of sanitary ware.
  • It offers wellness product like soap dispensers, hand dryer, perfume sprayers with remote control and hairdryer.

PRICE RANGE:- ₹1500-₹17000

7. Toto Bathroom Fittings

Toto Bathroom Fittings

Toto was established in 1917 by Kazuchika Okura. It is a China based company early in 19s it has changed many names like Toyo, Taki, etc. In 2016 Toto win a green dot design award. In 2014 Toto brand came in Gujarat(India)  within few days made its name as a luxury brand. In less time Toto has gives India premium quality products. This is why it is in the top 10 brands of India.


  • Automatic open/close lid.
  • The specially designed and contoured seat is heated to provide maximum comfort.
  • Durable and premium quality

PRICE RANGE:- ₹2000-₹52000

8. Asian Paint Bathroom Fittings

Asian Paint Bathroom Fittings

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The first thing comes in our mind when we hear Asian paint it is colored but besides being producing color it has also made many other products. Therefore, it has now stepped into the bath sense. It has four product divided based on bath-ware in which faucets and luxury sanitary ware are excluded. Like this, it has made its name under 10 best sanitary ware company besides being the no 1 among the paint making companies.


  • Being a paint company has made various premium range products.
  • Good quality and durable

PRICE RANGE:- ₹2000-₹10000

9. Somany Bathroom Fittings

Somany Bathroom Fittings

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This is new a company. So many ones of the news company arrivals under sanitary ware in India. In a very period, it has many ideas of title as well as the bathroom. It is number one among the title companies but it has also taken the position in the top 10 bathroom brands in India.  It has given some great luxurious products which made it so much popular. Now, it has slept into bathroom sanitary and already some great product. So we kept it in the top 10.


  • Protected heat water with triple-shield technology.
  • The tank is fused with an extra thick layer of blue sapphire enamel glass line coating.

PRICE RANGE:- ₹4500-₹24000

10. Eros Standard Bathroom Fittings

Eros Standard Bathroom Fittings

It is one of the best brands in India. Most of its product is exported to foreign countries. It makes the product very protective. Eros standard has the luxury type of products but it gives premium look in the midrange product also. Therefore we have kept it in number 10.


  • A glazed germfree total hygiene bacteria-free toilet.
  • It offers 6 liters of dual flushing.

PRICE RANGE:-4000-₹42000

Hence, these were the leading brands of bathroom fittings. We hope you this article will help you to make a better choice. If you have any queries, doubts or suggestions regarding the you can comment below.