Top 10 Best Gas Stove Brands to Buy in India 2021 with Price

A gas stove is the first and the most important thing to consider while setting up the home kitchen. With the wide range of products available in the Indian market, the buyer now has a great opportunity to choose the perfect gas stove for a home without making many compromises. Though there are numerous other modern ways to cook food, still, the gas stoves are the primary thing that you can find in almost any Indian home kitchen.

Along with being fairly affordable and quick, gas stoves are considered the most convenient way to cook food. And due to the wide range of products available in the market, you can easily choose a perfect one for your home kitchen that suits your needs and kitchen interiors. The gas stoves are compact, designed to prepare food in a jiffy and unlike other ways to cook food, they do not use the harmful waves that can kill the nutrients of the food being cooked.

In all, whether you are after a modern kitchen, or just renovating your existing kitchen, you should consider buying a good quality gas stove for yourself that makes it easier for you to cook delicious food every time with the least possible efforts. Talking about choosing the most efficient and valued gas stoves, several points play a crucial role in finding the ultimate gas stove, but one of the most important things that you shouldn’t ignore while purchasing a new gas stove is the brand. And if you are unable to decide which brand is the right choice for you by keeping the value, design, and performance in mind, here, we are going to discuss the ten most efficient brands for the gas stoves in India that you can rely on blindly. So, by reading the article till the end, you will be able to find a perfect brand for yourself and then you can choose the model from that brand according to your budget and other preferences.

Ten Most reliable Gas Stove Brands in India to Go for

1. Butterfly Gas Stove

Butterfly Gas Stove

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For Indian buyers who are looking for the most efficient and perfectly designed gas stove, Butterfly is an excellent brand to go with. With the perfect build quality and amazing material quality, the Butterfly gas stoves are among the most reliable brands for kitchen appliances.

Depending on the buyers’ needs, Butterfly offers gas stoves with stainless steel material, a glass top, and a combination of glass and steel material. The brilliantly designed gas stoves from the brand are meant to last forever and if you are choosing the Butterfly gas stove for yourself, you won’t have to worry about the quality or maintenance.

Price Range: Rs. 1929- Rs. 6748


  • Outstanding build quality
  • Great after-sales services
  • Brass gas burners for high efficiency

2. Lifelong Gas Stove

Lifelong Gas Stove

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With the best-in-class range and efficient build quality that will last for long, Lifelong is a great brand for gas stoves. The brand is one of the most popular brands for gas stoves in India, and the main reason behind the enormous popularity of the brand is the number of available models. The brand targets budget buyers and you can easily get the best-in-class gas stove without paying a high value.

So, if you were after a good quality gas stove without spending too much money on it, Lifelong gas stoves will be an excellent choice to make.

Price Range: Rs. 1099- Rs. 5761


  • Great build quality
  • Available in all major sizes and materials
  • Proper utensil support

3. Prestige Gas Stove

Prestige Gas Stove

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For users who are looking for the best-in-class brand that not only has the widest range of gas stoves, but also provides users with the best-in-class warranty and after-sales service, Prestige is going to a worthy brand to consider.

No matter what your needs are, you can easily find an exciting model of the gas stove from the brand. The brand has an extensive range of gas stoves made with different materials with different durability quotients. So, if you are looking for a great looking gas stove for your home, the gas stoves with glass top is a perfect choice to go with. If you are after durability, the stoves with stainless steel will be an excellent choice to make. Choose your preferred type and you will love the quality and performance of the Prestige gas stoves.

Price Range: Rs. 2399- Rs. 18755


  • Great range of products
  • Amazing build quality
  • One of the most reputed brands for kitchen appliances in India

4. Sunflame Gas Stove

Sunflame Gas Stove

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Sunflame gas stoves are popular among Indian buyers for ages now. The brilliant performance and outstanding build quality make the Sunflame one of the best brands for gas stoves in India. Whether you are after efficiency or design, the Sunflame is the only brand that provides outstanding value to the buyers. With the wide range of options and designs, Sunflame gas stoves are the best products to opt for. The Sunflame gas stoves are available in various materials that provide perfection with the quality.

Price Range: Rs. 1440- Rs. 7867


  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy to use knobs
  • Great performance regardless of the model you choose

5. Pigeon Gas Stove

Pigeon Gas Stove

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Pigeon is among the most talked-about gas stove brands available in India. With the outstanding performance and wide range of gas stoves in terms of quality, material, and efficiency. The first thing that you are going to like about the Pigeon gas stoves is the build quality. The perfect material quality and design of the Pigeon gas stoves make it last for years without any major maintenance cost.

Talking about the knobs and other accessories, Pigeon stoves have the best-in-class reputation in the market. So, if you are after quality, you should not look any further than Pigeon gas stoves.

Price Range: Rs. 1799-Rs. 8990


  • Amazing brand value
  • The exciting design of models
  • Reliable burner quality for added life

6. ELICA Gas Stove

ELICA Gas Stove

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Elica is a perfect choice for buyers who are looking for a perfectly designed gas stove that works amazingly and offers outstanding quality for the price. With the best-in-class warranty on the gas stoves and accessories, Elica gas stoves are among the best selling products in the Indian market.

Price Range: Rs. 2499 -Rs. 28,999


  • Outstanding warranty
  • Unmatched build quality
  • Great performance

7. Faber Gas Stove

Faber Gas Stove

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Faber is another popular brand for users who are looking to buy an ideal gas stove for them. Though the price of the Faber cooktops is a bit more than most other brands in the Indian market, but for the quality, you can blindly rely on the products. With the better and thicker glass in the top and high-grade steel used for the base, the Faber gas stoves are meant to last for years.

Price Range: Rs. 2900- Rs. 26000


  • Outstanding quality
  • Designed for Indian cooking standards
  • Brilliant workmanship and performance

8. Glen Gas Stove

Glen Gas Stove

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Glen gas stoves are one of the most reputed products among those buyers who prefer buying quality products and are not too keen to compromise with the quality. With the perfect design and high-quality accessories used in the gas stoves, the Glen gas stoves offer amazing value to the buyers. Regardless of the product you choose for yourself, you can experience the outstanding quality of the product along with the accessors like brass burners and brilliant pan supports that make the utensils safe.

Price Range: Rs. 1795- Rs. 18746


  • Amazing quality
  • Has a wide range of products according to buyers’ budget
  • Impeccable customer care service

9. Khaitan Gas Stove

Khaitan Gas Stove

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Khaitan gas stoves are among the most brilliantly designed and reasonably priced gas stoves available in the market. With the durable fit and finish, Khaitan gas stoves, like the other products from the brand, are meant to last for many years. The high-quality durability of the product can easily be judged by the quality of knobs and steel used in the gas stove. Also, the brass burners assure that you get efficient performance with the least maintenance required.

Price Range: Rs. 1599-Rs. 4948


  • Reasonably priced for Indian buyers
  • Great build quality for the price
  • Ease to maintain

10. Vidiem Gas Stove

Vidiem Gas Stove

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Videim is a relatively new brand for gas stoves, but after looking at the products and quality, you can easily judge why we have included it in the top ten brands in India for gas stoves. With a wide range of products and perfect usability, the Vidiem offers amazing performance and efficiency.

Price Range: Rs. 3490- Rs. 7250


  • Fits both traditional and modern kitchen design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Great build quality and outstanding efficiency


So, these were the most reliable and efficient gas stoves’ brands that you can opt for your home. All of these brands are cleverly designed for Indian cooking needs and offer brilliant efficiency. And the best thing about these brands is they provide the buyers with a great range of models. So, just fix your budget and search for the preferred brand to get the best value for your money.