Top 10 Best Bed Sheet Brands to Buy in India 2021 {Pillow Covers} with Price

Festival of lights is around the corner and every Indian is looking for all the things which can help to decorate the house after the cleanliness. From the purchase of decorative items to bedsheets, every single thing can enhance the look of your house. With that said, you might be looking for great brands to shop for quality stuff.

Bedsheets that come with pillows usually play an important role in giving your home a unique look. You can get new aesthetic looking bed sheets with pillows to enhance the overall finish. Choosing from the finest brands will give you peace of mind as you will be getting a modern design with highly durable bed sheets.

The Indian market has a range of manufacturers offering such quality stuff for different price points. Saying that any of the brands is credible based on their design is partiality because you have to pay attention to several factors. Essential aspects like build quality, material, thread count, warranty, reviews, and price are important to consider.

So, here we a little job of putting all our favorite and the best-selling bed sheets brands. We curated this list based on brand credibility, reviews, and affordability factor. While going through the list, you can check out their key features to understand which brand is better and why? Let’s begin with the top brands –

1. Bombay Dyeing Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

Bombay Dyeing Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

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Bombay Dyeing is a great brand to start your research on the best bed sheet with pillows. They are offering great quality features like 100% cotton made soft fabric. All the bedsheets have standard colors and unique looking patterns which make it a highly reliable choice over the other options. You can recognize the brand just by having a look at the design and getting the in-hand feel of the product. All the standard sizes are available from Bombay Dyeing and they are providing everything for a reasonable price point also.

Price Range – Rs. 670 to Rs. 4,929

Key Features –

  • Highly durable options at an affordable price
  • Unique looking patterns with great designs
  • Soft in-hand feel with a premium finish.

2. Raymond Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

Raymond Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

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A brand that is highly popular and every Indian is familiar with is Raymond. You might not know that but Raymond also manufactures a premium range of bedsheets with aesthetic-looking floral designs. If you want luxury design, premium finish, great in-hand feel, higher durability, and almost every trait then you can’t be wrong with Raymond. Sleeping on a breathable bedsheet is going to be comforting and the sleep quality is definitely going to enhance in an effective manner. The best part is, most designs are floral and they are going to suit every theme.

Price Range – Rs. 899 to Rs. 3,999

Key Features –

  • Offers highly impressive floral designs.
  • Premium finish with breathable cotton material.
  • All the standard sizes and color options are available.

3. Portico New York Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

Portico New York Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

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You might not know about the brand called Portico New York but it is a popular brand in the US. If you want a traditional design, go for it; you want funky colors with fun designs for kids then go for it. No doubt you can find an excellent variety while choosing this brand which will ensure you the best purchase over the other options. Keep it in mind that Portico has slightly higher prices but they provide great durability and premium finish which will get you the best use in all kinds. This brand provides some enchanting options so it is worth checking out.

Price Range – Rs. 749 to Rs. 6,406

Key Features –

  • Excellent variety for everyone.
  • Provides premium and great looking color options.
  • Durability is never going to be a concern.

4. SheetKart Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

SheetKart Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

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For all those people who are looking for a higher thread count in a cotton bedsheet for a soft and silky finish, SheetKart is going to feel like the best one. This brand offers affordability and great quality which means you are getting the benefits of both worlds. All the designs are inspired by traditional Rajasthani patterns. These bedsheets are super comfortable and they are going to meet your desire in an effective manner that’s why you can consider this option.

Price Range – Rs. 595 to Rs. 2,999

Key Features –

  • Get great thread count in every bedsheet.
  • Silky, smooth, and premium finish.
  • Designs are inspired by old Rajasthani patterns.

5. Solimo Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

Solimo Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

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You might have noticed that most eCommerce websites and marts usually have the Solimo brand featured due to the great demand. This brand is gaining brand credibility for unique and best-looking finishes. It is a slightly expensive brand but it has the guts to provide vibrant colors to meet everyone’s desire in an effective manner. This brand is actually the subsidiary of Amazon and they provide the best quality with great durability so you can’t be wrong when choosing it out.

Price Range – Rs. 759 to Rs. 1,599

Key Features –

  • All the impressive and vibrant colors available.
  • Get standard and custom sizes for a reasonable price.
  • Highly durable designs with great looking pillow covers.

6. Swayam Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

Swayam Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

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Who doesn’t love the old desi Indian styling when it is all about festival season? Well, if you do like the desi styling then the Swayam Bedsheet brand has really impressive designs. Desi doesn’t mean you are getting the funky design, it means you are going to get vibrant and unique colors in the bedsheet. The build quality and selection of fabric is great with this brand. The pricing is low and you can expect great durability that’s why you can go with this brand over the other ones for sure.

Price Range – Rs. 844 to Rs. 4,394

Key Features –

  • Unique Indian designs with vibrant colors
  • Affordable price point with great durability.
  • 144 thread count for silky and smooth in-hand feel.

7. [email protected] Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

Story@Home Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

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If you like new and styling designs then going with [email protected] is a reliable brand that will provide the best in all classes. The uber-cut design is made to have a great vibe in your home. The sheets are printed with great patterns and an advanced rotatory screen is used in the printing work which makes it a unique and better option. The colors are fast and they are not going to fade that’s why you can go with this option over the other ones. Having this budget-friendly option with 120 thread count means you will get the best qualities.

Price Range – Rs. 523 to Rs. 2,349

Key Features –

  • Fast and unique design with no fading colors.
  • Comes at an affordable price point.
  • Durable and a budget-friendly option.

8. Spaces Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

Spaces Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

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People who like aesthetic and simple design can find that Spaces Bedsheet Brand has the best designs for them. It is purely a luxury brand and all the bed sheets are made using 180 thread count. No doubt that this much thread count is only available with the premium options and you can expect great use so far. The use of poly cotton is incredible here and the finishing is going to catch your attention over the other ones. In case you want to get premium quality products then go with this brand.

Price Range – Rs. 661 to Rs. 5,503

Key Features –

  • Polycotton sheets with great in-hand feel.
  • Stylish colors and impressive designs.
  • Offers a thread count of 180 for a silky finish.

9. Divine Casa Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

Divine Casa Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

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Geometric and floral designs suit the theme of every room. There is nothing to worry about when you choose faded and pleasant colors that’s why you can consider Divine Casa Bedsheet brand for the impressive look. Even though this is a premium brand, you can find that prices are a lot more reasonable for the build quality and you will get super comfortable fabric. Thread count used by the manufacturer is 144 and it is standard but the selection of material is polycotton which gives a premium in-hand feel. All these factors are going to ensure that you will get highly appealing products over the other ones.

Price Range – Rs. 489 to Rs. 899

Key Features –

  • Provide a thread count of 144 in every single bedsheet.
  • Premium brand with competitive prices.
  • Commonly offered prints are geometric and floral.

10. Haus & Kinder Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

Haus & Kinder Bed Sheet with Pillow Covers

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Are you looking for pretty colors to have a beautiful and aesthetic look to the room? Well, it would be a great choice to look after the Haus & Kinder brand. They have a wide range of designs and all the designs are inspired by the Victorian Era. These sheets are made out of 100% pure cotton which will give you great use. The durability of the bedsheet is impressive and if you want the best quality stuff for quality sleep then this is an excellent brand to look after. The soft and cloudy feel is the major reason to choose this brand.

Price Range – Rs. 759 to Rs. 1,299

Key Features –

  • Get a soft and cloudy feel on silky sheets.
  • Priced competitively for pocket-friendly range.
  • Incredible looking for pleasant designs.

The Final Verdict:

All the brands in this list contain essential features like soft and premium in-hand feel, beautiful colors, impressive variety, and higher durability. The pricing might vary but you can expect great value for money deal with each brand.