Top 10 Best Clothing Brands to Buy in India 2021 with Price

In the fashionable world, we are all looking for trendy and stylish clothes via a retail shop and online market. Clothes are more important in the modern world, and it says a lot about him/her character. Hence you must be very careful when you are coming to pick clothes. Especially in India, several people love to spend their money on top brand clothes.

Hence they are suggested to go with the list of the top 10 Best Selling Clothing Brands in India 2021. Then it becomes worthier to spend your hard-earned money to own fit and professional dress.

10. Van Heusen Clothes

Van Heusen Clothes

Almost every youngster comes across such a quality brand Van Heusen. It is highly welcome among teen boys and girls in the part of the Indian markets. On wearing such clothes, you enhance fabulous apparel according to the current trendy and style. It is manufactured with the stunning design and also the most trusted India brand in the present day. This brand clothing is out to buy at the price range of Rs1100 to Rs 2250.


  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Suitable for a formal occasion
  • Designed with a solid pattern
  • Out in regular fit

9. Provogue Clothes

Provogue Clothes

When you come to an Indian clothing brand, the Provogue obtains a special place among the people. It is one of the top-selling brands in the Indian market. It manufactures designed clothes to meet current fashion trends, so it will be the main reason that most people love to prefer such a brand. At first, this top brand launched in the year 1997, and it is specialized in manufacturing jeans, T-shirts, trousers for the mean. It is out to buy at a price range of Rs 800 to 2000.


  • Suitable for all occasion
  • User-friendly
  • Made with 100% cotton
  • Out with small and medium and larger size

8. Numero UNO Clothes

Numero UNO Clothes

This brand of clothing obtained an excellent reputation when it was launched in the year 1987. Most of the teen boys and girls are always looking for jeans with various style patterns. This brand expert in manufacturing clothes with standard material. On the other hand, this manufactures company expert sin T-shirt, sweaters, and other fashion accessories. This brand support many people to have new fashion trends. At present, you can order such a brand via different mobile shopping apps and another online website in India. It is out order at the price range of rice of Rs.1200 to 3000.


  • Flexible material
  • Highly comfort to wear all season
  • New arrival of design

7. Lee Clothes

Lee Clothes

Lee becomes the most popular brand in India, and it is an excellent choice among the people due to its unique style and colors. This brand is famous for its jean clothes so both men and women can prefer such jeans. It is lightweight and quite suitable to wear for all climatic conditions. The brand clothing is out to sale for both men and women to pick wish clothes and other features. You can buy Lee brand clothes at the price at Rs 1100 to 4000.


  • Durable comfort
  • New trendy design
  • Versatile styling
  • 100% cotton

6. Park Avenue Clothes

Park Avenue Clothes

Looking for a completely innovative wardrobe solution, then you can try with Park Avenue clothes. It is one of the premium brands in India which manufacture new design. Then the brand makes use of the international fabrics and colors to meet all wants of the buyer. It is out to buy at a lower price over the online market. Almost the brand shirt is out with a slim flit that fits the body. It is out to buy from the range of Rs. 1000 to 2500.


  • out with the different color option
  • Make use of international fabric material
  • Deliver better comfort and flexible support

5. Octave Clothes

Octave Clothes

In the fashionable world, most men spend a lot of time to pick the right dress, so they have to search out to buy a top brand like Octave. This brand has no comparison with any other brand due to its style outcome of various dresses. This manufacturer offers unique apparel for men and other women. You can have the option to buy in different sizes so you can simply order without meeting any risk. You buy such brand clothes at a price range of Rs. 1445 to 3000.


  • Ultra stylish
  • Light colors
  • Fits seamlessly
  • Front pocket

4. Allen Solly Clothes

Allen Solly Clothes

Are you looking for professional and fashionable clothes? Then you can find out a shirt in the Allen Solly brand. It has a lot of experience in bringing out modern dress with various size options for children, men, and women. This brand clothes made with the top-class material that supports to deliver professional look on wearing it. Almost the new arrival clothes are designed and manufactured with the right designer so you can simply find out the classic collection of dresses it is out to buy at the price range of the between Rs 950 to 2000.


  • Made with 100%cotton
  • Suitable for a different outdoor occasion
  • Various colors and checked pattern
  • Full and sleeve with regular cuff

3. Monte Carlo Clothes

Monte Carlo Clothes

It is 100% Indian company, and its expert in brings out a wide selection of modern clothing for both men and women. This company is experts in making jackets and shirts and other tops for women. Hence it is the right brand to spend your money to order professional clothes at a set budget. These clothes become famous due to their fabric quality and unique style. You can request a shirt from a price range of Rs.1100 to 5000.


  • Slight color variant
  • Original product
  • Measurement are exactly meet
  • Made with brand cotton material

2. Peter England Clothes

Peter England Clothes

Most men love to go with the peter England collection, and it is right to meet all the requirements of wearing such a dress. It is one of the famous brands which deliver standardized fit to men. Each clothes has its superior quality, and it is worthier to spend your money. You can find out a new collection of dresses at a low price in the online store and another retail store. It is designed with the right pattern textured. The buyer can find out a shirt and other clothes material at the price of the Rs. 800 to 3400.


  • Superior Stylish
  • Standardized fit
  • Fashionable style
  • Trusted mid-segment

1. Spykar Clothes

Spykar Clothes

It is one of the famous casual clothing brands in the Indian market. This brand looks forward to designing a new collection of jeans with various stylish. Almost the shirts are manufactured with premium quality for men and women. The buyer can pick the shirt as per the size of the body, and each dress fits precisely to the body. Even, you select the right colors option, so its brand assures to meet all wants of choosing a shirt for different occasion. You can buy at low price Rs. 500 to 3800.


  • Premium quality
  • Corporate and casual wear with different size
  • Start cotton material


If you don’t have ideas about choosing the right brand India, you can find out the list of the top brands above .hence you can feel free to order a suitable dress for your formal occasion to wear. With fit dress will bring more confidence so you can order such a shirt and other clothes from various brands in the market.