Top 10 Best Blanket Brands to Buy in India 2020-21 with Price

We all love blankets which is the most common and important part of a bedroom. Everyone should pick the best quality blankets to fulfill their desires. Do you have confusion which is the best brand? Well, we have picked some of the 10 best selling blankets brands in India. We make your purchase easier and pick under your budget. Blankets are the most important thing adds in our bedroom. In this post, we will suggest you invest in some 10 best selling blankets brand.

You will get a clear idea and have a complete look to purchase under your investment. 10 best selling blankets in India 2020-21:

10. The Home Talk Blanket

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The Home Talk Blanket is a top-notch brand where customers pick this as a favorite choice. This brand is awesome and provides luxury made designs for the bedroom. This company is manufacturing a polar fleece blanket that fits a queen or king-size mattress. This branded blanket is made up of good materials and stands for long-lasting ones. People prefer this brand as their favorite one because of its unique functionalities. They are suitable for machine and hand wash. Also, this blanket has an abrasion-free feature. The price range of this blanket is Rs. 300-3000.


  • They are available in 8 colors
  • It is abrasion-free
  • Works long-lasting
  • Wash with fleece

9. Fashion Throw Blanket

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This blanket is very popular because of its unique functionalities. It includes a breathable option that is made up of a fine experience. It comes under the brand product Utopia bedding. This company blanket is suitable for full queen size beds. The measurement is also easy and applicable to everyone. This breathable thermal blanket has lots of features for absorbing heat rapidly remove the body moisture. It gives the ultimate reasons to use during the summer season. The price of the Fashion Cotton Throw blanket starts from Rs.1470.


  • They can be used in bed as well as sofa
  • Made up of breathable thermal feature
  • Absorbs the heat rapidly
  • Removes body moistures
  • Gives ultimate comfort in all seasons

8. Divine Casa Blanket

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This is the best blanket that has unique functionalities. They are made up of full and queen size bed measurements. You can get it at a reasonable price. Users can find it double size and single size use because of its stunning features. The diamond sticking makes the product look good and feel comfortable. The uniqueness of this blanket has guided everyone gets it at a professional store. This best blanket has made up of fine materials useful for washing. The price of the Reversible blanket is Rs.1674.


  • It gives a comfortable feel when sleeping
  • They are suitable for full and queen size bed
  • Flexible for double side use

7. Homecrust Blanket

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The Homecrust blankets are the ultra-soft and solid color blanket which is very much suitable for you this winter season. It is mainly made up of 100% microfiber polyester. And it is having the plush and soft finish which makes it the best one for this winter. It is also a shrink-resistant blanket, hence everyone can try this. This blanket is having two sides, one side is plush and the other side is smooth. The price of this blanket is 659 INR.


  • It is mainly included with the thermal insulation
  • There is a vibrant embossed style is fixed into it.
  • You will feel very soft and gentle while touching it
  • Easily you can wash it in your machine

6. Amazon Brand – Solimo Blanket

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If you are in need of a lightweight and soft blanket, then sure you can use the Amazon Brand – Solimo blanket. It is using reasonably comfortable materials to design the blanket. In case you are searching for a comfortable blanket at an affordable cost, then here comes the best blanket for you. During winter nights, it is very fun to use and also it is very easy to carry. The price of this blanket is 749 INR


  • It is very pocket-friendly in all kind of aspects
  • There are two variants that are available both on single and double side
  • 120GSM polyester fillings are used to make the blanket

5. Divine Casa Blanket

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Suppose you like a blanket that is available in the fancy designs, then you can go with the divine casa blanket. It comes with the ergonomic design which is mainly combined with the floral prints that makes it very attractive. It is effectively made up of 100gsm premium polyester and soft fabric material and makes it the most comfortable one for this winter. There are many sizes, shapes and designs are available and you can choose your suitable one. The price of this blanket is 520 INR.


  • The outer fabric is made with the microfiber polyester
  • It is having a beautifully crafted design and the brushed flannel inner fabric
  • It is very easy to wash and many designs are available
  • It is a single blanket and having both classic and contemporary look

4. Selective Blanket

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 If you come to buy a blanket over the market, here the Selective blankets stand as the first choice. It is one of the high selling products in the Indian market. These blankets provide an amazing look and fit for the all winter season to remain the body with content heat temperature. It is out to find out a great design and also the right size which lets to buy to pick the best option. This brand product is out in the market at a price range of 1,472 INR.


  • It made with the soft feather which offers touch feel
  • Its manufacture with double size with a special performance
  • It filled with the microfiber for both warm and cozy feel

3. Goyal’s Blanket

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 Are you looking for a soft and reliable touch blanket in the market, and then you feel free to spend your hard earning money over this Goyal’s blanket. It is out with a brilliant and modern design which attracts the end number of the user to buy in the online market. This blanket built with worthy buy for the Indian buyers who are searching to buy. You can buy at the price range


  • it is out to buy with right size like 60×90 inches
  • It is quite simple to clean and required low maintain
  • This blanket is a lightweight design

2. RS Quality Blanket

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Most of the buyer is searching for the right blankets but it is too hard for customer pick right product due to wide brand in the market. here the RS blanket is one of the best brands with the right option and it is out to buy the size of the blanket. It can simple to wash and find out the brilliant design. Over online, the buyer can buy at a starting price range of 395 INR.


  • It is a lightweight design
  • This blanket is simple to washable
  • Buyer can find out the perfect size

1. Cloth Fusion Blanket

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It is one of the ultra-light comforts and high prefer by Indiana people. This blanket is made with the help of the premium material which is the ideal option for your guest. On using such type of blankets, it gives velvety and fuzzy feeling at all times. It is the right couches and comparing for traveling. It is out to buy the price range of INR 799.


  • It is made with 100% ultra-fine polyester
  • Blanket made with breathable material
  • It is more comfortable for your skin
  • It is suitable for machine wash


From the above-mentioned scenario, you can go through the complete list of the top best selling blankets brands in India 2020-21. So why are you still waiting? Your wait is over now!!! Now you can choose your most suitable blanket based on the description.

FAQ of Best Winter Blanket in India 2020-21

Q1. Which is the best blanket for winter?

According to Amazon’s website, you can buy Divine Casa Microfiber Comforter to give you the warmth you need during winters. It has features like

  • Single Polyester Quilted Single Thin Comforter. Suitable for children and adults Ideal for regular use
  • Material – 100% brushed microfiber | Size Comforter: 150 x 230 cm or 59 x 90 inches
  • Comfort for all seasons: Designed for year-round use, this comforter is a perfect addition to any bedroom. Throw it over yourself when you relax on the couch in the cold fall or spring evenings or use it as layering under your armor or bedspread in the summer
  • Smooth, cozy, light single comforter. This specially designed A.C. blanket is soft to the touch. Use it in your bedroom, guest room, lounge, vacation home, or anywhere else! Gives great gifts for weddings, birthdays, holidays, and more

Q2. What is the most comfortable blanket material?

A blanket made with 100% cotton fabric has many benefits. They are soft and hypoallergenic, making them ideal for those who are allergic, children, or those with sensitive skin. Cotton blankets are great in the summer because of their breathability; it can help control your temperature and keep you cool on warm nights.

Cotton is a natural fiber, which makes it a lightweight and breathable blanket. It is a good choice for warm weather as it is well ventilated and helps keep you cool by removing sweat. Some popular fabric options include woven, waffle, or knitted. Also, cotton is easy to care for – clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and toss it in the washing machine and let it dry.

Q3. What kind of blanket is the warmest?

The well-known word for mink is “fur.” But mink blankets are not made of fur. These products are called mink blankets (acrylic mink blankets) because they keep you as soft and warm as a fur would. Mink blankets are made in countries such as Spain, Korea, and China are usually made of acrylic yarn regardless of their origin. It should be noted that mink blankets are of the highest quality if the raw materials used are of high quality. Mink blankets are usually made of 85% acrylic (for soft touch and warmth) and 15% polyester (for the inner scarf).

Q4. Which company blanket is best?

Amazon Brand – Solimo Microfiber Reversible Comforter, Double (Sea Green & Indigo Blue, 200 GSM) Buy Now on

This sturdy double comforter has an attractive machine-stitch setup that makes the filling sturdy and durable. Solimo blankets loaded with 200gsm empty silicone polyester that is meant to keep you warm and comfortable. Ideal for use in quiet winters and cold rooms, this lightweight blanket is ideal for regular use. With having a 100% microfiber outer shell for a rich and elegant experience, Solimo is one of the best blanket brands in India. Each Solimo item works on delivering quality at an affordable price.

The refreshing color enhances the stylistic layout of your room and gives it unmatched comfort. The cover has a hypoallergenic filling, which ensures some protection against allergies. Premium quality and exceptional value are unmatched by Solimo.