10 Best Ladies Handbags Brands in India 2020 with Price

Handbags are essential attire for women. They cannot look good without carrying handbags. It helps them to store important things safely. Women must look forward to fashionable as well as branded collections. Are you looking for the best handbags brands in India? Well, we have picked top-selling ladies handbags brands under your budget. We help you to choose the branded handbags and make your purchase easier.

We have listed the top best selling ladies handbag brands available in India.

1. Hidesign Ladies Handbag :

Hidesign is a leading handbag manufacturer found by Dilip Kapoor in 1978. The company is manufacturing leather products. In 1999, the company entered the Indian market. This brand is very famous in India, and customers are regularly buying. Due to its quality and designs, people are interested in purchasing this branded company handbag. Hidesign recently expands its business to 20 retail stores in the global market. The brand offers high-quality, stylish leather handbags for your preference. They are manufacturing a range of quality bags under your budget. With luxury colors and unique styles, this brand made an iconic place in the Indian market. The price range starts from Rs.2000 to Rs.4800.


  • Classy designs and trendy look
  • Superlative materials made
  • High-quality leathers
  • Vibrant colors and innovative style

 2. Tara Ladies Handbag :

Tara is a new brand established in the year 2012. The company is Delhi based and sells fashionable products in the Indian market. This is a leading handbags brands in India. Due to its unique design and styles, people are interested in buying this brand. They are selling the most recognized handbags for college women. Apart from this, it attracts teens who want stylish collections. The company is familiar with its traditional designs. Funky styles and distinct choices are made for popular models. It is known for casual and elegant designs. Recently, the company launched 5 to 8 new products in the market. The price range starts from Rs. 999 to Rs.2000.


  • Traditional handbags are designed
  • Quite beautiful and stylish
  • Funky and innovative designs


3. Caprese Ladies Handbag :

Caprese is a brand that is famous for its elegant and innovative designs. The company is launched in 2012 and marketed to Indian consumers. Renowned industries import this brand. The handbags are made up of luxury designs and inferior quality. It can fulfill the customer’s desires by selling low price handbags for ladies. The company operates nearly 100 city retail outlets. The brand offered eye-catching colors and made with 100% leather bags. It provides a glamorous look and luxury designs for women. Caprese provides the perfect combination of handbags in India for any occasion. The price starts at Rs. 2000 to Rs.8000.


  • Iconic designs are available
  • Attractive colors
  • Gives luxury look
  • Favorite outfits

4. Baggit Ladies Handbag :

Baggit is a leading handbag manufacturing company launched by Nina Lekhi in 1990. It is located in Mumbai and started expanded the business in a global market. Baggit bags are so attractive because of its stunning look. It is the most favorite brand for women. You can see only high-quality handbags made with quality leathers. Baggit has many stores operating in Atira Mall, Malad Mumbai, and so on. Customers can check this brand in any eCommerce online store. Innovative designs with the best materials are a boon for Indian consumers. The price starts from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1900.


  • Very famous ladies handbags
  • Made up of natural leather
  • Innovative designs

5. Ladida Ladies Handbag :

Ladida is a famous handbag brand established in 2001. They are the leading manufacturer in the field of leather accessories. The company designs all types of bags for women to add a fashionable look. They are made with synthetic, and vegan leather. It creates a stylish look for ladies who buy this brand. Due to its outstanding designs, women are mostly picking this branded handbag at a cheap rate. People can purchase bags from online stores. Quality products are what customers want from this company. The handbags are made up of synthetic leathers. The price starts from Rs.700 to Rs. 1440.


  • High-quality leathers used
  • Faux and vegan leathers are used
  • Idiosyncratic designs
  • Vibrant color combinations

 6. Lavie Ladies Handbag :

Lavie is a leading handbag manufacturing company launched in 2010. It is a famous brand in India located in Gurgaon. They are a leading firm that sells high-quality handbags for Indian customers. The company designs all types of bags to satisfy the types of customers. People can choose a wide range of colors and designs for your attire.  Customers can find only high-quality leather made handbags for women. Astonishing bags for women are the major attraction of this company. You can get stylish collections that suit your fashionable attire. It easily re-defines the elegant quotient. The price starts from Rs.800 to Rs. 2500.


  • Luxury made designs
  • Find amazing collections
  • Match your fashionable look

7. Lino Perros Ladies Handbag :

Lino Perros is a famous brand launched in 1999 by Natasha and Sanjay. The company is manufacturing a high-quality design and exclusive accessory. Women need a fashionable look, so they prefer this brand. Due to its attractive and high-quality handbags, people are buying this quality brand. Lino Perros helps them to make handbags suitable for a fashionable look. The company is manufacturing durable and well-made products for women. An exclusive design plays a vital role, so women love to buy this brand via online shopping. The price starts from Rs.800 to Rs. 1856.


  • Stylish designs
  • Flaunts with luxury aura
  • Gives an attractive look
  • Optimum quality and authentic design

8. Peperone Ladies Handbag :

Peperone is a top-notch company located in Delhi. The company was started in 2010 with its high-quality handbags in the Indian market. The brand is so famous due to its quality leather products. Its first collections were made in Chennai 2010. Products are so attractive and gain an excellent reputation among loyal customers. Their handbags are designed with superior craftsmanship, comfort, and unique styles. With its ultimate designs, customers are buying this branded handbag via online stores. It gives a comfortable and stylish look to women. The price starts from Rs. 1000 to Rs.1500.


  • Stylish and comfortable designs
  • Good craftsmanship
  • Successful brand in the Indian market
  • Range of designs
  • Unique classy styles

9. Esbeda Ladies Handbag :

Esbeda is a famous handbags manufacturing company launched by Intouch Leather House. The retail showroom is opened in North Mumbai, 2006. The company offers distinct collections of ladies’ handbags at affordable prices. Products are so attractive and made up of high-quality leather materials. It has gained extensive collections suitable for women. They are selling exclusive bags and accessories in the global market. The price of Esbeda handbags starts from Rs. 1000 to Rs.2322.


  • Unique collections
  • Avail solid handbags design
  • Vibrant colors are available
  • Innovative designs

10. Da Milano Ladies Handbag :

Da Milano is a very famous handbag brand, mainly manufactures Italian styles. The company presently operates 44 self retail stores in nearly 10 cities globally. They are selling high-quality handbags in India, and customers are attracted. Due to its creativity, enduring designs and technology, women love to afford this brand. Da Milano offers the latest designs and trendy collections. Customers can find out a range of stylish designs and leather products at this company. The company is manufacturing handbags for women. The price starts from Rs. 700 to Rs.3000.


  • Excellent creativity and enduring designs
  • High-quality leathers
  • Stylish collections


From the above discussion, customers will have a clear idea to pick the best selling ladies handbags brands in India. We have discussed it with its features and help you to make your purchase easier.