10 Best Kajal and Eyeliner Brands in India 2020 with Price

Kajal directly improves a woman’s attractiveness. We girls enclose been in a faithful link with it ever given that we earliest utilize it and we’re never contravention off this hallowed bond. We stake you are trustworthy to your much loved, however, there are so many new types of kajal and eyes liners out there in the marketplace at this second it’s become fairly hard to keep the way of them. It makes us appear more exciting and trendy. The link between women with the greatest water-resistant kajal is clean love and evermore. No young woman steps exterior their house with one rub of kajal.

Best selling Kajal and Eyeliner Brands in India 2020:

Below, you can able to find the detailed description and features of best-selling Kajal and Eyeliner Brands in India.

10. Bobbi Brown Long

A little exclusive, if you are on resources however this is one of the most wonderful kajal we have ever approach crosswise. It provides you a wonderful dreamy close. Its quality is soft and soft and it will wait as it is with no fading. It most recent for a wonderful 8 hours and as well continues on the waterline. A great eye line pencil kajal. It cannot most recent for 8 hours as the business claims. In addition to you would must a suitable makeup remover to take away and this cost Rs.1500.


  • Easy to concern
  • Glides on efficiently
  • Does not smart
  • Extremely coating

9. Colorbar Just Smokey Eye Pencil

This kajal provides you that attractive appearance in just a few moments. It is kajal, eye shadow and eye outline all in one production. In this keep on for about 10 hours with no getting stain. It glides easily on your water stroke and lashline. This multi-use product is value a try. The greatest part approaches in 5 colors. It places very simply. These are not recoverable pencils and there is rejection sharpener offer this cost Price Rs.500


  • Water-resistant and non-transfer
  • Velvet and soft quality
  • Glides simply
  • No require of touch-ups

8. Inglot Kohl Pencil

Inglot recognized for its first-class brand Inglot Kohl kajal is one of its brand which does not succeed to reside in its place in the kajal branch. It has got a wonderfully soft texture, which gets applied simply. Its coating is super remarkable and does not become paler away simply its component also offers moisture to the eye with no making them dried up. It is a very good product, just appear out for the eye line allergy. Some populace have got during this cost Rs.1035


  • Easy to apply
  • Smudge-proof and Waterproof
  • Highly Pigmented
  • Long Staying

7.  Faces Magnet Eyes Kajal

The Canadian product Faces has come up with an amazing kajal. Its pigmentation is jet black, just one stroke of it and you are good to go. You can create a great smokey eye with it as it does not dry out quickly. It stays for 6-7 hours. If you have watery eyes, it will only fade a little from the waterline. This Price Rs.100


  • Water-resistant
  • Dermatologically hardened
  • Very coated
  • Twist-up covering so no irritate of sharpening
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6. Elle 18 Eye Drama Kajal

Excellent produce from Elle18 It has a great creamy soft quality and glides very easily on the eyes. It provides your eyes a silky close and also Smokey appears. It is water-proof and smoke-proof and suits entirely for responsive eyes Lasts in the order of 7-9 hours. Don’t wipe your eye after purpose, it may find untidy. It’s fitting for responsive eyes and lens wearers. Some extra currencies provide you a whole pack up of profit. Do provide it a try. This price is Rs 50.


  • Smudge-proof and water-resistant
  • Super soft texture glides simply on eyes.
  • Suitable twist-up format
  • Stays extensive on eyes, even on the waterline

5. Lotus Herbals Black Ecostay Kajal

One of the best medicine herbal kajal it has an extensive staying power. It provides you a powerful creamy end. Just one take of the kajal composes it dark a sufficient amount. It most recent for a high-quality 8 hours and as well stays on the water stroke for concerning 4 hours. This one is a large selection if you desire to utilize herbal produce. If you enclose not utilize it yet, do provide it a turn. Make your eyeball even more exciting with its inconsequential velvety quality that glides on naturally giving you mysterious eyes all daytime. It can stain on the oily eye line. This price Rs.250


  • Extremely coated jet black
  • Excellent shade pay-off
  • soft texture
  • Good hang about power

4. Modern Twist Kajal Liner

This kajal eye line approach in 13 various shades, which is truly chilling. As we can select some colors according to the event and clothes. The kajal is smooth and makes the use simple. Its coat is dark and strong. It most recent very extensive even on the water streak; I too was shocked at this excellence as lots of kajal become lighter left from the waterline. The perversion up method is not very even. The weave does not go flipside inside. So you require being alert about how much you bend up for the purpose. This cost Rs.800


  • Secure for the contact lens wearer
  • Water-resistant
  • Extremely flexible, gliding smooth formula
  • long-term

3. Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

One of the wonderful brands the Lakme organization. This thing to look is good for your eye line. Just one blow of this kajal as well as you are set for all the gathering, clubs and festivity. It glides across easily generous you that shady color pays inedible. It is most recent for concerning 8 hours, which is beautiful good. I very suggest this to even those with responsive eyes as it’s truly relaxed to wear. This cost is Rs 200.


  • Dermatological hardened
  • Deep black end
  • Smudge-proof and water-resistant
  • Long-standing power

2. Biotique Almond Kajal

This herbal medicine kajal, prepared with sesame lubricate sugary almond oil, and Indian berry provides your eyes a wonderful coated look. It advances your idea and also supports the growth of your eye lines. Kajal is truly excellent for everyday use as its element is herbal. You can make a variety of eye shadow looks with this kajal pencil with easiness. This value is Rs.100

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  • Provide nourishment and condition outcomes to the eyes.
  • Made from Herbal component.
  • Can be used every day
  • No impatience or sensitivity

1. Plum Natur Studio All-Day

This kajal by impressive is one of the best India’s most well-liked shop kajal. It has an extremely impressive keep on power. The kajal is shady and coated and the use is simple. No require pulling or effort it just glides throughout. It has a beautiful purple covering and comes in the outline of a very sharpenable pencil. You will as well get a free pencil sharpener beside it. The brand does not aggravate eyes and is also fit for responsive eyes and ophthalmic lens wearers. This cost is Rs 200


  • Suitable twist-up covering
  • Simple to apply and provide a great finish
  • Intense lusterless texture
  • Dermatological hardened


In conclusion, advertising Kajal gets some additional benefit position from my area for its creamy smooth quality. It glides generously off a bottomless black end in one go. Stay control is also large for currency. This is my set off to kajal for every day wear this time.