10 Best Mattress Brands in India 2020 with Price

Good sleep is very essential for everyone. It gives the most blissful feeling and everybody deserves it. We are all working for a day and need relaxation compulsorily. To get good sleep, we need a quality mattress. A proper mattress provides a comfortable sleep throughout the night time. As a result, picking the right choice mattress to help you relax the muscles, improves posture and contouring the body shape. Lots of brands are available in the market. So, we need to pick the best brand under our budget.

Are you looking for the best selling mattress brands in India? Well, we have picked some top-selling mattress brands for your reference. It makes your purchase easier and picks the best brand under your budget.

In this post, you will know the best selling mattress brands in India 2020.

1. Kurl on Mattress :

Kurl-on is the best mattress brand in India because of its stunning arrivals. Due to its unique features, people are interested to buy this brand under their budget. The company provides foam and other mattress types for your requirements. It sells branded mattress that supports your body weight and shape. They are manufacturing mattress with the help of fine materials and designed to give comfortable sleeping positions. Every product from Kurl-on brands has 5 years warranty. The price range of Kurl-on mattresses ranges from Rs. 7000 to Rs.11000.


  • Kurl-on mattress is made up of 100% upholstery material
  • It gives extra care to the spin and good air circulation
  • The brand has a minimum of 5 years warranty

2. Wakefit Mattress :

Among other mattress company, Wakefit is a leading brand that provides the best quality mattress for everyone. The company is manufacturing mattresses by high-density memory foam. They are designed to give comfortable sleeping to the people. The Wakefit mattress has unique features that are durability, comfortable, support and suitable for your desires. This is the best mattress brand in India which is covered with premium quality. Each product from this brand has iconic names because of its medium soft and firm design. As a result, customers are searching for this premium brand in India. The price range starts from Rs. 6000 to Rs.13, 000.


  • Use of only high-quality memory foam and greater comfort
  • It has 20 years manufacturer warranty
  • The Wakefit mattress are less in weight and made of customized fit sizes

3. Sleepyhead Mattress :

Sleepyhead is a top-notch mattress brand in India. This company manufactures luxury but affordable price mattresses. This firm sells mattresses with high-quality foam and fine sleeping needs. It uses only high-density HR foam which provides orthopedic mattress support. This brand is very familiar due to its exclusive features. Sleepyhead sells cooling foam and uses phase changing cooling technology. The Sleepyhead has 10 years warranty and everyone is purchasing this brand as their favorite choice. The price range of Sleepyhead starts from Rs.10000 to Rs.13, 000.


  • The Sleepyhead mattress comes with 4 layers
  • Ideal for people who suffer from back pain
  • Sleepyhead mattress covered with a high quality removable and washable fabric
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4. Urban ladder Mattress :

If you need a unique collection of stylish and contemporary mattresses, pick the urban ladder as the best choice. The company manufactures a range of mattresses such as Theramedic, cloud, aer, essential and dreamlite. Of course, the Urban Ladder mattress brand is very popular because it fulfills the user requirements. They are manufacturing a familiar mattress that is suitable for your budget. Every mattress from this brand has 5 years warranty and people love to buy it. Urban Ladder mattress is the most picked brand in India in 2020. The price range starts from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 23000.


  • The springs are made up of high carbon wires and anti-corrosive properties
  • Urban Ladder has reinforced spring reduces rolling over
  • The softness of the layer gives comfortable sleep
  • It has 5 years manufacturer warranty

5. Sleepycat Mattress :

Do you need a high-quality mattress with comfortable features? Well, Sleepycat is a boon for you. The company is manufacturing a high-quality mattress under your budget. Their mattress is based on gel memory and gives nice support and comfort. Some of this branded mattress is designed with a 1-inch layer and durable high-density base foam. So, it plays a vital role for people picking this as their favorite brand. They are manufacturing mattresses for people suffering from back pain. This company mattress is suitable for both young and adult. It has good customer support and provides a great product. The price range starts from Rs. 7000 to Rs.15000.


  • It comes with zipper covers made with supreme quality
  • Sleepycat has cooling crystals to maintain and regulate body temperature
  • It gives ultimate relaxation when you sleep
  • Helps to prevent motion and zero partners disturbance

6. Springtek Mattress :

Springtek is a premium and famous brand working for 4 decades. The company is manufacturing high-quality mattresses for young and adults. They are made up of durable, less weight, long-lasting and good support. Springtek has a wide range of collections and picks according to your budget. Customers can find wide collections from this brand. This brand sells only high-quality mattress to provide a good sleep. Springtek mattress provides comfortable and sound sleep.


  • The layers are made up of viscose fabric condition
  • Springtek uses thermo-active gel capsules to reduce the human temperature
  • Easily fit for all ages
  • They are manufacturing 4 layers based mattress
  • 10 years warranty

7. Flo Ergo Mattress :

If you need a mattress that has extra support, then Flo Ergo is the best brand for you. It takes care of your spin and supports the body pressure. The company is manufacturing high-quality mattresses to give comfortable sleeping. Some of the mattresses are designed with white gel microcapsules to absorb heat. A high-quality cashmere fabric cover is the most iconic name of this brand. Flo Ergo is made up of zero partner disturbance and gives 3d airflow. The price range starts from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 16000.


  • The memory foam is made up of temperature-sensitive sleeping
  • This brand has softer ergonomic designs
  • Made up of high-quality cashmere fabric cover
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8. Emma Mattress :

Emma Mattress is a European origin company producing high-quality mattresses in India. The company is manufacturing mattress in 15 different sizes and have the right choice. They are giving a single bed to massive sing king size mattresses for everyone. The company manufacture mattress with the German build quality. It can work for a long period without any hassles. It has unique designs and uses for a pain-free comfort zone. The price range starts from Rs. 15,000 to Rs.30000.


  • The EMMA mattress has 20 years warranty
  • It comes with 3 layers of comfort with a supportive layer
  • It is made up of 7 zones of a spine support structure
  • Perfect for people with back pain insomnia

9. Sleepwell Mattress :

Sleepwell is the most familiar brand in India and selling only high-quality mattresses. People are interested to buy this brand because of its stunning features and specifications. The Sleepwell brand is a budget-friendly mattress company suitable for your budget. They are selling only high-quality materials and designed to give a comfortable option. With an added thickness, this brand gives ultimate comfort to everyone. The price range starts from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 10000.


  • They are made up of high-quality premium quilted upholstery
  • High-quality PU foam used
  • It has 3 years warranty

10. Comforto Mattress :

If you are searching for a budget-friendly and premium quality mattress, pick Comforto as the best brand. They are manufacturing dual comfort and idea for people who have back pain. People are interested to buy this brand because of its unique features. The mattress is designed to give a comfortable option with a dense supportive firm. People looking to relax and relieves stress may prefer this Comforto mattress brand. The price range starts from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 4000.


  • Comforto mattress is budget-friendly
  • They are made up of dual comfortable designs
  • 11 years warranty available for all
  • Made up of finest quality raw materials used


From the above discussion, people have a clear idea of which mattress is suitable for them. I hope this post will guide you to pick the best selling mattress brands in India. So, I believe you should pick the best one under your budget.