Top 10 Best Chocolate Brands to Buy In india 2021 with Price

Everyone, both children and old, like to enjoy eating Chocolates. Eating delicious Chocolates for the perfect occasion will be suitable for great entertainment. Have you ever wondered what the top chocolate brands available in India are? Lots of chocolate brand companies have been started in India, and many numbers of them were popular across the world. Especially children prefer to eat chocolates and candies for their taste and flavor.

Now you could see lots of flavors of the candies and chocolate bars. Popular Indian chocolate brands especially include the Jelly Belly by Mahak Group, Toffees, Candyman Chocolates, Mapro Falero Chocolates, and many others. Almost everyone in the world likes to enjoy chocolates on the go. Actually, chocolates are also good for increasing energy on the whole. Not only does the chocolates taste amazing but also help to effectively reduce stress by extensively lowering the chance of stroke, heart attack as well as diabetes.

Best Selling Chocolate Brands In India 2021 with Price:

1. Cadbury Chocolate

Cadbury holds the top position in India for supplying chocolates across the country in every flavor. Cadbury has been greatly known in the Indian consumer market, and people love to enjoy it. Cadbury was originally started in the year 1824 in the UK. In the early 50s, the brand came to India. Cadbury has been one of the most lower brands by many numbers of people in India since its start.  Rich in flavonoids, chocolates are especially great for the skin. Dairy Milk line of products is the most successful from this brand, and it starts from Rs.5 and goes up to Rs.500.

  • Very Nutritious to eat
  • Lots of ingredients added
  • Only some small amount of sugar added
  • Energy 240 kcal is about 12%

2. Nestle Chocolate

Nestle is also the leading brand in India that took heavy competition in the Indian chocolate market. Nestle is a Switzerland company and first started to sell the chocolates in the early 1960s. Nestle especially holds about 18% of the share in the market. The main reason is that the cost of Nestle products is very less when compared to others. Taste and quality vary from other brands, so most people prefer to choose these products. KitKat, wafers crispy bar is quite popular from the Nestle. Senses Milk, as well as Senses Dark, is the latest edition that gives awesome taste in many chocolates.  Nestle mainly range from Rs 10 to Rs 500.

  • Classic bar of deliciously
  • Made with fresh milk
  • Mouthful of “mmmm” in every piece!

3. Amul Chocolate

Amul is quite a famous brand in India well known for Chocolates, Butter, Cheese and many others. Amul dark chocolates are also famous for its blend of cocoa and milk cream taste. Many people prefer this Indian cooperative dairy company for its quality and uniqueness. Amul is also considered as the largest producer of milk as well as products that include butter, ice cream, cheese, and many others. Amul dark chocolates range from Rs 69 to Rs 999.

  • A perfect blend of rich cocoa
  • Made with the finest ingredients
  • Finest cocoa beans

4. Parle Chocolate

Parle is also one of the most famous manufacturers of confectionery and biscuits.  Friberg is quite a delicious chocolate brand in Belgium. Ingredients of this chocolate are quite awesome and mostly preferred by everyone. You would expect the dark cocoa fine taste when eating this chocolate. Parle – Friberg is available at the price of Rs 550 in India. Some of the popular candy, as well as toffee products from Parle, are:

  • Healthy ingredients – sugar, cocoa butter, vegetable fats, cocoa mass
  • Children love the flavors
  • Suitable for gifting to children

5. Lotus Chocolate

Lotus Chocolate Company is the top manufacture having its headquarters in India especially offers much variety of chocolates. Lotus Chocolates are quite famous in India for its variety of flavors. Chuckles are considered as one of the flagship brands of Lotus Company. These are available in the most delicious flavors that include the Strawberry and Chocolate. Lotus – Chuckles 250g ranges from Rs 397.

  • Very much Delicious
  • Variety of Flavor available – Strawberry and Chocolate
  • One of the top branded chocolates in the country

6. Mars Chocolate

Snickers bar is quite a popular chocolate that has been preferred by many numbers of people in India. Mars confectionery Product Company is the top manufacturer well known for providing the Snickers chocolate and many others. Snickers Bar is mainly sold as the Marathon brand in the UK. Mars, Incorporated is also known for providing the various number of products in India and become a popular brand. Mars, Incorporated is known for manufacturing various items such as the candy, mints, gum, Confectionery and many others. each of the product mainly range from Rs.10 to Rs.500.

  • Helps in reducing stress
  • Enjoy more and improve your mood
  • Contains high antioxidants
  • Healthy for your body

7. Mahak Chocolate

Mahak Group has reached Quality and customer gratification with the pinnacle of traits. Since its establishment in 1994, Mahak Group has a passion for providing quality as well as a pure line of products. Mahak Group has been known for its chief premise for its quality of products in India. Mahak Group achieved a strong position in providing the best in the Indian chocolate market. Chacon is quite famous in the country for its deliciousness and flavors since its release. Many people love to eat ChocOn with its massive ingredients. The Chocon especially ranges from Rs 100 to Rs 500.

  • Suitable for gifting children
  • Indulgent of chocolatey swirls
  • Chocolate that melts in your mouth
  • Healthy ingredient added

8. Kinder Joy Chocolate

Ferrero is the top Italian manufacturer known for manufacturing the delicious chocolates. Ferrero is also considered as the 2nd biggest chocolate company in the world. Kinder Joy is one of the most amazing and delicious Candies that is made by the Italian confectionery company called Ferrero, and it is a part of the products. Kinder Joy is an egg-shaped plastic packaging mainly split into 2 in which one half contains the milk cream layers and cocoa. Kinder Joy has been mainly launched in 2001 in Italy and has been sold in more than 100 countries. Kinder Joy confectionery become the most amazing flagship brand of the product and quite popular in India. Kinder Joy is available at the price range of Rs 30 in India

  • Most loved by the kid
  • Smart game to play with
  • Weight of each chocolate egg is 20 g

9. Campco Chocolate

Campco Chocolate factory is quite famous in Karnataka. Campco is not only the manufacture of chocolates but also the largest producer of Cocoa, pepper and many others in India. Campco Chocolate factory has a large setup of a chocolate manufacturing plant at Puttur in Karnataka. The chocolate factory produces a variety of chocolates as well as many numbers of cocoa products. The price range of Campco White Compound Slab – 500gms is about Rs. 127.00.

  • Cereal and peanut added
  • Covered with milk
  • Added healthy ingredients
  • Sweetness to the core
  • Easier to gift to children

10. Hershey Chocolate

Hershey is also a popular American Company and considered the largest chocolate manufacturers. Hershey is well known for producing many numbers of products that include cookies, cakes, drinks, milkshakes, and many others. Brookside dark chocolate is one of the best products of Hershey. With many numbers textures and flavors, Hershey is also considered a unique choice. Brookside dark chocolate 100g is about Rs 357.

  • Deliciously crafted to give unique taste and experience
  • From the house of Hershey’s
  • Known for their world-famous chocolates
  • The singular and sweet surprise of flavor-rich dark chocolate


Above is the list of the best chocolate brands in India and achieved greatness in the hearts of people for their flavor. The chocolate industry in the Indian market always comes up with innovations as well as ideas. Each company is trying to enhance the taste of their products.