10 Best Bean Bag Brands in India 2020 with Price

We all need a comfortable and healthy sit. Do you have confusion on which one is best for sitting? Well, many of us are picking bean bags as our favorite choice. Of course, bean bags are trendy and trending nowadays. Due to its aesthetics, health, and affordability, people prefer top-notch bean bags in India. Are you searching for bestselling bean bags? Well, we have picked some top-notch brands in India 2020. This post will help you to find the best bean bags brands in India under your budget. I hope this article will guide everyone to pick their familiar product.

Here are some of the 10 best selling bean bag brands in India 2020.

1. Solimo Bean Bag :

If you are searching for the best bean bag brand, Solimo is the right choice. This is a prominent brand, and the bean bags are made up of leatherette fabric. The bean bags from this brand are lovely, and people love to buy them. Due to its comfortable and long-lasting fabric condition, the company is manufacturing high-quality bean bags for customers. It adds a touch of comfort to your needs. The bag design is so impressive, and this brand has enormous customers. The price range of Solimo bean bags ranges from Rs. 800 to 1200.


  • The bean bags are made up of fade-resistant leatherette fabric
  • It can handle double anti-spill protection
  • Made up of handle strap for ease option

2. Orka Bean Bag :

Among other brands, Orka has a unique name from the audiences. It has come up with classic and reliable bean bags in the market. The brand has distinct bean bags collections depend on the customer’s desires. Many people love to prefer only Orka brands due to its comfortable features. This company is manufacturing top-notch quality bags as per your requirements. They use soft fabric materials that differ from the artificial leather range. So, people wish to buy this brand in the Indian market. The price range starts from Rs. 1800 to Rs. 4000.


  • The capacity of Orka bean bag is 2.5 kg with fillers
  • It is made up of poly viscous backing support
  • The durable stitching of bean bag will handle weight easily
  • Straightforward to clean and moist cloth anytime

3. Caddyfull Muddha Bean Bag :

CaddyFull is an Indian brand selling only good quality bean bags in the market. The brand has unique features and gained more popularity among customers. Of course, bean bag cover is made up of a complete look at affordable Price. Customers pick this brand as their common choice due to luxurious and aesthetic sense design. The company also focuses on living space and designed according to the requirements. The price range of CaddyFull Muddha ranges from Rs. 700 to Rs.3000.


  • It is made up of high-quality leatherette fabric condition
  • Distinct color options are available
  • Fits for any living space
  • It gives comfortable seating capacity by soft, durable leather

4. Sattva Bean Bag :

Sattva is a leading bean bags manufacturer in India. The company is selling only high quality and attractive decors to the home. Especially bean bags from Sattava have a unique name. The company is manufacturing only top quality products at affordable prices. They are made up of premium leatherette material designed with customers’ needs. Sattva bean bag is a classic must-have product suitable for your desires. It also enhances the elegance look to you, and the company gives outstanding collections. The price range starts from Rs. 1000 to Rs.1500.


  • The quality of the material is outstanding to use
  • Affordable Price only
  • It has a sturdy and comfortable feature forever
  • They are available in attractive color options

5. Lofster Bean Bag :

Lofster is another regular brand manufacturing high-quality bean bags in the Indian market. Depend on customer satisfaction; the company is selling top-quality products forever. The bean bags are provided with A-grade Leatherette material. It is designed according to user requirements and available at affordable prices. This company is focusing on high-quality materials and worth for investment. Durability and lifespan is the best thing we can see in this brand. The Price starts from Rs. 1000 to Rs.3800.


  • The bean bag is made up of high quality and premium stitching option
  • It provides an extra comfortable and robust option
  • It is suitable for every room and garden area
  • Comes with a wide range of colors

6. Comfy Bean Bag :

Whether you need a durable and worth bean bags, prefer Comfy brand. This is a leading brand in India that manufactures high-quality bags in the Indian market. A comfy brand is so famous because of a beautiful place to sit and be snug. This company is very famous because of its unique collections. It is manufacturing high-quality bean bags under your budget. You can experience a comfortable sitting for your relaxation. The price range starts from Rs. 1400 to Rs.3500.


  • Bean bags are available in multi-color options
  • They are made up of export quality with digitally printed leather
  • It is available in structured back and neck support
  • Comes with six-panel design support for comfort

7. KJ Original Bean Bag :

KJ Original is a premium quality bean bag manufacturer in India. The company is selling only top quality bags at affordable prices. KJ Original is a leading company selling high quality and perfectly with attractive black color. It is available in different quality leatherette fabric to fading and tears. It is perfectly suitable for your double stitching for better strength and durability. The company is selling nearly hundreds of products with excellent quality. The price range of bean bags is Rs. 1400 to Rs. 2000.


  • It is made up of double stitching for extra strength
  • It has two handles inside the hang on a dry wash
  • The bean bag has original XXL sofa Mudda cover black

8. Repose Bean Bag :

Repose is a leading bean bag manufacturer in India. This is a top-notch brand where they are selling only high-quality bags under your budget. The company is selling only budget-friendly items to its customers. Entire products range with back support and an excellent choice for bean bag chair. This company is so popular because they are selling only high-quality bags online. The price range starts from Rs. 800 to Rs.1900.

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  • They are made up of budget-friendly option
  • Comes with excellent back support to sit
  • Gives arm support and chair-like design is available

9. VSK Bean Bag :

The VSK is so popular because of its high-quality bean bags in the Indian market. They are selling only high-quality bags that range from different sizes and colors. It depends on customer satisfaction, and the company is selling only branded items. By seeing such amazing designs, then, it has been your choice. They are manufacturing only premium quality leatherette brand in the Indian market. With stitches, extra strength zip, the bean bags from the VSK company lasts for a long time. The price range starts from Rs. 650 to Rs. 3560.


  • They are made up of excellent quality materials
  • Gives comfortable and elegant designs look
  • Provides extra strength and support for your chair

10. Stylecraft Denim Bean Bag :

Stylecraft is a leading company manufacturing high-quality bean bags in the Indian market. The company is selling much-awaited bean bags for customers. It is made up of cool denim fabric designed to use in summer. The bean bag is a perfect choice for providing extra support for everyone. Bean bags from this product come with high-quality design with a comfortable option. The price range starts from Rs. 1500 to 5600.


  • A cool denim fabric option is designed to use in a summer season
  • Perfect choice for extra comfort for users
  • It requires 2.5 kg beans to fill the bag


From the above discussion, I hope this article helps you to pick the best selling bean bags brands in India. I have listed its features with price details for every brand. So, I believe this post is handy for everyone.