10 Best Men’s Deodorant Brands in India 2020 with Price

Deodorant composed of major masking components, and it helps to prevent the odor released out from the body. Especially, men often spend much time outside of the home, so they have a lot of chances to meet sweat and other odor problems in their body. To say goodbye for the odor smell, you try with the 10 Best Selling Deodorants for Men in India.

This deodorant works better on your body and remains fresh and bacteria-free for the whole day. Even, if you believe it or not, the brand Deodorant will make an extraordinary difference in every life of men. The main reason to prefer such deodorant, no person will be live for a whole day full of odor and smell, so they wish to find out brand products from the market at a feasible price.

1. Park Avenue Men’s Deodorant :

Park Avenue is a high selling brand in the market, and it has the best collection of premium deodorants to buy via the online and offline store. Park Avenue Signature has strong mango peach notes and more rejuvenated. It provides smell for long-lasting for the whole day so that it loved by youngsters highly. It manufactures with anti-bacterial properties that make your body fresh and cut down the odor smell useful for long hours. It is available to buy at the price range of INR 240.


  • Out with 140 ml capacity
  • Anti-bacterial properties
  • Long-lasting smell
  • Premium collection

2. Fogg Men’s Deodorant:

Among men, the Fogg become the most famous and hugely welcome deodorant due to its USP. With most smells, the single spray will last for the whole day. It is one of the super seductive and fresh small so you can away from odor smell in the working environment. You can order Fogg at 225INR for 150ml, which is quite reasonable to place the order and make use.


  • Soothing
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Have more than 800 spray
  • Well packed in a stylish bottle
  • Enjoy fragrance up to 6 to 8 hours

3. Set Wet Men’s Deodorant :

Among the men, then set wet to become the best player when compared with another deodorant. It is a burst of colors, youthfulness, and powers, so that becomes right deodorant to buy. This spray makes you stylish and more energy for a long time. Even it adds charm to personality and develops morally. Set wet shower can buy at a price range of 120 for 150 ml online.

 Key features:

  • Pack of 3 bottles with a fresh, chill avatar, charm
  • Out with Tonka beans and almond
  • Get a fresh breath of mint as well a ginger
  • Musky perfume with the whiff of lavender

4. Axe Men’s Deodorant

We all know that the Axe Dark Temptation Deodorant is a world-famous and top-selling brand in the world. It becomes an excellent choice for men to enjoy fresh and active for the whole day. On using this deodorant, men can have new and convincing at all time, and you have single spray over a body which reach all areas. This deodorant can use regularly, and the container is lightweight, so it becomes more travel-friendly for men to carry with them at all locations.


  • Good packing
  • Long-lasting scent up to 24 hours
  • Regulates over sweat
  • Have a lovely chocolate fragrance

5. Nike Up Or Down Men’s Deodorant :

If you search for lasting deodorant, then Nike Up Or Down Silver Deo becomes the right choice. It provides a fresh burst of smell, and it is manufactured with an active formula. On using this spray, the men can keep the body and arms as clean for the whole day. This deodorant is highly used for the regular purpose to meet the desired result. It is highly popular among youth in India. It is out to buy at 275 INR for 200ml


  • Out to buy in 200 ml
  • Spicy floral
  • Get more confidence to face
  • Free from sprit

6. Engage Men’s Deodorant:

It offers fresh and charm fragrances, so most of the men become popular deodorants, which come below the trademark. Deodorant is out with the masculine and remains the chemistry sizzling among men and women up to 24 hours. It used as an ordinary routine, and for other parties, so you have to develop over al spirit and improve every men lifestyle. The Engage Urge Deodorant out to buy at 190 INR for 165 ml


  • Keep fresh for 12 to 14 hours
  • Available in large ML to buy
  • Get a masculine appeal
  • Applicable for common use

7. Wild Stone Men’s Deodorant:

This deodorant is manufactured, especially for male grooming care and other fashion company. It is a brand scent that comes below Brand Company, so it is available to buy in any part of India. This spray provides impressive scent on the body, and you can enjoy celebrating life with the presence of the rich as well as the fruity aroma. On using this deodorant, men can move with full potential and high confidence. It is manufactured with the top quality ingredient, which assures to keep odor away from the body. You can order such a spray for 163 for 150 ml.


  • Combo of woody
  • Masculine and fruit
  • Kill bacteria
  • Manufacture with quality ingredient
  • Available at low cost

8. Nivea Men’s Deodorant :

Nivea is a famous brand among men in all parts of the word. It is manufacture men Skincare Company. This spray provides long-lived delightful aura to give a better and soothing feeling. On using this deodorant, men can care about their arm, and it is the right choice to beat the summer season. This deodorant does not only help to keep the body fresh but also remain to keeps away odor smell from the body. It is out to access in the 150 ml bottle with a price of 380 INR.


  • Anti-bacterial
  • Strong aura for men
  • Beautiful packing to buy in the market
  • Invigorating tones
  • Keep men calm an
  • Safe to make use
  • Need less space in a handbag.

9. Brut Men’s Deodorant :

For men, it is one of the ideal commodities, and it is a common choice of the more men in the world. You can access deodorant with the various fragrances, and it lets to refresh the men for the whole day. Hence men can make use of the body and other dress to have a strong fragrance. It is out to buy bergamot, lavender, anise, and additional lemon option to buy. This scent inhibits both sweat and odor. Men can use for all types of skin and out to buy at a reasonable price in the market. This deodorant is 100% free form the toxic element. It is available to purchase at 149 INR online.


  • Have fragrance for several hours
  • Free from toxic
  • Reasonable price
  • Get classic and strong
  • Various flavor such as lavender, lemon, anise, basil

10. Denver Men’s Deodorant :

Men need premier fresh and premier smelling. The Denver Hamilton stands as the first choice. It provides a particular refreshing fragrance, which lets to stay fresh for the whole day. On using such the odor, the men can able to kill body odor effectively and provide a smooth feeling over the skin. You can buy such a deodorant at the price of INR 200 for 165 Ml.


  • Confident fragrance
  • Skill bad odor
  • 4 to 8 hours


Before going to buy deodorant, the men can ensure the list mentioned above, which gives a hand to purchase brand and charm scent at a suitable price in India. Even you have a comprehensive option to pick the best one, which assures you to reflect personal and make you more confidence.