Top 10 Best Detergent Brands to Buy in India 2021 with Price

Wearing clean and tidy cloth is important because people usually judge others from the dresses they wear. Detergent plays the most crucial role in washing your dresses. India is one of the highly populated nations across the world. The more population makes the need for consumer consumers high in India. Also, the need and preference may vary from one person to the next one, so this country comes with an extensive market for detergents.

Choose the right detergent brand is not a simple task because there are several choices available in India. If you want to make a smart decision, you can look at this list of highly preferred detergent brands. Top 10 Best Selling Detergent Brands In India 2021 with Price.

1. Ariel Detergent

It is the flagship detergent brand of Procter & Gamble, which is a multinational consumer goods company of America. This detergent brand is introduced in 1991 as the compact-sized detergent powder. This brand offers many variants that include Ariel 2 in 1, Ariel Oxy blue ultramatic, Ariel Oxy blue and more. The cost of these detergents may vary from ₹210.00 to ₹ 579.00.


  • Receive many awards for its exceptional quality
  • Boasting of effective ingredients for offering tough stain removal in a single wash
  • Make your garments clean and bright
  • Contains perfumes to give a great smell to your clothes
  • Brighteners help clothes to shine bright
  • Buffers can maintain acidity balance in the water
  • Made with enzyme technology

2. Surf Excel Detergent

This detergent brand is first introduced in Pakistan 1948 by Unilever. Hindustan Unilever Ltd takes this detergent to India in the year 1959. Now, the blue coloured product is upgraded to Surf Excel. This brand produces several variants such as excel top load, easy wash, front load and more excel blue. You can find out these branded detergents at different price ranges that range from ₹52.00 – ₹710.00


  • It has the power of ten hands which easily removes tough stains
  • The superfine powder easily dissolves and also removes the tough stains quickly
  • Equipped with superior technology
  • Removes the stubborn stains within a few minutes
  • Makes your garments clean and fluffy instantly
  • It can fight different stains like curry, chocolate, oil and ketchup stains

3. Nirma Detergent

This Indian based brand was established in 1969 by Ahmadabad based firm. It appeared as the biggest selling detergent in India during the 80s. Even now it is the best provider of detergent products. This brand is widely recognized for its low cost. This brand is famous, even in villages and small towns. The cost range is between ₹109.00 – ₹255.00.


  • Available in abundance
  • Facilitates proper cleanliness
  • They never easily dissolve with water
  • Offers better durability
  • Contains magical crystal formula
  • Boasting of both brightening and softening functions
  • Makes your clothes software and much comfortable
  • Free from phosphorous, public irritation and contamination
  • Ideal for washing linen fabric, cotton, silk, wool and more

4. Ghadi Detergent

This brand is widely recognized for its affordable price ranges. Due to this, it gains more fame among the rural areas of Indian. In the beginning, it is started as the small scale business and then turned into popular.  This brand has a strong presence in Both Central and North India for more than twenty-five years.  The cost range of this brand is ₹28.00 – ₹455.00


  • Removing stains effectively without much manual effort
  • Not creating damages to your fabric
  • Retaining the original colours of your clothes
  • Give protection from roughening of your hands

5. Patanjali Detergent

This brand has entered the detergent market of India hugely. Now, you can find out the Patanjali products in different genres. Now, the detergent market of this brand has tremendously picked up now. They are manufactured without any type of dangerous bleaching chemicals.  The detergents are very soft on your hands. Also, the fragrance of these products lasts for an extended time. They are suitable for all kinds of washing machines. The cost range of Patanjali detergent is ₹28.00 – ₹256.00


  • Washes dress while giving protection to your hands
  • Removes dirt and spots gently
  • Brightens whites
  • Aids in reducing the smell of body odour from garments

6. Tide Detergent

It is another famous detergent brand in India hold by Procter and Gamble. It has a better reputation for maintaining the white look of the clothes. These products are also soft on your hands. The unique feature of this detergent brand is that it does not use any harsh chemicals for producing the detergents. The cost range of this detergent is ₹48.00 – ₹490.00


  • Uses enzymes for removing stains
  • They are specially formulated detergents
  • Comes with bleach alternatives, fresheners, fabric softeners and stain fighters
  • Clean the clothes smoothes
  • Preserves the colour of clothes
  • Shape more than thirty washes

7. Henko Detergent

It is one of the most popular detergent brands which introduced the new concept of washing coloured clothing. Henko Stain Champion is a new product that makes this process possible. Jyothy Laboratories produce this detergent. The best part of this brand is that it conducts the worldwide campaign for showing its ability to remove the dried ink and food stains from garments. This feature makes this brand very popular.  This brand is known for maintaining the lustre of your coloured clothes. The cost range of this detergent is ₹58.00 – ₹620.00


  • It is a revolutionary solution for clothes problems
  • Suitable for stain removal, fading and colour loss
  • It is smooth and soft with an excellent perfume scent
  • Give your dresses a completely new look
  • Protecting your clothes from ageing

8. Rin Detergent

It is a well-known fact that Hindustan Unilever Ltd is the giant in this detergent manufacturing industry. The most popular detergent of this brand is Rin bar. This blue coloured detergent is turned into the household name throughout India.  Also, this brand introduces Rin detergent power, Rin Refresh, Rin Matic and more. The cost range of this brand is ₹16.00 – ₹455.00


  • Makes your garments brighter
  • Simple dissolution formulate
  • It removes and penetrates even toughest dirt
  • Fragrance can leaves dresses smelling fresh.
  • Does not leave any residue on the fabric
  • Available in various pack sizes

9. Wheel Detergent

Hindustan Unilever Ltd has produced the Wheel detergent cake and wheel detergent powder. They are also gaining more popular among Indian households. Now, many people are started using this brand due to its affordable price. It is the first detergent that comes in different flavours like Jasmine, Gold, Orange, Lemon and more. The cost range of this  brand is ₹44.00 – ₹455.00


  • Affordable detergent solutions
  • They come in two different formats including powder and bar
  • Active Wheel 2in1 comes with the power of a thousand lemons
  • It can remove the tough dirt
  • Boasting of new technology to remove tough malodor
  • Make the clothes clean and fragrantly fresh.

10. Fena Detergent

The most highlighting feature of this brand is that it is surviving for four decades due to its outstanding bleaching qualities. It is available at very reasonable rates. The manufacturer of these detergents makes some adjustments to the composition of its detergents powders to suit the latest washing machines. The price range of this brand is ₹30.00 – ₹750.00


  • Boasting of active ingredients
  • Sophisticated and long-lasting perfume of Chandan and rose
  • Leaves the fragrance on dresses for a long time
  • Safe on your hands
  • Bring optical brightness
  • Suitable for soft and hard water


Thus, this guide shares the ten most leading detergents brands in India by 2021, which are widely sold and hugely popular across the nation. There are several detergent products in the present market. If you face any difficulties while picking the topmost one, you can go through this list and select the right one based on your budget and needs.