Top 10 Best LED Bulb Brands to Buy in India 2021 with Price

Top-quality LED lights obtain a grand welcome in the industry. As a result, most of the companies offer a variety of LED light in the form of eco-friendly and more efficient. At present, the LED flash is high expensive than another type of Conventional light. If you come to buy LED light, it is essential to go with brand light to spend your money.

So that it is worthier and comfortable to use for a long time, here let us discuss the top brand LED bulb below. 

1. Philips LED Bulb:

Almost everyone knows about the Philips brand since from your child’s age. It is the first and leading company in India. This company is highly expert in manufacturing a wide range of LED light. Philips provides the full light solution for hotels, shops, hospitals, and much more. This firm has more than 120 years of experience in offering an LED light solution that assures to meet every want of the buyer. It committed to delivering a massive selection of the LED light in various forms, such as the Lighting electronics, a green LED, and other options. You buy a Philips LED bulb from a price range of INR 379. 


  • Low energy consumption 
  • Free from UV effect 
  • Out with two years warranty 

 2. OSRAM LED Bulb:

OSRAM is the top leading player in the world, and it offers LED light solutions for different applications. This firm filled with more than 100 years of experience in delivering the sustainable resolution of the LED light. It has around 150 branches in various parts of the world. This company is not only manufactured by considering energy efficient rather than it is a complete environment-friendly product. They committed to designing the LED light for both indoor and outdoor luminaries at a friendly budget. It is available to buy in o retail shop and also an online store in any part of India. It is out to buy at the price of INR 275. 


  • New LED illumination technology 
  • Low energy consume 
  • Designed aesthetically 
  • Natural candlelight effect

3. Havells LED Bulb 

Havells earn great names on the part of the electrical products and other accessories. It was launched in the years 1958, and it obtains 25th place among 1200 brands. This company thoroughly enjoys the market dominance over the full range of LED products such as the motor, switches, home appliances, and much more LED light solution. This company experts in bring out modern and trendy LED lights such as spotlight, tube light, and industrial light.  It is out to buy at the price range of INR145.


  • Long life
  • Environmental friendly 
  • No mercury 
  • High energy efficient 

4.  Wipro LED Bulb

In the year 1945, Wipro was founded as the vegetable oil company, but now it is the most popular light company in India. From this company, you find out extensive color mixing LED and another modern style at a suitable price. Now it provides mixed LED light, which offers different color outputs as per customer wants. It makes use of the green yet lighting solution for making a comprehensive lighting portfolio for different usage. This firm committed to delivering LED lighting solution residential, commercial space, and industries. Wipro LED light can buy at the price range of INR 445 onwards.


  • Save up to 80% energy 
  • Million of color option 
  • Voice control support 
  • Out to buy with two years warranty 

 5. Bajaj LED Bulb

Bajaj electrical delivered top-class lighting products with the help of the new revolutionary LED technology to India. Most of the Bajaj LED light consumes low energy powers, so it hit great sale over the market. This firm filled with 75 years of experience in manufacturing the light as per the environment needs. The main plus of utilizing an LED light solution is a light source. Recently, this company manufactures LED campaign to make awareness about the LED light solution. It is out to buy at price range from INR 115. 


  • Various Watt
  • Low energy consumption 
  • Free from both UV and Mercury 
  • Maintenance-free 

6. Eveready LED Bulb

Eveready is one of an old light manufacturing company. This firm makes use of new technology ideas to design the LED light with unique features. As a result, it assures to meet all the wants of the client. It manufactures by considering standard for important lighting features such as the long life span and level of lumen output. This LED light is highly used in vast application areas such as residential and commercial spaces. It is out to buy in various shapes, sizes, and styles in the market at the price range of INR 150.


  • BIS certified light 
  • Low maintenance
  • One year domestic warranty 
  • 100 lumens per Watt 

7. Syska LED Bulb

It is one of the brand’s Indian LED light manufacturing companies. This company manufacture LED light with smart innovation and new technology support, so it fulfills the need of every client to install. This company assures to deliver an international light solution with extended-lasting comfort. You can find out light in the overall range from the SYSKA solution. Choosing such an LED product from this company, it assures to meets global standards. It has a UL certified. It is out to buy at the price of INR 1,190.


  • Life span up to 25,000 Hrs
  • Dimmable colors option 
  • Two years warranty 
  • Low maintenance 

8. Moserbaer LED Bulb

At first, Moser Baer company experts in manufacturing DVDs and CDs but, now it steps into the LED light solution. It makes LED light for different applications like industries, homes, and offices. This company never compromises in delivering quality, so it worthier to spend your money on it. Almost consumers can find out the massive list of the efficient LED light to pick as per the size and colors at a single place. This firm assures to deliver a product at a friendly budget. It is out of the sale at the price of INR 218. 


  • High output
  • Simple construction 
  • Free from UV 
  • Environment-friendly 
  • ROHS complaint 

 9. Surya LED Bulb

It is one second-largest LED manufacture in India. This company has flooded with 50 LED light products and hitting great sales in the market. With the help of the new Quality LED chips, this company manufacture LED light for various applications. The LED light is quite a simple install in both indoor and outdoor locations. We design LED light with no mercury and always consider the manufacturing environment free. Industries and other people can buy at a price range of INR 90. 


  • Great brightness 
  • Two years warranty 
  • Low energy consume 

10. HPL LED Bulb

HPL is a premier company to deliver a list of electrical products and other LED light solutions in the market. This company has experts in brings out LED products such as LED Glo, Glitz LED table lamps, and much more. Around 5400 people are working in this company and also filled with skilled engineering and other technicians. It has been established in the year 1956 and is committed to delivering a wide range of LED light solutions at the price range of INR 300. 


  • Made with polycarbonate material 
  • Free from UV and infrared radiation 
  • Durable and long life 


LED lights are manufactured to save electrical energy in home and office. Therefore, you can find out a list of top Indian production LED light company to order suitable LED light at the best price in the market. The above-listed companies are committed to deliveringquality LED light solutions at all times.