10 Best Diwali Gifts 2021 {For Family & Friends} – Buying Guide & Review

As the festival season is about to commence, pomp and merry-making are in the air. These times are the happiest that people spend with their near and dear ones. When festivities are in order, hugs and best wishes and gifts are exchanged. Buying gifts for your loved ones may be confusing and frustrating. Especially when a wide range of options are available, giving the perfect gift is important because that is an important way to showcase one’s love to their friends and family. Many factors may be taken into consideration while choosing gifts. There are many criteria from the gift receiver’s likes and dislikes to the budget, portability, or accessibility. It is always better to give useful gifts. That is how one can aim to give the best Diwali gifts in 2021.

It helps if the whole affair of gift-giving is planned beforehand. That can avoid confusion and stress. Then, Diwali can be enjoyed with lots of light, love, laughter and presents.

Here is a list of 10 Best Diwali Gifts 2021 for Your Friends and Family 

Here are some ideas for gifts that are efficient and within your budget:

1. Baal Decorative Wall Clocks For Living Room

Baal Decorative Wall Clocks For Living Room

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This beautiful and elegantly designed wall clock will brighten up the décor in any room with its stylish looks. It is perfectly carved for your walls, crafted with plastic and glass. It is light-weighted and portable and goes with any theme. It is one of the best Diwali gifts for friends.


  • It is a beautiful and useful gift. Everybody needs a wall clock.
  • The quality glass cover protects the clock machinery from dust and dirt.
  • It is easy to carry, wrap and present
  • It is more environment-friendly than most clocks with glass taking up a maximum part of it.
  • It is affordable


  • It is easily breakable and has to be handled carefully.

2. Indian Brass Bowl Set

Indian Brass Bowl Set

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This one is one of the best Diwali gifts for the family. It consists of a gold plated unique bowl set. It is weighted 200 gram and comes with intricate designs and excellent craftsmanship. It is beautiful to look at and hence can be used as a showpiece when not in use.


  • Light-weight, portable and extremely affordable.
  • Highly durable and serves multi-purposes
  • Comes in a fancy red/blue gift box


  • No scratching, mishandling can be done or else it may get damaged.
  • Has to be washed with light brushes and hot water. So it is slightly high maintenance.

3. Satyam Kraft Hexagon Glass Jar(Pack of 8)

Satyam Kraft Hexagon Glass Jar(Pack of 8)

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A set of 8 hexagonal jars, can be used to store food in style. The jars are very attractive looking and made from high-quality glass. They can be used to store cookies, spices, chocolates and even jams and pickles. They can also be used for storing office supplies and many other things.

The attractive jars are the perfect and the best Diwali gifts for the family!


  • Fridge and Microwave safe
  • Can be used to serve shakes and beverage
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • Brittle and can break easily.

4. eCraftindia Shadow Ganesh Metal Tea Light Holder

eCraftindia Shadow Ganesh Metal Tea Light Holder

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The brown coloured piece is elegant and intricate-looking. The iconography of Ganesh makes this light holder sacred for its owners. It is beautiful and can be used to decorate homes. It is made with a metal sheet and can give your wall a charming look. This is one of the best Diwaligifts for friends.


  • It is a feng shui article known to spread positivity and light in one’s home.
  • Useful gift
  • Reasonably priced


  • The packaging is not attractive enough to be given as a gift.
  • Quite small in size( 8cm*8cm*11cm)

5. Indigifts Narad Decorative frame

Indigifts Narad Decorative frame

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Classy looking synthetic wood frame bordered around yellow coloured Narad Muni fun doodle posters. There is a hanging clip attached to it. The whole look is simple, elegant, yet eye-catching. The poster’s vibe is positive, and it is a perfect and one of the best Diwali gifts for friends.


  • The product is ready for hanging.
  • It is durable and long-lasting as it is covered with a non-breakable transparent sheet.
  • The finish on the black frame is matte and exquisite.
  • Thermocol layered packaging


  • It may be a little expensive.

6. Decora Craft Resin Buddha Incense Smoke Burner Fountain

Decora Craft Resin Buddha Incense Smoke Burner Fountain

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This product consists of a Buddha idol and an incense stick stand. It is an adorable combination and a really useful gift. The light colours give off positive vibes, and the artificial hill is very pretty. The reverse direction of the smoke of the incense stick creates a beautiful illusion of a smokey waterfall. It is one of the cutest and the best Diwali gifts for friends.


  • It is very affordable and reasonably priced.
  • It has a very low maintenance cost.
  • It is a useful and unique gift.


  • The ash from the incense may fall off the product
  • it may not hold thicker incense sticks

7. XYST String Led Decorative Lights Perfect decorative lights for Home

XYST String Led Decorative Lights Perfect decorative lights for Home

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Bring home these bright and festive lights to give your home a beautiful look it deserves. These long-lasting and energy-efficient lights provide an attractive glow to light up your homes. Ideal to use for living rooms, bedrooms, balcony, terrace, kitchen, garden. It can be used for Christmas, party, holiday, wedding decoration, widely used for home decoration use, hotels, clubs, shopping malls, architectural decorative lighting, boutique atmosphere lighting, extensively applied in backlighting, concealed lighting, channel letter lighting decorative lights for holiday, event, show exhibition. It is one of the best and beautiful Diwali gifts.


  • Easy to install
  • Safe to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Tangle-free wires


  • Colour fades with time.
  • Overheating, which reduces life.

8. Awestuffs Love Neon LED Light Sign for Room Decoration Accessory

Rivu Enterprise Neon LED Light Sign for Room Decoration Accessory

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Take your festivals to a new level. Use the lights to decorate your walls and furniture to add a glow to your room. You can also place these lights in appropriate locations to add a touch of glamour to your interiors. It’s very easy to use and can be utilised in places like a staircase, halls, bedrooms, closets, etc. Moreover, these LEDs can be used in various occasions like Diwali, Christmas and Halloween.

It is the best gift you could give to your loved one during Diwali.


  • Very safe to use
  • Versatile and Waterproof
  • Long-Lasting
  • High-quality plastic, health, safety, odourless and beautiful appearance


  • UV Radiation emission on excessive use
  • Overheating

9. Sun Shield Decorative Brass Pooja Room Bell

Sun Shield Decorative Brass Pooja Room Bell

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Decor Depo provides you with a unique and peaceful ambience in your pooja room with the beautiful brass hanging bell. Hang this elegant, fantastic, and artistic bell with a chain in your front door, balcony, worship room, or anywhere you like. The fine nature of unadulterated metal creates an agreeable and rich apparent sound. Made of brilliant metal, the ringer has a peaceful and tasteful impact any place suspended. It makes a very special gift. So, grab for yourself or your nears and dears one now. This definitely one of the best decorative and beautiful Diwali gifts of 2021 to gift your family.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Produces rich, harmonious sound


  • Loses colour over time

10. Webel Kart Pair of Kissing Duck Showpiece

Webel Kart Pair of Kissing Duck Showpiece

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Add a component of other worldliness to your home stylistic theme with this Showpiece Figurine. It could be an extraordinary gifting choice for strict festivals or celebrations. Made from Fine Quality Material, this show-stopper mirrors the creative splendour and adds class to your home style. This Showpiece gives your home the great looks, and it is made of fine Quality Material. Finally, in the list of 10 best Diwali gifts, it is definitely worth considering.


  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable
  • Very attractive


  • Size is quite small
  • Colour fades with time.

Top 10 Best Diwali Gifts 2021 For Family & Friends:- Buying Guide

There are always certain parameters to be kept in your mind when you are buying gifts for your friends and family. You are essentially making a small investment, and you will exact your return in terms of fellow-feeling and the joy of giving. One can follow certain guidelines to ensure buying the most fruitful presents. Keep a lookout for the following factors when you are giving your gift.

1. Size

Keep in mind how big your gift is, what is your requirement. A gift needs to be portable so that it can be accommodated anywhere. It should not be too big or too little. It would be best if you always considered the needs of the person you are giving the gift to before you buy something. A huge, unmanageable gift is not something desirable at all.

2. Utility

The gift that you are giving must be of some use to your friend and family. It should be beneficial to them. That is how you show your care and concern for them. A gift that is not useful is just an investment with no return. Your gift shall remind your loved one, of you, whenever they are using it.

3. Price

Your gift should be economical and reasonably priced. This is a major factor to consider when you are buying is the price of your gift. Especially since there is a whole wide range of prices without any limit, it is always better to keep a budget handy and follow it. Your gift should neither be too costly nor too cheap.

4. Durability

Another factor to keep in mind is the durability of the gift. Suppose you give a gift that perishes easily, your return on investment declines. You will have to find a gift that lasts and becomes a fond remembrance.

5. Maintenance

When you are giving a gift, you should be careful as to how much attention it requires from the receiver. Any gift that is fragile and too delicate is not efficient. It will require a lot of maintenance which becomes a liability in this case. It would be best if you always planned for gifts that are low maintenance and can be easily managed. That makes the gift more efficient.

1. Likes and dislikes of the person

Always remember to consider the likes, dislikes and interests of the person you are giving the gift to. If somebody is passionate about painting, give them a box of paints. If somebody enjoys gardening, try to give them plants or gardening apparatus. These gifts will be more personal and valuable to them. They will cherish these forever.

2. The Occasion of gift-giving.

Remember to customize your gift according to the occasion. In this case, give Diwali-friendly gifts like diyas, candles, new clothes, home décor etc. Your gift should radiate positivity and festive vibes and remind your loved ones of good times.


Q1. How to understand if a gift choice I am making is economical?

Do not rush into buying gifts. Take your time and choose well. There are several websites available through which you can tally your gift prizes. Explore more than one option, read up on the specifics. Please make a list of all the gifts you are giving, their prices and the number of parameters they satisfy from the above list. The more parameters it satisfies, the more is the utility. If the gift’s utility is maximized, you are paying the right amount of money for it.

Q2. How to give gifts to friends who I don’t know too well?

To people you don’t know very well, try to give things with universal appeal. You can also give them vouchers they can avail. You can pay for a voucher with your money while they can buy whatever they like with it. Remember to keep the receipts in case there is a scope of return.


The best way to give a great gift is to enjoy the process of gift-giving. There are many options available in the market. You have to learn to enjoy and explore the range of gifts. It is your responsibility to make a wise choice and give an economical, durable, and useful gift. Gifts are exchanged to show love and care. Therefore, this festive season, buy the best Diwali gifts for your friends and the best Diwali gifts for your family.