Top 10 Best Door Locks Brands to Buy in India 2021 with Price

Are you planning to get door locks for your home? Looking for the top-notch quality one? If yes, then you can check out the list of best selling door locks brands in India. From that, you can choose your most suitable one. In general, door locks are very much useful and needed for security purposes. Even though there is a lot of surveillance cameras are found everywhere, still, you must be aware of an increase in security. You must always choose the high-quality door locks in your home. Branded door locks are only having the potential to protect your home.

Best Selling Door Locks Brands In India 2021:

Below, you can able to find the detailed description and features of best-selling door lock brands in India.

10. Dorset Door Locks

Dorset Door Locks

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Mostly this type of the branded lock comes in the form of a beautiful steel matte finished cylindrical door lock. The major benefit of this lock is that, it comes with 4 keys and hence the lock will be very much convenient and you never feel any tough to operate it. When you lost a key, you can use other keys. The price of this brand is 700 INR.


  • Suitable for the door between 35 mm to 50 mm
  • The matte stainless steel finish is making it more attractive
  • Price is very much affordable and suitable for interior doors

9. Met Craft Door Locks

Met Craft Door Locks

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When you want to choose the elegant cylindrical latch door lock, then sure you can go with this brand. It comes with 3 keys. This lock is extraordinarily made up of stainless steel and it is having a Grade 202 cover. It comes with the 60 mm long end to end dimensional side latch and it is known as locking part. The price of this brand is 464 INR.


  • It is one of the best economical design door lock
  • Warranty is given for 2 years and hence it is a dependable product
  • This lock is suitable for entrance doors

8. Europa Door Locks

Europa Door Locks

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Europa brand is also famous in providing the cylindrical door lock which is available with the button press technology. The door which is having a thickness of around 30 mm can sure go with this door lock set. Both from inside and outside, you can able to use this lock. You can press the circular door knob upper button and release the door jammer. The price of this brand is 850 INR.


  • It is having a 5 pin security system
  • The lockset is available with 3 keys and its effective option for it
  • It can effectively work as a feather touch mechanism.

7. Ultraloq Door Locks

Ultraloq Door Locks

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The ultraloq brand is very much famous in providing the smart door lock for the required users. It is the world’s first 5.1 smart door lock, which was introduced in India. The battery life is very high and it comes with the OLED display. In case, the batter is down, then it will remind you through the alarm. Really it is a worthy product to invest your money and hence make use of its benefits. The price of this brand is 26939 INR.


  • It mainly requires 3AA batteries to work effectively
  • The reversible handle and the weatherproof are the highlighted feature of this lock
  • It is very flexible and made with nickel

6. August Door Locks

August Door Locks

This lock is mainly suitable for those, who are using their Smartphone more. In order to lock or unlock the door, it is mainly offering the latest technologies. It is having an enhanced finish and hence it looks unique. Sure your security at the home will be increased. If you install this door lock in your home, you no need to worry further, everything will be fine. The price of this brand is 32989 INR.


  • The auto-lock feature is perfectly working
  • The Wi-Fi module and the Bluetooth feature is very effective
  • The design is stylish with good quality material

5. Godrej Door Locks

Godrej Door Locks

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In both online and offline, the Godrej door lock is one of the best options available in the market. Along with that, it is having a long-lasting and aesthetically elegant appeal. To increase security, the pin cylinder technology is used here. The handle is made up of Mazak, which can increase durability and strength effectively. The price of this brand is 2308 INR.


  • The major operation is done from both inside and outside
  • It is perfectly suitable for both right and left-handed peoples
  • To enhance safety and protection, the pin cylinder technology is used

4. 4D Door Locks

4D Door Locks

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4D is the best next-generation lock and it is also considered as the best smart lock. It is having a tech-savvy looking padlock and it is designed with the fingerprint unlocking and locking feature. The sensor will be very smooth, hence if you touch, it will open perfectly without any issues. It is very easy to use since it can able to store around 10 fingerprints at a time. The price of this brand is 2765 INR.


  • The added feature of this door lock is dustproof and waterproof
  • Design is very ultimate and looks very unique
  • There is a cool fingerprint lock and the unlocking technology have been utilized

3. Atom Door Locks

Atom Door Locks

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This door lock is designed with the antiquely brass-finished lockset and there is two handles are attached to it. Both sides of the door, the handles are attached. The double stage lock feature can increase the security to the next level. These locksets are made up of brass, iron and stainless steel along with 3 keys. The padlock is available with the 6 levers. The price of this brand is 600 INR.


  • It is mainly famous for its corrosion-resistant features
  • The design is perfect with the antique brass finish and hence everyone can try this
  • The lock is available with two handles along with the three keys

2. Homeproducts4u Door Locks

Homeproducts4u Door Locks

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If you are searching for the economic door lock, then you can go with this brand without any hesitation. It is available with interlock technology and it can be mainly categorized as the effective door lock. There are 2 handy keys are provided with this lock. The keys are made up of stainless steel, whereas the body of the lock is made up of iron. The price of this brand is 347 INR.


  • The price is very affordable and hence suitable for everyone
  • The lock is available with 2 keys.
  • The body of this brand lock is having a tough iron finish

1. Yale Door Locks

Yale Door Locks

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This brand door lock is having a most elegant look and it is made up of stainless steel with round knobs. The lock is effectively made up of solid steel and the latch case is plated with zinc to offer the lock extended corrosion resistance. This lock is the perfect choice for the doors which is having a thickness of 30 mm to 50 mm. Therefore you can try it. The price of this brand is 728 INR.


  • It is best to offer around 20,000 cycles
  • It is perfectly suitable for the interior doors and it is affordable too
  • The lock is built with the corrosion-resistant


Finally, now you have come to a conclusion. From the above-mentioned scenario, you can clearly check out the list of best-selling door locks brands in India. Choose the most suitable lock from the list and protect your home from theft and threats.