Top 10 Best Cigarette Brands to Buy in India 2021 with Price

Smoking is the most common habit for us. We all love to smoke because we need relaxation. Perhaps, different brands are available and we pick only best-selling cigarettes. Are you looking for the best selling cigarette brands in India? If yes, we have picked the 10 brands in India for your kind reference. It makes your search easier and buys it under your price. Smoking is one form of refreshment drug use in India.

India is the top country producing tobacco. Indian people are addicted to cigarettes and looking for the best brands. Here, we have listed 10 best selling cigarette brands in India 2021.

1. Gold Flake Kings Cigarette

Gold Flake Kings Cigarette

Gold Flake Kings brand is a domestic company formerly known as Khandani. Now, it is a brand owned by a British company, WD & HO Wills. The company is manufacturing cigarettes with high-quality tobacco ingredients. It is the highest-selling brand in India. The company manufacture cigarettes in different variants. Based on the quality, everyone is looking for this brand. It comes with ITC limited and made from golden tobacco. It includes bacon, gold flake, and honeydew and so on. Gold Flake Kings brands are so popular because of its unique ingredients. The company holds a 17.9% share in the Indian market. The price of this brand varies from Rs. 123 to Rs.246.


  • Available in three variants
  • Lights hold cigarettes are manufactured
  • Bacon gold flake, honeydew, and Gulcksteins are best

2. Four Square Cigarette

Four Square Cigarette

Four Square is a leading cigarette brand established by Godfrey Philips India Ltd. The company is manufacturing cigarettes in India and Scotland. It is known as the oldest existing brand where everyone loves to buy. The brand comes in several variants with different locations. It is the flagship brand available in India in 2021. The length of the cigarette is 70mm for short and 85mm for long. Nearly 10 to 20 cigarettes packed in the box. The price range of the Four Square brand is Rs.96 to Rs.100.


  • Length of the cigarette is limited
  • No heavy smoke ingredients presence
  • Available in several variants

3. Wills Classic Mild Cigarette

Wills Classic Mild Cigarette

Wills Classic Mild is the leading and oldest brands manufactured by ITC limited. The company is manufacturing cigarettes with high-quality smoking. This brand is very stylish and easily available in India. The cigarette length is around 84mm and known as imported brands. Also, imported cigarette paper is used for manufacturing cigarettes. Blue leaf tobacco is the most stuff used in this cigarette brand. The price range is from Rs. 123 to Rs.246.


  • Most stylish cigarettes
  • Blue leaf stuff used
  • Use for internal stuffing
  • Imported cigarette papers used

4. Marlboro Cigarette

Marlboro Cigarette

Marlboro is the top-notch cigarette brand in the world. The company Philip Morris is the manufacturer of this cigarette. It is the most famous brand selling cigarette in India in 2021. In different forms, the company is selling the most awaited cigarettes available. It is especially for women who want to smoke. It includes a red band to hire the lipstick spots. The company manufacturers filter cigarettes for both women and men. The price range varies from Rs. 260 to Rs.300 of 20 sticks.


  • Varieties of forms used
  • Menthol and clove flavors stuffed
  • Made for women
  • An extra blend of smoking effects

5. Benson and Hedges Cigarette

Benson and Hedges Cigarette

Benson and Hedges is a British cigarette brand. Philip Morris International and Japan Tobacco started this brand in different countries. It is merely known as B&H. The company uses Virginia tobacco to make cigarettes. In 1873, Richard Benson and William Hedges founded these cigarettes in London. They are a dual flavored brand as well as have rich effects. They are more powerful in terms of content. But, it is more harmful to health. They come in wide varieties and sell in the Indian market. The price range is from Rs. 250 to Rs. 300.


  • Virginia tobacco is used
  • Dual flavored cigarettes are involved
  • Powerful ingredients used

6. Navy Cut Cigarettes

Navy Cut Cigarettes

Navy Cut is the leading brand and the first filtered made in India. They are manufactured by ITC Limited, India. Wills Navy Cut cigarettes are manufactured by W.D & H.O Wills in the UK. The length of the Navy cut cigarettes is 84mm. The company is manufacturing cigarettes in two distinct packs either quantity or quality. It is the premier brand selling in India with its natural ingredients. People love to smoke this cigarette due to its popularity. The price range is from Rs. 100 to Rs. 120.


  • Available in three variants
  • Good rising popularity
  • Best filtered made cigarettes

7. Classic Cigarettes

Classic Cigarettes

Classic is the hottest brand selling in India. The brand is owned by ITC Limited and available in two variants. Classic regular and Mild are the most loved cigarettes available in India. The company has a strong position in the King sized premium. The cigarettes are exported by the ITC and familiar in India. This company holds a 19% share in the Indian market. This cigarette brand is so popular in India because of its rich ingredients.  The price of this brand ranges from Rs. 110 to Rs.115.


  • Hottest selling brands in India
  • Available in two variants
  • King-sized premium cigarettes

8. Black Cigarette

Black Cigarette

Black Cigarette is the most selling brand in India. Due to its aroma and flavored paper, this company manufactures tasty cigarettes. The cigarette has clove flavor which is in scent and taste. Natural Indonesian tobacco is used to manufacture this brand. It is widely distributed throughout the world and India. In the stretched pack, cigarettes are wide and ten long. Due to its sweet taste, the black cigarette is the most selling brand. The price range is from Rs. 350.


  • Black flavored paper is used
  • Clove flavor both in scent and taste
  • Paper has a sweet taste
  • Made with natural Indonesian tobacco

9. Parliament Cigarette

Parliament Cigarette

Parliament is the best brand available in India. This cigarette brand is manufactured by Philip Morris Company in the USA. This company uses first branded paper filters. It allows the nicotine to reach the smoker’s mouth. It comes with varieties of menthol flavors like Green, white, silver and much more. This brand cigarette has an elegant fragrance and excellent taste. The price of this cigarette starts from Rs. 355.


  • Rich nicotine level used
  • Varieties of flavors available
  • Menthol flavors are the best
  • Beautiful fragrance and excellent taste

10. Pall Mall Cigarette

Pall Mall Cigarette

Pall Mall is the leading cigarette brand marketed by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (USA). It is the highest-selling brand among all cigarettes. The cigarette is familiar for design as well as taste. In different sizes and varieties, Pall Mall is available with rich nicotine. A specific technique is applied when manufacturing this cigarette. Adding charcoal inside the cigarette is the most important factor. It is available in different varieties such as white, black, blue, and orange and Green. The price range starts from Rs.4500 per pack.


  • Good design and taste
  • Available in different sizes
  • Different varieties are available
  • Use specific techniques
  • Charcoal added inside


We believe these 10 best selling cigarette brands will help you to find your favorite. It helps smokers to pick their favorite and most loved cigarettes brands available in India. So, this passage helps you find the best one in the Indian Market.

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