Top 10 Best Air Purifier Brands to Buy in India 2021 with Price

Air pollution in India is growing faster nowadays. But you cannot neglect to breathe the polluted air. Do you have confusion on how to avoid breathing? The answer is simple and effective. Air purifiers are the best option to solve your problem. A proper air purifier will give a long life. It can easily filter out polluted air. In this post, I am sharing the best selling air purifiers in India to overcome your confusion. Are you looking to buy the best air purifier in India? Well, I have picked some best-selling air purifiers for your desires. It makes your search easier and chooses under your budget.

Here are the 10 best selling air purifiers in India 2021.

1. Coway Air Purifier

Coway is relatively a new brand manufacturing high-quality air purifiers in the Indian market. The Coway AP-1009 Air purifier has with extraordinary performance. Due to its versatile functionalities, people are interested in buying this air purifier. It creates trust by seeing its top-notch features. So, everyone is eagerly looking at this brand to get clean air. This air purifier has advanced technology to fulfill your requirements quickly. This is the most trusted brand in the Indian market. Coway is a reliable and durable air purifier to satisfy your needs. The price range of Coway air purifier is Rs.15, 490.


  • Design is sleek and attractive
  • It has patented urethane carbon filter
  • HEPA filter of 8500 hours per filter is used
  • Coway has multi-layered green and anti-flu HEPA filter
  • Three ordinary speeds for airflow and turbo mode
  • One-touch speed control option
  • Consumes lower power

2. Philips Air Purifier

There is no need to introduce Philips. It is the best and top-notch company in India. The Philips 1000 series air purifier stands the best one, among others. It has excellent functionality, and people love to buy this brand. The Philips air purifier comes with exclusive features like NightSense Auto mode and detector. Users must get cool and fresh air inside. It is ideal for placing children’s bedrooms. It removes maximum airborne particles when you keep inside. You can easily monitor the quality of air. This air purifier has unique functions and excellent performance. The price range of the Philips air purifier is Rs. 9000.


  • The carbon filter is functioning well
  • It can remove 99.9% allergens inside the room
  • Monitors the air by CADR functions
  • Maximum wattage used is only 50 Watts
  • It comes with the VitaShield Intelligent Purification system

3. Honeywell Air Purifier

Honeywell is a leading manufacturer that introduces electronic and appliances in India. Apart from other products, Air purifiers create an iconic name in the market. Honeywell air purifier is the best one when compared to others. Exclusive performance and features play an essential role in this air purifier. The Honeywell i8 Pre-filter and HEPA filter create trust among the audience. Most of the people pick this brand as their favorite choice. The price range of the Honeywell Air touch air purifier is Rs. 13, 999.


  • It comes with real-time PM 2.5 meter
  • Three-stage filtration measures cool air
  • Easy to wash pre-filter
  • Durable and elegant to use
  • The filter life stands nearly 3000 hours
  • Variant colors are available

4. Daikin Air Purifier

Daikin MC30 air purifier is the most trusted brand. Daikin is a Japanese company selling high-quality home appliances. The Daikin MC30 is a perfect air purifier for any room. It delivers great performances and has lots of features. So, users are picking this as their favorite brand. This air purifier has useful functionalities because of durable materials. The price range of the Daikin MC30 air purifier is Rs.10, 899.


  • The brand has a primary electrostatic HEPA filter
  • Three different modes of operations available
  • Additional eco mode switches use
  • The pollen mode removes and controls levels in the room
  • Turbo mode can remove allergens up to the size

5. Mi Air Purifier

From the Xiaomi manufacture, the Mi air purifier 2S bundle is a boon for us. With its outstanding performance, it creates trusts. This brand is very familiar because it has an Echo dot system. The filters are made with 100% quality. So, people love this brand and buy it. This is the most reliable air purifier suitable for your budget. Filters are made up of high-quality materials and use for a long time. The price range of the Mi air purifier is Rs.9999.


  • OLED gives the seamless operation
  • The display shows PM 2.5 concentration, Wi-Fi, and other modes
  • Operates under three different modes
  • Laser particle sensor is used

6. Tefal Air Purifier

Like Hindware, Tefal beats the marker price and wattage. This is the newest company selling air purifiers in India. The Tefal air purifier has unique features and helps you to get cool and fresh air. This air purifier has exclusive performance, and everyone decides to buy this brand. The lower energy consumption and warranty level are satisfactory in this brand. So, it helps you to overcome the polluted air problem. The price range of the Tefal Air purifier is Rs. 8790.


  • It comes with patented NanoCaptur Filter
  • HEPA type primary air filter used
  • 4-level filtration removes allergens quickly
  • It has auto on and off timer

7. Hindware Air Purifier

Next in the list, Hindware Moonbow AP-A8400UIN has stunning features. Due to its amazing specifications, customers find this as the best brand. The Moonbow takes up a good position in best-selling air purifiers in India. The design is ergonomic and sleek. Apart from others, this brand gained more popularity due to its air purification system. With its pleasing designs, this is the bestselling brand in India in recent years. The price of the Hindware Air purifier is Rs. 8, 2000.


  • It has a HEPA filter purification method
  • It contains an internal activated carbon filter
  • Filtration methods are easy to handle

8. Dyson Air Purifier

If you wish to eliminate the pollutants, consider this Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier. It is best for you and finds only satisfactory outcomes. The air purifier has multiple technologies to circulate the purified air inside the room. Dyson air purifier has low face velocity and operates with a high-efficiency HEPA filter. It is straightforward and enables you to see the live air quality metrics. It provides a good quality of air circulates inside the room. The price range of the Dyson air purifier is Rs. 29,900.


  • Uses air multiplier technology circulates the air
  • It has low face velocity along with high efficiency
  • Packed with borosilicate microfibers

9. Airspa Air Purifier

Airspa is a leading company manufacturer of air purifiers. The Airspa HEPA air purifier comes with unique filtration stages. This brand is trendy because of its durable and versatile functions. The Airspa has a decent tacky digital display and easy to use. It has remote controlled modes and wind adjustment buttons. Additionally, it has smart UV sensors and able to neutralize pollutants. The price range of the Airspa HEPA air purifier is Rs. 9000.


  • It has five more unique filtration stages
  • Delivers clean air inside the room
  • Tacky digital display and easy to use

10. Sharp Air Purifier

Sharp Fu-A80E air purifier is the best brand that has pre-filter. It cleans the air and circulates inside the room. The ionizer purifies the air by creating negative ions. So, people love to use this air purifier and have a peaceful life. It measures the air quality indicator and updates the requirements. It is best suited for home use. The price range of the Sharp Fu-A80E air purifier is Rs. 22, 900.


  • It has an ionizer purifier system
  • Air quality indicator is effective
  • Automatic purification mode
  • Plasma cluster ion technology


From the above discussion, you will get a clear idea, which is the best air purifier in India 2021. I believe this article will make your purchase easier under your budget. I hope this post surely gives you satisfaction and confidence in reading the best selling air purifiers in India.