Top 10 Best Fruit Juice Brands to Buy in India 2021 with Price

Fruit juices are commonly preferred beverages in India. The Modern world has made everything effortless, we don’t have to put any effort to soothe us with fresh fruit juices. Fruit juices with nicely packed are easily available in the market. Due to high demand, the numbers of packaged juice brands have increased in the Indian market over the years. It makes us feel refreshing when we are tired and especially during the hot summer. They also contain minerals and vitamins which are good for health.

 There are hundreds of fruit juices brands available in the market but the ones who always stand in the top position are because of their quality and taste.

In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Packed Fruit Juice Brands in India 2021.

1. Tropicana Fruit Juice

Tropicana Fruit Juice

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Tropicana by Pepsi Co India. It comes first in the list of top Packed fruit juice brands. Tropicana fruit juices are most lovable juices all over India. The juices are produced with fresh fruits without any preservatives. Tropicana juices are available in a wide range of 12-14 flavours. It has occupied  the number one position in the country and sold in 63 countries beside India.

Price: Rs 110 for 1 litre


  • No added preservatives
  • No added Sugar
  • No added Colour
  • No added artificial flavouring

2. Real Fruit Juice

Real Fruit Juice

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Real by comes 2nd in the list owned by Dabur that manufacture Ayurvedic products and medicines. It is one of the most trusted fruit juice company. This is one of the top serving bands which has been serving the people since a very long time. It produces a wide range of flavours.

Price: Rs 105 for 1litre


  • High nutritional value
  • Free from adulterants
  • Available in 14 different flavours
  • Made from real fruit extract

3. Paper Boat Fruit Juice

Paper Boat Fruit Juice

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It is managed by Hector Beverages based in Bangalore, Karnataka. It manufactures traditional Indian beverages like Aam Panna, Jaljeera, kala khatta, Aamras etc. The company aims to preserve and make the Indian traditional recipes while using innovation to make the ethnic Indian drinks easily accessible to an urban Market. Paper Boat does not use artificial colouring or preservatives in its products.

Price: Rs 30 for 200ml


  • No added artificial colouring
  • Wide range of flavours based on Indian tradition
  • No added preservatives
  • Made with fresh fruits.

4. Ceres Fruit Juice

Ceres Fruit Juice

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This is one of the best producers of the package fruit juice brands founded in 1986 based in Paarl, South Africa. They produce and supply fruit juices all over 84 countries in the world. The company is engaged in the manufacture of fruit juices and other fruit-based products. The company claims that its fruit beverages are gluten-free and rich in vitamin C and are manufactured without the use of preservatives.

Price: Rs 345 for 1 litre


  • Cholesterol free
  • Rich in vitamin A,C and potassium
  • No sugar added
  • No artificial colour or flavour

5. B Natural Fruit Juice

B Natural Fruit Juice

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B Natural is owned by the reputed company ITC. It maintains the freshness and quality of the juices. These juices are packed with six- layer tetra packed cartons. It provides complete protection to the juice. It also prevents degradation of the nutritional value of the juices.  ITC launched its fruit juices in January 2015. These juices are available in eight different flavours. It is one of the topmost juices of India.

Price:Rs 105 for 1 litre


  • Not made from concentrate
  • Maximum life-6 month
  • Made from a mixture of delicious fresh fruits
  • Fresh and nutritious

6. Patanjali Fruit Juice

Patanjali Fruit Juice

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Patanjali is a well known Ayurvedic brand in India. This company manufacture organic products that are based on an ancient system, Ayurveda. Since they have maintained a steady flow of fresh and healthy juices, they have gained success in a very short period of time. They are popular for 100 percent fruit content. They don’t contain preservatives, sugar and artificial colors. The company also claims that the fruit juice contains natural fruit pulp that can cure many health issues.

Price: 200 (1litre)


  • Made without any adulterants
  • Good for health
  • Available in different flavours

7. Minute Maid Fruit Juice

Minute Maid Fruit Juice

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Minute Maid is one of the popular fruit juices in India. It is a fruit juice that was launched by the renowned company Coca Cola in 2010. The brand offer more than hundred different kinds of varieties and flavours. These juices are sold in 1 litre, 400 ml and 200 ml. The fruit juices are available in pet bottle and tetra packs. They are known for their high-quality and superior taste. Minute Maid has made the juices extraordinary by adding fruit pulp in it.

Price: Rs 75 (1 litre)


  • It is rich in calcium and vitamins
  • It has great tastes and a good source of refreshment
  • It is made from perfectly ripe and natural fruit.

8. Del Monte Fruit Juice

Del Monte Fruit Juice

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Del Monte is an American company that was established in 1886. It mainly focuses on agro products. It is having its headquarters in California, USA. In India, the office is in Gurugram, Haryana. It uses fresh fruits from the farms of Haryana and Maharashtra. The juices are quite popular in India and all over the world. The company uses fresh fruits only to make the juices to maintain  good quality. They are proved to be really innovative by the way they introduce their new product.

Price: Rs 130 for 1 litre


  • It is prepared with no added sugar
  • The juices are fresh and very delicious
  • Free from artificial colouring and preservatives

9. Safal Fruit Juice

Safal Fruit Juice

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Safal fresh fruit juice by Mother Dairy is a pioneer brand in the India. The company is giving tough competition to its rivals and registering a growth of 20-25% in Indian market. It is well known for its quality and affordability. With a wide range of choices in fruits, they have a large number of products that can be selected as per the preferences. This brand is also engaged in retailing of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Price: Rs 100+ for 1 litre (online price)


  • Very much affordable
  • Made with finest fruit pulp
  • No added preservatives and healthy to have.

10. 24 Mantra Fruit Juice

24 Mantra Fruit Juice

If you are concerned about the fruits used to make the juices you can go for 24 Mantra as they use fruits from an organic farm. This is an organic fruit juice brand. The company was founded by Raj Seelam. The company also manufacture teas, oils, breakfast cereals, spices, flours and health foods. The fruit juices do not contain any artificial flavours and preservatives. The company has around 1500 outlets in India and abroad. They provides a wide range of juices of good quality.

Price: Rs 149 for 1 litre (online price)


  • It has rich vitamins and proteins
  • Free from chemicals
  • No added sugar or artificial colour

Hence, Packed juices comes in many flavours like orange, litchi, strawberry, apple, watermelon, grapefruit etc.

Above mentioned brands were the top Ten packed juice brands in India. You can prefer the brands according to your budget and taste. If there is any queries or suggestions regarding the article you can comment below.