10 Best Diwali Lights 2021 {For Home & Office} – Buying Guide & Review

Diwali, the most celebrated and awaited festival calls for some beautiful decorations and lights both at home and office. The festival of light every year brings a lot of spark and illumination in every home and office. The decorations of Diwali surely are incomplete without some lights. Diwali lights are available in various shape, size, types and styles.  Be it bottle lights, fairy lights or lanterns, Diwali decorations may look boring without them. Diwali lights brighten the home and offices making them look prettier and aesthetic.

However, the availability of thousands of lights in various types and of different brand leaves the customers in a dilemma about what to buy for Diwali. Many factors play an important role while choosing the best for decorating your home and office this Diwali. Here are the best diwali lights for home and office which are must buy:

10 Best Diwali Lights For Office and Home – Reviews

Below are some best Diwali lights for brightening and decorating your home this festive season:-

1. Archies Bottle Lights with Cork- 10 Pack Battery Operated LED Lights

Archies Bottle Lights with Cork- 10 Pack Battery Operated LED Lights

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Archies Bottle lights with Cork are a pack of 10 different battery operated LED lights in various shapes and style. The lights are corked shape and are made up of copper wire. It illuminates the home and office with colourful mini strings which can be attached with any of the decorative items to enhance its beauty. The product is small in size and portable, which makes it one of the best diwali lights for office use.


  • It is operated on batteries that make it more durable.
  • Portability and mobile nature of the product make it more usable.
  • Copper wired string makes the lights more durable and extends its life.
  • Versatile and can be used with any other decorative accessory.


  • The lights are small in size and compact due to which it might not be visible from a farther space.

2. AtneP 20 Bulbs Shape String Lights

AtneP 20 Bulbs Shape String Lights

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AtneP 20 bulbs shape string lights are one of the best diwali lights for home and office. It is 4 meters long light with black wire. Bulbs lighten in a warm white or yellow tone with battery. It is a versatile light with 20 bulbs and can be used either outside the house on plants, entrance etc. or can be put on various other decorative stuff to give the house a heavenly touch.


  • Lights are both battery operated and US plugin
  • The illumination effect is not too yellow in its light and provides a warm effect.
  • The lights are durable and have a long life.


  • Some consumers find it overpriced as per they give the specifications and benefits.

3. MPROW 11 metres 30 LED Decorative Blue Lights

MPROW 11 metres 30 LED Decorative Blue Lights

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MPROW 11 meters 30 LED Decorative lights with an aesthetic blue colour string light is very popular for Diwali decorations, and home décor. The light is composed of 30 pieces immersive bright LEDs, blue with corded electric wire. Beautiful LED lights in the pretty blue shade are best diwali lights for home and office and are made from the plastic material.


  • The length of the wire is long, and hence it can occupy more space.
  • The product is very affordable with its pricing and features.
  • The blue colour is vibrant and looks extremely pretty.


  • It is not portable and can be used only near an electric switch as it operated with a corded electric wire.

4. Desi Diya Warm White Curtain Lights

Desi Diya Warm White Curtain Lights

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Decorate your curtains, walls, Ceilings, Mandir, entrance etc. with these curtain lights shaped in the form of Diya. The lights come with 8 flash modes combination like waves, slogs, flash, Twinkle and steady on. With 12 diyas, 6 large and 6 small equipped with 138 LEDs, it provides high brightness with the warm white colour. The product is very easy to use and operates with plug-in wire.


  • Lights are available with high brightness effect that makes it more suitable for decorations.
  • Product is easy to use with convenient features.
  • There are various light modes available from combination to wave or from twinkle to steady lights making it more beautiful.
  • It comes in a string form and can be set up easily wherever required


  • It only works on power switches hence lacks portability.

5. Fizzytech Decorative Snowflake String LED Lights

Fizzytech Decorative Snowflake String LED Lights

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Dazzling snowflake-shaped light is ideal for decorating any tree, door or other home accessories. One of the best diwali lights for office too, fizzytech decorative string LED lights are 6 m long with 40 LEDs. The lights are manufactured by a trademark company and work on 220 V plug-in switches for energy-saving use. Light is warm white in colour and beautifies the rooms, galleries with bright and starry snowflakes small lights.


  • Long length wire covers a large space and is perfect for decorating long boundaries in a single product.
  • The lights are extremely durable.
  • It is waterproof and can be used in a dampened area.
  • The technology on which it is made makes it safe to use and reduces energy consumption.


  • The product is a bit expensive.

6. Errol LED Strip Rope Light

Errol LED Strip Rope Light

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LEDs inside a plastic rope are perfect décor light for home and office use. Errol lights are decorative lights available in various colours and length. Waterproof lights are durable and work on a power-saving mechanism with long-lasting durability. Super bright colours and flexible plastic rope are widely used in home decorations at the time of Diwali. Office buildings can also be illuminated using these lights.


  • It is waterproof
  • The plastic used is flexible and hence can be moulded in any shape at the time of setting in up.
  • The product is environmentally friendly and power saving.
  • LEDs are encompassed in a plastic covering making the product unbreakable.
  • The lights can be used in various places and for various purpose.
  • Stability of the product is excellent.
  • The working life of the product is long.
  • It is available in ample of vibrant colours and size.
  • The installation is very easy and convenient.


  • It has a bare end strip which might affect the safety and can give an electric shock while setting it up.

7. KERWA LED String Lights

KERWA LED String Lights

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Illuminate the indoor and outdoor premises with these beautiful rice-shaped multi-coloured lights. The string lights with steady 360 degree viewing angle blemishes every corner of the house. These lights are best diwali lights for a home that comes with eight different modes, waves, sequential, slow- glow, Chasing, Slow fade, twinkle etc. Brighten up the home installing this 30 metres 120 LED string that works on 30V low voltage.


  • The lights are multi-coloured.
  • It provides a 360-degree angle providing lighting to every corner.
  • It works on low voltage and hence can be considered energy saving.
  • The product is durable and long-lasting.
  • It works on different light modes giving a versatile look to the area every minute.


  • It is not operated on battery and hence lacks portability. You have to search for a switch to plugin and use the product.

8. RUMPES String LED Decorative Lights

RUMPES String LED Decorative Lights

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RUMPES string LED decorative lights are elegant and beautiful for Diwali decorations in rice shape bulbs with excellent light effects. The product has a long life and brightens the office or home in low electricity consumption. Warm yellow lights with smooth and finished quality make it one of the best diwali light for office and home.


  • The product is very easy to use.
  • It is durable and has a long life.
  • It has LEDs giving bright light to the surroundings.
  • It can be used for both indoor and outdoor decorations.
  • It works on low electricity consumption.


  • It has only one illuminating mode, i.e. still mode.
  • It is not waterproof and cannot be used in the dampened area. The light gets defective with the water contact.

9. FKonline Copper wire 120 LEDs Sparkle Light

FKonline Copper wire 120 LEDs Sparkle Light

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High-quality bulbs with the luminosity till 360 degrees provide a bright and beautiful look to the house and office premises. Sparkle the interiors of your home and office with these ethereal lights glowing in the spray effect spreading warm white light. The light operates in combination, waves, light horse race, fades and other 4 modes using 4 pcs AA battery. Waterproof and easy to use product is rated as best diwali lights for office and home decorations.


  • It operates on battery and hence is portable.
  • The lights can be set up easily, and use is also very feasible.
  • The lights are waterproof.
  • There are many light modes available for decorating the house or office.


  • It is only suitable for interior decorations.
  • Batteries are not included with the product, and you have to buy an additional set of batteries to operate the product.
  • The product is a bit expensive.

10. SPBROS Star Master Star Light Projector

SPBROS Star Master Star Light Projector

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Dazzle up the living room or prayer room with starry sky night light projector that spreads light on the room walls and ceilings in the shape of stars. There are 4 types of different LED beads embedded on the projector, blue light, warm light, green light and red light which give a brightening and colourful touch to the room. The lights project the brightness in 360 degrees giving a panoramic view and works on both USB and power batteries.


  • It works on both USB and battery.
  • The 360-degree effect gives a panoramic view.
  • It can brighten up the room with multi-coloured star lights.
  • The technology with which it is fabricated is energy power-saving and environmentally friendly.


  • The material used is plastic and hence can be melted if it gets extremely hot.
  • It only works best in interior settings

Top 10 Best Diwali Lights For Home and Office Use:- Buying Guide

Decorating and lightening the home in Diwali is considered very auspicious as per our culture. Hence, everyone wants to illuminate their house in the best way. The market nowadays is flooded with Diwali lights in all forms, shapes, size and colours. The availability of various varieties makes the shopping for Diwali lights a bit confusing.  Since every family and every individual puts a lot of effort while decorating their home and office, it becomes necessary to know all the buying factors properly. Here are some favourable factors you need to keep in mind while you consider purchasing best diwali lights for home and office: –

  1. Size

It is important to be wary of the size of the lights you are purchasing as it would occupy and illuminate a certain area. It might not be a major concern of yours, but it can be a problem when you have a huge space to decorate and high ceilings. It is best to consider how much area you need to cover with the lights before you purchase it. However, it is recommended that you pick a light which is best suited for your space and area brightening it up properly with no space left or bushy extra strings in the end.

  1. Colour

Another important factor to consider is the colour of the Diwali lights, especially considering your requirements and convenience.  Diwali lights are available in multi colours; however, not all the colours suit the space you intend to decorate. White lights look more beautiful and aesthetic on a dark background, however blue or multicoloured lights look gorgeous on a white or light background. Hence, it is very important to choose the light colour keeping the background of the walls, ceilings and boundaries in mind.

  1. Usability

Diwali decorations are not only for home but are done everywhere, be it office, shop premises or any other building. Hence, it is very important to keep the usability of the lights in mind. There are certain lights which are best suited for external use beautifying your balconies, doors, entry, boundaries, gardens etc. However, certain lights are appropriate for making the interiors, rooms and praying corner pretty. It is advisable to check the usability of the lights before buying it.

  1. Battery operated or USB cable/ switch-operated

If you are planning for decorating the house or office with lights, it is very important to check whether the lights are operating on batteries or power switches. For office use, people prefer to buy lights that work on battery as it can be used anywhere and have excellent portability. Moreover, you don’t need to find the power switch in every corner; in that case, battery operated lights are most suitable. However, if you have a power switch in the vicinity of the room, boundary or balcony, then you may opt of USB or power switch operated Diwali lights.

  1. Easy to handle

Setting up of Diwali lights at times become very hectic if they are not easy in handling. The string lights can be tangled easily, making it very difficult to handle and use. Some lights do not have a proper hook or connecting port. Hence, it is very important to see the ease of handling while buying the best diwali lights for home or office.

  1. Price

The variation in prices at different places calls for a perfect guide and research for buying the product at the best price.

  1. Type

Diwali lights are available in various types, shapes and sizes. There are certain lights which are shaped like a rice kernel, a star, Diya, round or any other shape. Moreover, there are various modes available for operating the lights. Do check the type as per your preference before buying any Diwali light.

  1. Durability

Products like Diwali lights are considered to be a one-time investment for at least next 2-3 festive seasons. Hence, the durability of the product needs to be taken care of. Check if the product is waterproof and durable for enhanced life of the lights.

  1. Material used

The market is filled with Diwali lights, made up of different metals and plastics. Some lights are made up of copper wire which is more durable and safe than any other material. The plastic quality of different products also varies; hence it is advisable to check for the best material product.


With so many options in the market, choosing the right one may be hard to do, especially if you are heavily reliant on the perfect home and office decor this Diwali. As it is not only about decorations, but the illumination of your house and office brings prosperity and joy. Nowadays, the market is full of diwali decoration lights; hence it becomes extremely important to do proper research and read the guide for choosing the best Diwali lights for home and office. Make this Diwali more colourful and vibrant. Happy Diwali.

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