10 Best Ice Cream Brands In India 2020 with Price

In Indian, there are a number of ice cream industries out to deliver a delicious Ice cream for people. Here the ice cream industry is split into the form of the two types such as branded market and unbranded market. Most of the branded company presents more than 100 million liters per annum and the total value is a price of 800 cores. If you are a serious ice cream lover and need yet getting ideas to pick which brand is suitable and more taster. Then you can simply try with below 10 Best Selling Ice Cream Brands in India which assure you to meet all want for the customer to buy and taste.

10 Best Selling Ice Cream Brands in India 2020

1. Mother Dairy Ice Cream

It is one of the favorite options for major ice cream lovers but it never includes ion the Indian ice cream. But it comes as a trusted and reputed brand owned by the Indian government and National Dairy development board. It is one of the high producers of hygienic milk-based products in Indian. These brand company experts in delivering a huge range of flavor in their catalog so it becomes a common choice among the youngsters. Hence it gives wide choice to pick with flavor. It is out to buy at a basic price of 50 to 500 INR.


  • It has a lot of flavors to pick
  • Its manufacture with natural milk product
  • Mother dairy provide great taste

2. Cream Bell Ice Cream

This brand cream bell ice cream brought up by the RJ Corporation to India. It full fills the craving and needs of many people in India. It provides a gigantic range of the fleshing and exotic cream flavors to buy in the market. It is one of the dominant players in the part of the ice cream company. It comes under the top 5 ice cream brand in India. It is out to buy at the price range of 184.


  • It is fresh to take at all time
  • Cream bell is more delicious to east
  • It has a wide option to pick the best flavor

3. Baskin Robbins Ice Cream

It is one of brand ice cream and it is stepping into India in the year 1993. It is well managed and attracts a number of hearts. If you are looking to have pure vegetarian ice cream, this brand stands as the best option among the people.  It rules the Indian market by delivering different tastes and meets all the wants of the buyer. As a result, it becomes one of the top brands in the Indian ice cream industries. You can simply buy a basic price range of 68 to 598 INR.


  • It is one of purely vegetarian ice cream 
  • It is an elite brand in India
  • It has 31 quality flavor

4. Arun Ice Cream

Most children and girls love to make ice cream so you need to go with the top brand which provides great taste at every time. Here the Arun stands as the first choice due to the Hatsun agro product and it orders it in the cup, bard and cones option. It delivers a wide interesting flavor to buy in the Indian market. This brand is considered the largest private dairy in all parts of the Indian. , it is out to buy from a price range of 20 INR to 500 INR.

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  • It has the option to buy at cups, bars, and cone
  • It committed to delivering a wide range of flavors
  • It is really healthy for the body

5. Nirulas Ice Cream

It is one of the famous brands which open in the year 1977 and it becomes Greta welcome in the Indian market. This brand loved by many people and it has a lot of flavors to choose from. It is one of the old brand ice creams but still stands at a high position in the market. It is out to buy at the price of 65 to 140 INR.


  • It is supremely delicious
  • It has a wide choice to flavor
  • The brand ice cream 100% vegetarian  

6. Amul Ice Cream

In general, Amul is one of the most ultimate ice cream brands which are very much famous in India. It is regularly called the taste of India. It is established in the year 1948. It is the brand from India and hence it is very much popular here. Classic chocolate variants, fruit-based flavors, and nutty delights are very much famous. The price of this brand is from 50 to 750 INR


  • It comes in a wide range of forms like tubs, blocks, cups, cones and much more
  • It gives a milky taste and hence it is very healthy
  • There are no fake ingredients are added

7. Kwality Walls Ice Cream

The kwality walls ice cream brand is from India and hence it becomes very famous among Indians. There are a lot of various types of ice creams are available. In this brand, cornetto is the most popular one and it will be in a crispy form. Then it will be coated in chocolate, and then it will be combined with the frozen ice cream. The price of this brand is from 25 to 600 INR


  • There are various collection of ice creams are available
  • The price is flexible and hence suitable for everyone
  • The taste is very unique and the solid ice creams are very worthy

8. Vadilal Ice Cream

This ice cream brand is very suitable for those who want to eat along with family or a group of friends. It comes with 250 different forms and pack sizes along with the 150 flavors. Based on your taste, you can choose your most suitable one. Really it is the most famous brand and everyone in India loves the ice cream from this brand. The price of this brand is from 100 to 800 INR.


  • It will give you the tasty desert feel and hence it is effective
  • The creamy deliciousness will make you enjoy this brand
  • This brand is unique in giving taste to the ice cream.

9. Dinshaw Ice Cream

This branded ice cream is having a great history. This is initiated by the 2 English men in Nagpur. In 1932, this brand was started as a small diary and after that, it becomes very famous. There are many flavors and variations are available. Therefore it is known as India’s frontrunners in ice cream. The price of this brand is from 20 to 500 INR.

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  • Peoples like it more due to its unique taste
  • It is initiated as the hand-churned creamy ice cream
  • Strawberry flavor is very much famous and the taste is great

10. Giani Ice Cream

If you want to feel a unique and tasty Indian branded ice cream, then sure you can go with the Giani icecream. It is established in the year 1956 and it is the most famous brand for offering tasty ice creams. Initially, it was started as a small shop in Delhi, and then as the days go on, then it gets famous all over India. Today it is very popular and liked by everyone. The price of this scoop is around 70 to 80 rupees.


  • You can enjoy your weekend with this tasty ice cream
  • Only healthy ingredients are added and sure you can try it
  • The content is more and hence suitable for your budget


So, from the above-mentioned scenario, you can able to grab the list of best selling ice cream brands in India. If you are an ice cream lover and want to taste the best brand, then you can taste everything or anything suitable for your needs. So, don’t miss this chance. Just try your suitable brand and enjoy it!!!