Top 10 Best Liquor & Alcohol Brands to Buy in India 2021 with Price

Are you looking for the best selling liquor brands? If yes, then just follow this article. Here you can able to find the list of top 10 best selling liquor brands in India 2021. Through the list, you can choose the suitable one and have. In general, most of the Indians like the branded liquors due to its quality, taste, and content. Even though the alcohol percentage is more, but it will never cause any harm to health. The manufacturers are very keen on making their liquors for the drinkers.

Best Selling Liquor Brands In India 2021:

Below, you can check out the list of top 10 best selling liquor brands in India 2021.

10. Bacardi Liquor & Alcohol

Bacardi Liquor & Alcohol

In general, Bacardi is mainly preferred by many social drinkers in India. The alcohol content in this brand is limited. It is a rum spirit and unique for its taste and quality. At present, it consists of the collection of more than 200 brands along with the labels. This brand was launched in the year of 1862. Per year around 15 million bottles per year have been selling in India. It is a huge achievement. The price of Bacardi is from INR 825 to 1538.


  • Taste is fine
  • Got huge awards and honors
  • The alcohol content is limited

9. Royal Stag Liquor & Alcohol

Royal Stag Liquor & Alcohol

In general, the Royal Stag is otherwise known as Seagram. It is a popular whiskey brand in India. In 2021, sure its sales are going to be huge than in the previous years. Pernod Ricard, a French company has launched this liquor brand in the year 1995 among the huge competition. Apart from India, this brand is best in most of the countries. This brand is favorite among Indians since it is a mixture of imported spirits and scotch malts. The price of Royal Stag is from INR 800 to 1000.


  • Artificial flavors are not used
  • Grain spirits and scotch malts have been imported
  • Arrives in more amount of packs
  • Top-selling liquor brands among Indian customers
  • 42.8% ABV covered
  • Taste is good

8. Stella Artois Liquor & Alcohol

Stella Artois Liquor & Alcohol

When it comes to liquor brands, beers must also come to the list. On that basis, Stella Artois is the top-selling beer brand in India. In 2021, sure the market for this beer will be high and it may be in demand. Its main advantage is that it is having a well-balanced taste. So, it is more popular among the Indian audience. It will give you a pleasantly bitter taste but in the end, you will feel a refreshed experience. The price of Stella Artois is from INR 500 to 1300.


  • Served in unique chalice-shaped glasses
  • Perfect food accessory
  • Good with flavourful BBQ’s to tasty fish

7. McDowell’s No.1 Liquor & Alcohol

McDowell’s No.1 Liquor & Alcohol

McDowell’s No.1 is one of the best selling liquor brands in 2021 which are mostly preferred by Indians. It is mainly due to its uniqueness and standard. It is the most extraordinary Whiskey Brand in India. This brand was owned by United Spirits Limited. The brand is launched in the year 1968 and after that, the business has been expanded very effectively. Indian customers are getting highly affordable liquors from this brand. The price of McDowell’s No.1 is from INR 600 to 850.


  • It is launching special packs
  • McDowell’s No.1 gold medal in the year 2006
  • This brand is famous all over India
  • Variants are platinum, single malt, and diet mate
  • Distillery king

6. Bombay Sapphire Liquor & Alcohol

Bombay Sapphire Liquor & Alcohol

The Bombay sapphire is the most popular gin brand in India. Its view is very much interesting. It comes with Queen Victoria’s photograph pasted on the label. The story of this brand is also very much interesting. It’s all started in Bombay, so it is named as Bombay sapphire. It was launched in the year 1986. The price of Bombay Sapphire is from INR 2600 for 1 liter.


  • The alcohol content is 40% in India (whereas the alcohol content is 47% in America)
  • Type of London dry gin
  • Top ingredients are added.

5. Imperial Blue Liquor & Alcohol

Imperial Blue Liquor & Alcohol

Imperial Blue is the top-selling liquor brand in India since it is manufactured via making use of the Indian grains. This brand has been own by the popular French company in the year 1997. It is top-selling in India due to its imported malt scotch. This brand is having regular sponsors in case if any event is conducting. The sales rate of this brand in the year 2012 is around 8.8 million cases. Like that, the sales rate is growing each and every year. The price of Imperial Blue for 750ml is from INR 400 to 700.


  • Rich aroma flavors
  • Exquisite smoothness for all
  • Imported scotch malts
  • Indian grain spirits mixture
  • The alcohol percentage is 42.8%

4. Grey Goose Liquor & Alcohol

Grey Goose Liquor & Alcohol

This liquor brand is the most popular Vodka brand which was produced by a French company. At the time of delivery, you will feel that this brand is wine. But not, it is completely a good mixture of vodka and it is very much famous. It is since; they deliver it in the wooden crates. In the year 1990, it was launched. The price of Grey Goose is from INR 6000 for 750 ml.


  • Filtered via Champagne limestone
  • Utilizes locally produced wheat
  • Popular among Indian customers

3. Bagpiper Liquor & Alcohol

Bagpiper Liquor & Alcohol

The Bagpiper is absolutely the most selling liquor brands in India. It is the best whiskey brand and it was developed by United Spirits Ltd. This manufacturer of these liquors will make use of the smooth woody character and light malty aroma taste. Since 1976, a bagpiper is very much famous. This liquor brand also consists of strong effects and odor. It is also known as a strong mascot and universal recall. Around 16 million cases have been selling for a year. The price of Bagpiper is from INR 310 for 750 ml.


  • Reader’s Digest Gold award in 2006
  • Light malty aroma
  • Strong mascot
  • Brand is iconic
  • Woody character

2. Old Monk Liquor & Alcohol

Old Monk Liquor & Alcohol

Old monk is India’s most iconic rum brand. Till now its popularity is continuous. It is robust and strong. It is also the best stuff of cold winter nights. This brand becomes the best selling liquor brand in India mainly due to its taste and quality. Along with the full-bodied cocktails, this combo will be nice.


  • Effectively enjoyed with the same parts of cola
  • Most popular rum brand
  • Premium variants available

1. Officers Choice Liquor & Alcohol

Officers Choice Liquor & Alcohol

This liquor brand is owned by Kishore Chhabria and it is one of the famous whiskey brands. This brand is developed by a mixture of Indian neutral spirits and malts spirits. Up to 10%, the percentage of sales has been increasing year by year. In the year 2012, this brand is reaching around 18.1 million cases. In many premium variants, this brand is available for the consumers. The most effectively exported spirits have turn out the brand to be more popular. The price of Officers Choice is from INR 70 to 290.


  • Effectively balanced malt blend
  • Blend with molasses alcohol
  • Largest exported spirits
  • Righteous whiskey flavor


From the above-mentioned scenario, you can find the top 10 best selling liquor brands in India 2021. You can get your most preferred one from the list. Why are you still waiting? Just get your needed liquor brand and have now.