Top 10 Best Faucet Brands to Buy in India 2021 with Price

The idea of a bathroom and kitchen has changed immensely in the past decade or so in India. There was a period when they were only deemed as a soft corner of a home but these days they are an essential system of a well-functioning home. This is why we see so much priority given to these whenever there’s a talk of construction or remodeling of a house.

A nice looking bathroom is something that everyone wants. And with so many options available in sanitary ware and bathroom fittings, you’re just one step far from giving your bathroom an appealing look. Take faucets for example. You can find a variety of faucets in the market from different brands. They come at different price levels and you can find your pick to suit your needs. These faucets are not merely functional only as they have added design and new innovative features in plenty.

There are plenty of sanitaryware brands offering faucets in Indian in direct competition to their counterparts. A good time to be a consumer, right? So we thought of profiling the best faucet brands in India for you. Come let’s check out the top picks.

1. Kohler Faucet

Kohler Faucet

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When it comes to sanitaryware and bathroom fittings, not many brands can compete to the levels set by Kohler. They have always been one of the prominent names in this segment and are known to offer new innovative products. Their sanitaryware comes with impressive top of the pick designs and functionalities. Their product line of faucets is designed with an advanced system and comes with everlasting durability. Their range starts with the spray hose to the high-end single control tall faucets with vibrant gold finish.

Price Range – Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 16,760

Key Features –

  • Great features and functionality
  • Top-notch product line
  • Vibrant designs with everlasting durability

2. Jaquar Faucet

Jaquar Faucet

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At the second tick in our list is the name that is entrusted with offering quality products always. Their product line has offered great picks in sanitaryware and continues to do so. They have over 50 years of experience and are a global brand as of present. Their innovative faucets add to the beauty of your bathroom and allow it to shine throughout. They have eco-friendly fittings that save water making it a good choice for anyone looking for faucets and bathroom fittings.

Price Range – Rs. 720 to Rs. 4,999

Key Features –

  • Elegant designs
  • An impressive line of products
  • Durable and trustworthy

3. CERA Faucet

CERA Faucet

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At the third number on our list, we have CERA, one of the most reputed brands serving its customer top line of sanitaryware since 1980. They have made an excellent repertoire of great products that are innovative and designed with precision. Their faucets range come with varying options suited to all levels of households. It is known for new innovative water-saving design which has made its sales increase quite a lot in years. Their faucets have a basic stainless steel option to the high range of sensor-based designs. The faucets are quite premium and look great. It will certainly amplify your outlook of the bathroom and kitchen. They also have brass-based single lever mix designs that work quite well.

Price Range – Rs. 525 to Rs. 29,028

Key Features –

  • New innovative designs
  • Water-saving option
  • Great set of features
  • Premium feel

4. Hindware Faucet

Hindware Faucet

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Hindware remains one of the top brands in India when it comes to bathroom fittings and sanitaryware. Having been established in 1969, they have served for years with their top range product line. Their sanitaryware business has flourished well over the period. They have a line of impressive faucets under their range with options like stainless steel ones, chrome finished ones, single lever products, and the new modern-day innovative piece in form of sensor bases faucets. Their faucets come with foam flow technology for greater water flow and have robotic electroplating for a long-lasting design. They have also incorporated eco-friendly designs with their faucets for water-saving.

Price Range – Rs. 880 to Rs. 8,999

Key Features –

  • Impressive design with foam flow technology
  • Robotic electroplating for durability
  • Eco-friendly designs

5. Alton Faucet

Alton Faucet

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Alton is one of the most popular brands when it comes to sanitaryware, bathroom fittings, and kitchen fittings. Their range of products is great and have carried their sales for years. Their product line has an impressive value for money prospect and offers great functionality with durability combined. You can find the entry-level health faucet along with the top of line single level faucets. Their faucets are designed with drip-free ceramic disk cartridges and smooth long-lasting operation. It has a chrome finish that resists tarnish and everyday usage. They also have options like pullout and pulldown silicon tube for easy cleaning. They have stainless steel and metal variants of product lines with them.

Price Range – Rs. 562 to Rs. 14,999

Key Features –

  • Drip-free ceramic disk cartridge
  • Chrome finish for tarnish resistance
  • Pullout and pulldown silicon tube for easy cleaning.

6. Aquieen Faucet

Aquieen Faucet

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At the sixth number in our entry is Aquieen with their line of faucets. Their product line is quite nice and has been a good option for anyone looking for premium sanitaryware and fittings at a fraction of cost in comparison to those of the top brands. Aquieen has an impressive lineup of faucets like wall mounted single lever, hot and cold double lever, extended spout based designs, and luxury series brass based faucets. They have the products designed for all households with varying designs and price levels. Their faucets come with soft move technology for smooth and precise handling of water. They also have cartridge along with flawless casting. They come with robotic electroplating for an everlasting shine.

Price Range – Rs. 480 to Rs. 8,900

Key Features –

  • Highly durable products
  • Soft move technology
  • Robotic electroplating

7. SBD Faucet

SBD Faucet

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At the seventh number in our entry is the SBD brand. This brand is known for top range products that are priced at an affordable rate so that every household can enjoy the privilege of the best faucets at an affordable range. SBD has plenty of products under its lineup. Their basic model starts with a stainless steel and brass design. It has a chrome installed finish and can be easily set up. The high-end offering from them comes with a sensor-based tap. They have table and deck mountable options. The sensor-based faucets come with pre-defined cycles.

Price Range – Rs. 399 to Rs. 3,432

Key Features –

  • One of the most convenient faucets collection
  • Chrome finish build
  • Priced at an affordable range

8. Parryware Faucet

Parryware Faucet

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Now coming in at the ninth place in our list is the brand Parryware with their range of faucets. Parryware is a well-known brand when it comes to sanitary wares, closets, bathroom fittings, and more. They are part of EID Parry and are a direct subsidiary of Roco Groups in Spain. The brand has always been reliable for its product offerings and comes up with innovative methods and technology. The faucets offered by Parryware come in stainless steel base and have a range of brass based offerings too. Their products feature both wall-mounted and table-mounted products. They have chrome finish on their faucets.

Price Range – Rs. 538 to Rs. 6,146

Key Features –

  • Top-quality products with affordable pricing
  • Impressive design

9. Prestige Faucet

Prestige Faucet

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Prestige is one of the renowned names for home appliances and cookware. And they have quite aggressively expanded their portfolio to venture into sanitary ware too. Their sanitaryware collection is impressive and comes with high levels of functionality. They are designed to match the needs of Indian households and come across as a great option for anyone looking for a faucet and any other bathroom fittings. They have a wide range of products that can fulfill the demands of every level of the household around. Their faucets have chrome-plated steel for long-lasting durability. They also have a plastic-based model for entry-level customers. They have added Mirror look technology to their products which are great for looks and functions at the same time.

Price Range – Rs. 178 to Rs. 8,048

Key Features –

  • Impressive design and build
  • Mirror Look technology
  • Wide range of products

10. Asian Paints Faucet

Asian Paints Faucet

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Now closing our list for the best faucets brand in India is Asian Paints. Although many people know Asian Paints as the top paint brand, not many have the idea that they are also into sanitaryware and bathroom fittings. Their faucet range has exquisite offerings that are great on the design aspect and on functionality too. They have a wide range of options available under them and comes with options like the entry-level health faucet to the high-end Invictus wall mixer based faucets. Their products come with a chrome finish and have electroplating done for longevity. They have a very easy to install mechanism and comes across as a neat addition to your bathroom or kitchen. Their products are durable and offer great value for money. They also have a good repertoire of offering an onsite warranty with their products.

Price Range – Rs. 650 to Rs. 4,569

Key Features –

  • Affordable pricing
  • Chrome finished product
  • Durable products with onsite warranty

The Final Verdict

All these bands mentioned above are one of the top picks in the market and are trustworthy. These brands offer a great set of faucets from which you can choose easily. They are durable and come with great levels of features and functionality. We hope that this list helped you to find the best faucet for you.