10 Best Hair Dryer Brands In India 2020 with Price

Recently, most of the people are using hairdryers which is a necessary thing for daily routine. While having the dyer will actually reduce the time of the hair drying process. Extreme weather and dust are your hair’s enemies, so you need an efficient tool that helps to keep your hair clean and dry. Due to various seasonal conditions, you’re probably keeping your head exposed to wet weather and windy that can lead to headaches and cold too. To get rid of these issues, people will require a hair blower to dry their scalp, then you can able to stay safe and warm. Are you searching to buy the best hair dryer brands in India? Then pay some attention towards this session that will help you a lot to choose the right one among the wide range of options.

Looking for best selling hair dryer brands in India 2020?

Once you decided to purchase a hair dryer, then you have to consider several factors regarding features and price ranges. The following are some of the latest brands are mentioned for your consideration:

10. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Dyson hairdryer uses the advanced heat control system that maintains an optimal temperature. This type of dryer helps in preventing extreme heat damage to your hair. After the use of this, you will feel shiny and smooth with your hair. This brand price is 2,242 INR.


  • It has excellent built-in heat protection which measures air temperature 20 times per second.
  • This dryer contains an air multiplier that produces 41 liters of air every second.
  • It is designed with better balance thus makes less heavy when compared to other dryers.

9. T3 Micro Hair Dryer

This kind of hair dryer from T3 Micro is elegant, you can also fold it that makes it highly portable. The T3 Microweight dryer is a dual voltage hair dryer has a technology that allows the users can get benefit from it in rapid time. This brand price is 899 INR.


  • Its technology helps to retain your hair looking healthy.
  • This dryer gives fast and natural results in just a few minutes of use.
  • It comes with a free round brush that works in dealing with frizzy hair also.

8. Berta Hair Dryer

If you want a professional-looking hairdryer, then grab the Berta professional hairdryer which is the best choice. It comes with amazing features and offers easy styling. This brand is made with the most advanced technology in the industry. This brand price is 1299 INR.


  • It comes with infrared technology and incorporates negative ion that is good for your hair.
  • This dryer has effectively reduced the chemical and bacteria build-up in your hair.
  • It uses the red heat technology to heat your hair and it has a non-snagging rear filter.

7. MHU Hair Dryer

Most of the professional salons are buying this brand because it has incredible features. This hair dryer has an excellent motor with multiple speed and heat settings use ceramic ion technology and tourmaline. It is designed with multiple nozzles that are suitable for hairstyle and much more. This brand price is 599 INR.

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  • This hair dryer is operated on a high-power of 1875 watts.
  • It has two attachments like nozzle and diffuser.
  • It has infrared heat for superior heating and having a removable rear filter.

6. Carrera Hair Dryers

This is one of the best-advanced hair dryers you’ll find in the market. It works for drying your hair without being charged because it uses static electricity that comes under the personal ionization process by the use of ions. This brand price is 229 INR.


  • It is made up of ceramic coating that ensures to prevent dangerous heat spots.
  • This hair dryer comes with excellent styling nozzle and diffuser that allows making hairstyles.
  • It is a lightweight kid and operates at higher power wattage for all kinds of hair.

5. Lifelong Hair Dryer

If you want to get comfort as in the same way that salon-like, then buy this Lifelong LLPCW02 hairdryer does exactly do that. This product is a perfect choice for those who are going to use daily and achieve the look of a lifetime. This brand price is 189 INR.


  • It has an optimum hair flow that ensures the result of hair dries instantly.
  • The foldable feature enables storing in your bag because it is compact and portable.
  • It has a honeycomb inlet that ensures you do not get tangled hair as you blow-dry it.

4. Rozia Hair Dryer

The compact design of this device helps to handle this effortlessly. It absorbs 1800-watt power that delivers quick results and supplies the hot air evenly to the hair. It comes with a slim nozzle, cold shot, and combined temperature setting to make the hair drying easy. The nozzle is placed at the bottom section for concentrating the airflow and easy styling. This brand price is 699 INR.


  • It has removable air filters with cool shots.
  • It comes with a hanging loop for easy storage and having removable concentrator
  • This dryer has three heat speed settings with concentrator attachments.

3. Nova Hair Dryer

This brand is a standard quality hair dryer that comes with a lot of unique features and it is available at affordable prices. It uses ion conditioning technology which emits ions to remove frizz and keeps your hair shine using the essential natural oils. It has amazing overheat protection to help the hair from burning, you can adjust the airflow setting and makes it suitable for all sort of hair types. This brand price is 470 INR.


  • It has both hot and cold features for your hair.
  • It uses ionic conditioning technology that delivers overheat protection.
  • This dryer has a Thermo protect the setting and an attachment type concentrator.

2. Havells Hair Dryer

Everyone knows Havells India limited is one of the leading companies in providing household products. This dryer brings a perfect balance for drying, styling and makes the hair frizz-free. It has 1200-watts motor that provides airflow of dry air leaving smooth and shiny hair. This brand price is 799 INR.


  • A detachable nozzle allows you to set the airflow in a particular area for blowing the hot air.
  • It has advanced heat balancing technology with a cool shot setting.
  • This dryer has a double protection mechanism and an easily foldable handle.
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1. Syska Hair Dryer

Syska is another familiar brand in India with high-quality and available in genuine price ranges. The overheat protection feature protects your hair from damaging which means when excess heat is released from the device. Heat balancing technology delivers the hot air equally to dry out the hair and wind inlet reduces the curling of hair for efficient drying. This brand price is 1269 INR.


  • It has a cool and hot air blower function.
  • This dryer comes with two-speed settings such as low and high.
  • It has an overheat protection feature and foldable handle for easy access.


Eventually, pick the right one that should satisfy your needs and requirements. The above-listed details are useful when you are going to buy the hairdryer. If you want to buy this in online stores. To attain the great product, visit various sites then compare prices and features with one another. Then only you will get an idea to choose the best hair dryer device among the plenty of choices in the market.