Top 10 Best Air Conditioner (AC) Brands to Buy in India 2021 with Price

Are you looking for top brand AC in India? Don’t worry about any time, and it is not hard to find out AC to buy for residential and commercial places. Because you can find out the list of the top 10 AC manufacturing companies along with it is features and price tag.

As a result, it becomes simple and straightforward to order wish brands as per the set budget. An air conditioner is a highly essential part of home appliances, and it is out with various features. Most of the companies manufactured as per the current trends and update features that will be quite simple to the user.

10. Haier AC

Haier AC

When you come to buy an Air conditioner, the Haier brand becomes the first choice. This brand looks forward to delivering top quality, reliable Ac in the market at a reasonable price. An air conditioner works with the support of the energy star programs, so it helps to save money. Almost the programs designed with the manual control support which is applicable to use for both commercial and house with great support. This air conditioner can buy at starting price range of INR 33000.


  • Copper coil type
  • Five-star energy rating
  • Ten years compressor warranty
  • Simple to install

9. Daikin AC

Daikin is the top leading Air conditioner company and developed AC with Japanese technology. This brand obtains high popularity among the India market. People highly prefer it due to its new function and affordable price range. This firm is an expert in brings out the proper split air conditioning in an extensive ton capacity. This AC features with auto-restart and sleep mode on electric control support that makes comfort to make use of it. It has auto memory backup support that saves the setting for the next usage. It has a starting price range from INR. 28700


  • Stylish design
  • Effective control
  • Comfortwatch technology
  • Three modes for both heating and cooling
  • Need less space
  • Low noise level

 8. Hitachi AC

If you want to buy the latest series air conditioner, then Hitachi becomes a common choice for significant people in India. This brand product is out with the automatic switch off and preset time to operate much better. This AC functions either by touch operation and remote operation. This brand air conditioner manufactured through the window and wall model method to install safer. With solid out chassis, it becomes simple and user-friendly to installation in different places. The customer can buy such a brand air conditioner at starting price range Rs. 30999.


  • Eight-way airflow control
  • Antimicrobial filter
  • No bacterial and fungal growth
  • Simple to install
  • Auto fan speed
  • Both cool and dry mode
  • Defrosting sensor support

7. LG AC

Everyone well known about the LG Company, and it always manufactures a quality product to market. As a result, this company obtains a top name among the buyer in India. It is a South Korean brand which makes use of new technology to design air conditioner. This company committed to providing a top-quality product. This company is not only specializing in offer AC but also offer other products in the market. This AC can out to buy from staring price from INR. 34735


  • Thermostat sensor
  • Sturdy construction
  • Hi Grooved copper
  • High-temperature cooling
  • Low refrigerant detection
  • 100% copper
  • Dual inverter

6. Lloyd AC

Lloyd experts in offering the home appliances but specialize in manufacturing its own AC brand. Among the people, it is one of the trusted brand air conditioners in the market. The brand AC is a symbol of the Energy stars which meet all want for both residential and commercial usage. This AC is an ideal choice of the room area up to 250 to 1500 square feet. It can order via online and retail showroom at the price range of Starting from Rs. 29400.


  • Comfort watch technology
  • Effective rotary compressor
  • Different air filter choice
  • Unmatched cooling experience
  • Ultimate remote control
  • Moisture removal
  • Speed mode

5. Blue Star AC

Bluestar is an old company, and it was started in the year 1943. This firm is specializing in offering various AC models. This brand AC assures to meet all your cooling want, and this company air conditioner is straightforward to clean the filter. The AC will be controlled with the help of the remote that makes it more comfortable for people. It has smart fans that itself adjust as per speed to maintain the room temperature as cold. You order Blue star AC at the price range of INR. 29040.


  • 24-hour programmable timer
  • Powerful mode
  • 100% copper coil
  • Hidden display
  • Dual user setting option

4. Godrej AC

Godrej is another excellent choice, and this company manufactures Air conditioners with powerful cooling technology. Hence, customer loves to spend money on buying a brand product in India market. It offers only split AC, and this brand AC is manufactured with the central theme of the Energy efficiency. This company launched inverter AC by the year 2005. This AC is quite simple to install and suitable for home and commercial usage. This company AC can buy at the price range of INR. 27490.


  • Seven years compressor warranty
  • Copper condenser
  • Dry mode
  • One year warranty
  • 5-star BEE rating

3. Samsung AC

Samsung is a leader of electronic product manufacturing products. This company is one of the first selling products in all parts of India. It is a South Korean p product which expands its product to increase sale in the world. It is single touch cooling features that provide great comfort to handle the air conditioner. This brand air conditioner is out to buy from starts from INR. 31999.


  • Energy-saving features
  • Filtration system
  • Adjustable power cord
  • Tropicalized rotary compressor
  • HD filter
  • Noise level of 21dB

 2. Whirlpool AC

Whirlpool AC

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We heard about Whirlpool from childhood ages, and it is a famous brand when it comes to access a refrigerator and AC. With technology development, it manufactures the split AC with a unique feature. This brand AC hit great sale in the India market and love to spend money on accessing this product for home and office usage. This Air conditioner is out to buy at a price range of start from Starts INR 28990.


  • Save electricity
  • LCD backlit
  • Sleep mode
  • Timer function
  • MPFI technology

1. Voltas AC

Voltas AC

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Most of the people love to spend their hard earning money in the Voltas brand. This company followed new and updated technology for the all-new arrival of an air conditioner in the market. As a result, it becomes a high selling brand among India people. Though it has many years of experience, which develops the AC with new ideas, and it meets all the want of the people in the market. The customer can buy at price range from Rs. 27990.


  • Convenience
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sleep mode
  • Energy star program
  • Anti-fungus
  • Anti-Dust filter

Popular FAQs about Best AC in India 2021:

Q1. Which air conditioner should I buy?

It depends on your needs, really. There are multiple things to be kept in mind like the tonnage, energy efficiency, after-sales service, and warranty. If the room is quite bigger in size, a higher tonnage of the air conditioner will be needed to cool the room effectively. The choice over a split, window or floor-standing should also be made with due consideration of the room’s size and importance.

If a huge area is to be cooled, then centralized air conditioners are the way to go. Samsung is well known for its centralized ACs in the market and is considered the best option.

Q2. Are Lloyd ACs good?

Lloyd is considered an expert in manufacturing ACs. It is one of the most trusted brands in the market. The air conditioners made by Lloyd are extremely energy-efficient, making them suitable for commercial and residential use. There are a plethora of choices provided by the company based on needs. They are available on multiple online market platforms and have more than lakh physical dealerships all over India and millions all over the world.

The Lloyd air conditioning units comprise of effective rotator compressor, different air filter choices, moisture removal, speed modes and comfort watch technology. For all its qualities, their prices are justified starting from INR 30,000.

Q3. What are the features of Godrej ACs?

Godrej is an excellent choice of brand for ACs. They are known for their powerful cooling mechanism. It offers only split ACs that defer in power in terms of tonnage and features. Godrej launched inverter ACs in the years 2005-06 that lead to a revolutionary change in the industry as more and more brands followed suit in introducing similar technologies.

It is a very trusted brand as it offers 7 years compressor warranty, one-year machine warranty and top of the bracket copper condensers. Godrej ACs are extremely energy-saving and have been given a 5-star BEE rating, making them both commercially and residentially usable. 

Q4. Samsung or Whirlpool ACs, which one is better?

Samsung is a market leader when it comes to electronic manufacturing. They are known for producing energy-efficient machines and single touch temperature modulator technology which makes them one of the best AC makers in the world. Samsung ACs are equipped with air filtration systems, adjustable power cord, low noise levels of less than 25 decibels. 

On the other hand, Whirlpool has been in the home appliances market since ages and continues to make incredible energy-saving and modern machines in every possible way. Their ACs are known for having the state of the art MPFI technology and multiple modes of operation. Whirlpool has a large hold over the world market and generates great sale numbers as compared to Samsung. Whirlpool ACs are comparatively cheaper than Samsung.

Q5. Why do air conditioners take 4-5 minutes to start?

Air conditioners are naturally programmed to start in a phase by phase manner. The homes have a fixed level of electricity supply. An air conditioner consists of multiple machines that draw high power. If these machines involving the likes of compressors start simultaneously, there will be a sudden fall in the electricity supply which can affect the AC itself or other appliances in the home. The gradual start s thus, to prevent any damage caused by a fluctuation in energy. That is why brands like Godrej and Samsung focus on enhancing the efficiency of compressors so to reduce the start time and ensure cooling from the onset.


To buy AC for the upcoming summer season, the above article provides special features and price range on each top brand. This gives a hand to the new buyer in the Indian market. Almost every brand is perfect and has its features, so it provides a grip for the customer to pick brand AC from the top 10 brand air conditioners.