10 Best Jewellery Brands in India 2020 with Price

Jewelry is the most popular product, and we all love to buy it. In India, wearing jewelry is a tradition, and especially women love it. Are you looking for the best Jewelry brand? Well, we have picked the best selling Jewelry brands in India. With new design-oriented collections, I shared this post for your reference. You will get an idea of the best brand in India. Readers can get a complete idea about the best selling jewelry brands.

Most of the brands have showrooms and outlets in all major cities. So, I have picked some collections for your reference. If you are looking to buy precious jewelry, here is a guide listing 10 best selling jewelry brands in 2020.

1. Tanishq Jewellery

Tanishq is a renowned jewelry brand in India. In the year 1994, TATA Group started Tanishq jewelry. This is an organized jewelry retail brand supplies most authentic collections forever. The company has a considerable number of visitors due to its elegant and unique arrivals. In India, Tanishq plays a famous jewelry shop. It is located in Bangalore, India. It offers traditional and modern jewelry pieces for visitors. The price range of Tanishq jewelry starts from Rs.12000 to Rs.29999.


  • Combination with modern and spectacular design
  • Some collections are unique and elegant
  • Mirayah collections are available

2. Bhima Jewellery

Bhima Jewellers is a most trusted company selling beautiful and antique collections. The company started in the year 1925. Bhima Jewellers are the most successful brand in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. Apart from this state, they have nearly 30 retail showrooms. This brand is selling high-quality gold, diamond, platinum, and much more. With a decade of experience, Bhima Jewellers surely have a good reputation among the customers. Their jewelry collections come with trust and authentic designs.  The price starts from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 1, 89, 000.


  • Vibrant gem collections are available
  • Get only trusted and authentic collections
  • Jewelry is made up of precision quality

3. Kalyan Jewellery

Kalyan Jewelers is the most renowned Jewelry brand in India. The company is 101 years old, and people love to buy jewelry at this shop. This is the most trusted jewelry brand and has huge ratings from the audience. Kalyan Jewellers are introducing modern and traditional jewelry to the customers. They have nearly 133 showrooms across India. Kalyan holds a prominent place in selling the best quality jewelry to the customers. The price range starts from Rs. 16, 000 to Rs. 2,89,888.


  • Goodness quality
  • Jewelry is made with nine gems
  • 24-carat gold available
  • Designs are so impressive

4. PC Jewellery

PC Jewelry is a 75 years experience gold band in India. PC Chandra is the leader of this brand. The brand has 30 plus retail showrooms spread across India. They are familiar with designing elegant gold collections at a low price. You can find out many jewelry collections and astrological gemstones. It has a strong presence in the Indian market. They win the art of customers by selling high quality and satisfying jewelry. You can find the collection in different price ranges. The price range starts from Rs. 23,000 to Rs. 1, 86, 599.


  • Combination of intricate design
  • Reflects the ethnicity of Indian culture
  • Wonderful arrivals at single place
  • Available in different price ranges

5. ORRA Jewellery

This is the most popular brand in India, selling only high-quality jewelry. They welcome you to find out exclusive jewelry collections at different prices. This brand is very famous in selling antique and faceted chandeliers. So, customers are buying this branded jewelry. It gives a nice ambiance with heavy lighting and plush interiors. The company was formed in 1888, and at present, the brand is operating in 21 cities. ORRA has 33 stores with the most exquisite designs. This is the best diamond brands in India. The price range starts from Rs. 50, 000 to Rs. 2, 96, 195.


  • The designs are so impressive
  • High-quality diamonds are selling
  • Collections are about 32 grams and 116 diamonds stones fixed

6. Malabar Jewellery

Malabar Jeweller is a leading brand and the most successful jewelry in India. They started a journey in the year 1993 in Calicut. Gold jewelry is the primary job of this company. Malabar is selling highly precious gold collections to the customers. They are the 100% BIS Hallmarked Gold Jewelry in India. At present, Malabar has nearly 52 retail showrooms in India and 30 showrooms outside India. The jewelry collections are unique, and people love to buy this brand eagerly. The price range of Malabar starts from Rs. 3600 to Rs.30000.


  • Trusted gold jewelry for all
  • Made up of 100% high-quality gold
  • 100% BIS hallmarked showroom

7. TBZ Jewellery

TBZ was established in the year 1864 at Mumbai. This is a famous Zaveri Bazaar selling high-quality jewelry in India. This is a leading Jewelry market in the country. It is the largest Jewellery showroom at Mumbai. The company has 23 retail gold jewelry outlets across the country. This is the first company introduced to buy back policy gold jewelry. People are interested in buying this brand due to its unique features and designs. With an annual turnover of Rs.1, 385 crores, this is a leading jewelry manufacturer in India. The price range starts from Rs. 20, 000 to Rs. 2, 00, 000.


  • Finest jewelry collections are available
  • Introduced buyback policy on gold jewelry
  • Unique and amazing arrivals

8. Diya Diamond Jewellery

Diya is a trusted diamond jewelry brand that comes from Gitanjali Gems Limited. The company is selling good quality gold content and high-value diamond to us. You can find out trendy and classic pieces of jewelry designs from this brand. The brand has exceptional women design jewelry. They also come up with exclusive designs, and everyone loves to get precious collections. The brand is suitable for selling jewelry for weddings and other events. They are mainly focused on Indian women and get groups at an unbelievable price. So, the price range of Diya jewelry ranges from Rs. 1, 500 to Rs. 30000.


  • 6300 Indian women pieces
  • Competitive and design range from classic to trendy
  • High-value diamond and attractive designs

9. Parineeta Diamond Jewellery

If you want an elegant collection, Parineeta Diamond Jewelry is a boon for you. Parineeta Diamond jewelry is very familiar because of its unique designs. It plays an important role, and people love to buy this brand eagerly. This brand is endorsed with fantastic design, and everyone loves to wear a fabulous collection. The jewelry has aesthetic designs that will give 100% satisfaction to women. You can find many groups which are quite impressive and attractive. The price range starts from Rs. 1, 500 to Rs. 23, 000.


  • Finds only genuine collections
  • Wide range of unique diamond sets
  • More beautiful collections are available

10. Rivaaz Jewellery

Rivaaz Jewelry is a leading and most trusted brand in India. The company is selling precious gems in India at an unbelievable price. The brand has nearly 21 stores across the country. This is a best seller and provides a wide range of trendy collections for your desires. Apart from gems, they are selling 18K gold and diamond collections. The products are made up of masses and ideal for wedding purposes. Unlike traditional arrivals, you could get stylish and trendy collections forever. With skilled craftsmen and variants, the jewelry has an elegant design for you. The price range starts from Rs. 5000.


  • Creates a symbol of trust and affordability
  • Wide range of trendy collections
  • Authentic jewelry designs available


From the above, readers have a clear understanding of the best selling jewelry brands in India. This post will help you to find the best selling brands in India. I hope this will make your purchase easier.