Top 10 Best Bottled Water Brands to Buy in India 2021 with Price

Water is the most important element of every human being. We can’t think of a day without water. Water being the very essence of life, we can’t take the risk of drinking impure water which can cause a tremendous hazard to our health. With the help of various water purifiers at home, we can avoid drinking unsafe dirty water. But when we step out, the bottled mineral water act as a saviour.

Have you ever imagine travelling without safe water? We can’t think of drinking unsafe Tap water. No doubt it has become very essential in today’s world.

Hence various beverage producing and other companies who are into mineral water business has seen steady growth in recent years. Since nowadays more aware and cautious about their safety. It’s common to see that people do usually opt for mineral water than the regular one served at restaurants. It can be concluded that the demand for mineral water has been increasing across the country day by day.

Here is the list of Top 10 Water Bottled Brands of India 2021-

1. Bisleri Water

Bisleri Water

Bisleri comes first in the list. The famous Bislery mineral water bottle owned by the renowned Brand Parle. It is the most preferred and top-selling mineral water. It was founded by Italian entrepreneur Signore Felice Bisleri, in the year 1969, when FMCG giant Parle acquired the brand and from that onwards it has come to be known as Bisleri all over India Bisleri offers its mineral water in various sized bottles ranging from 250ml to 25 litres large cans. Over the years Bisleri has been giving its rivals a tough competition and always maintain the top position by gaining customer trust and satisfaction.


  • Every bottle of Bisleri undergoes a rigorous 10 step quality process to ensure its safety.
  • It is free from various bacteria and dirt
  • It has added the right amount of vital minerals and potassium compounds which make the water healthy
  • It tastes sweet
  • 100% pure mineral water for human consumption

Price: Rs 10-Rs 216

2. Kinley Water

Kinley Water

Kinley is the second most trusted mineral water all over the nation. Kinley is owned by the Coca Cola Company with a market share of around 17% in the mineral water industry in India. The water goes through lots of purity tests before offering it to the market. They use the Reverse Osmosis, the latest technology of operation.

When it comes to giving competition, Coca-Cola acquired company offers you Kinley in the genre of bottled mineral water it gives a cut-throat competition to bisleri and others in the list. Kinley has grown multi -folds in previous decades and have created a strong reach across India and has met the requirements and expectations of its customers.


  • It contains essential minerals like sodium and magnesium.
  • It goes to many purity Test to produce safe drinking water
  • Free from various impurities, fungi and bacteria.

Price: Rs 10 to Rs 300

3. Aquafina Water

Aquafina Water

Aquafina is owned by the PepsiCo Group who is a cutthroat rival of Coco cola owned Kinley. Aquafina, which is now one of the top 10 mineral water companies in India was initially was introduced at Mumbai in 1999 and launched nationwide in the mineral water industry in India in 2000. Now Aquafina has more successful holding 13% Market share and having more than 15 manufacturing plants across the country. It is widely sold all over India.


  • Every bottle of Aquafina goes through filtration.
  • Fresh and pure
  • Completely Hygienic

Price ₹8 to ₹235

4. Bailley Water

Bailley Water

Bailey is yet another top most trusted pure bottled mineral water. It is a part of the Parke Agro Group, formed in 1993. It is well known for its quality and purity. It is available in various sizes like 200ml, 500ml, 1-L, 2-L, 5-L etc.


  •  It has no additional preservatives
  • Tastes fresh and sweet
  • Free from hazardous impurities
  • Contains rich minerals.

Price: Rs 8 -Rs 70

5. Himalayan Mineral Water

Himalayan Mineral Water

Himalayan is one of the trustworthy and well-established mineral water companies in India. It   is a venture between Tata and PepsiCo, launched in 1997. The company claims to offer the bottled water at source from the foothills of Himalayas Shivalik range and is the only natural mineral water brand in India with international certification. Just like it’s tag “Live Pure” is perfectly pure. Himalayan mineral water is available in 300 ml, 1L, and 2L sizes and is sold at the most reasonable mineral water price in India.


  • Natural mineral water.
  • It is naturally pure, fresh and bacteria-free
  • Taste of pristine water from the Himalayas.

Price: Rs 8 -Rs 55

6. Kingfisher Water

Kingfisher Water

Kingfisher Owned by United Breweries LTD is one of the oldest water bottle company. It was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Kingfisher has an annual sales revenue of more than $50 million and sells 200 ml, 500 ml, 1-L, 2-L, 5-L, and 20-L packs at the most reasonable mineral water price in India and has a good customer base in India.


  • UV treated and ozonized
  • Pure safe mineral water
  • Free from impurities.

Price: Rs 10

7. Qua Water

Qua Water

Qua mineral water is owned by the Rahul Narang Group introduced in 2008. It has it’s headquarters in Pune, India. It focuses to use   100% organic products and no chemicals. The water is known to have been sourced from Himalayan Foothills. It is now a leading brand with a good customer base in India. Qua offers pure Himalayan natural water in sizes of 500 ml and 1 litre at the affordable price in India.


  • French bottling technology is used for package
  • No added preservatives
  • Pure Himalayan mineral water

Price: Rs 20- Rs 100

8. Manikchand Oxyrich Water

Manikchand Oxyrich Water

Manikchand Oxyrich mineral water brand is certified by the World Standard for Food Safety Management System, founded in 2002. It is one of the top mineral water brands in India and also one of the ISO 22000:2005 certified bottled drinking water brand in India. It is praised for its purity and has gained a wide consumer base all over the country.


  • Pure and safe drinking water
  • Free from bacteria and fungi
  • No hazardous impurities

Price: INR 6 to INR 80

9. Tata Water Plus Water

Tata Water Plus Water

This is the first nutrient water of India, inspired by the ancient tradition of India of using copper vessels to drink water. This water is infused with the goodness of copper which helps to strengthen the immune system and goes with a tagline “Goodness of Copper”. Tata water plus was launched by the NourishCo along with a joint project among Pepsi Co and Tata Global Beverages Limited.


  • Made with the goodness of copper
  • It is Hygienic and nutritious and helps to make the immune system Strong.
  • Free from bacteria

Price: Rs 10- Rs 20

10. Rail Neer Water

Rail Neer Water

Rail Neer is the cheapest mineral water in the list managed by government owned brand under IRCTC which serves as the catering need of the entire Indian Railways. It was established in 2003 and has its headquarters at New Delhi, India. IRCTC operates its six plants across the country and also planning to set up six more though public -private partnership (popularly known as PPP) model.  It has emerged as one of the most trusted brands in India. It has an annual revenue of around $20 million.


  • Safe and pure drinking water
  • Specially made for railway passengers
  • Hygienic

Price: INR 15 for 1L

 Hence, these were the topmost Brands of Mineral water in India. One can select them according to their preference. If you have any doubt or suggestions regarding the article comment below.