10 Best Men/Women Watches Brands in India 2020 with Price

Are you searching for a brand and unique watches in India? If yes, then you can go with top 10 selling watches which are a really great look and designed with special features. Watch is considering as the prized possession that is valued when you gift to your loved one and parents. Therefore you can find out the best product as per your style and color.

In India, there is a number of top brand watch companies deliver a wide range of watches at various price ranges. Especially, the women are adding wristwatches as important accessories collection apartments from the makeup kits. Let us go with the top 10 Best Selling Watches – Men/Women Brands in India 2020 in the below articles.

1. Sonata Watch :

Sonata is already earning good names in the Indian market and most of the people wish to go with this type of brand in the market. Still, now there is no brand is avail to beat international and national brands. It is out to buy at the best price and durability. This brand watch is suitable for all weddings and other festival and it has launched various series to meet the want of the customer. It is out to buy at the price range from 1000 to 1500.


  • It has modem design with different catchy color
  • It has water resistance with a depth of 30 m
  • It is a warranty of one year
  • It built with durable material.


2. Giordano Watch :

It is a new and emerging brand in India and it is slowly increasing day by day. It designs luxury watch with the new look and also delivers a friendly budget when you compare with another top brand in the market. This company committed to designing a new look for people and this company experts in bring out a wide selection of the watch in the market. This brand watch will buy at a price range of 350 to 14000.


  • Analog display support
  • Round dial shape
  • One year international warranty
  • It is out in the various color option such the black and another color

3. Fossil Watch :

It is one of the Japanese and American manufacturers but it is a high selling brand watch in the market of India. On its catchy design, this brand people make them fall in love. when you want to become a sense of different attraction, then you need to buy wristwatches in the market. It built with robust design and durable so it perfect for a heavy user. It is out to buy too from price rs 1200 to 36000


  • It has stainless steel material
  • This brand watch as 38 case diameter
  • It has a stainless steel bezel
  • This watch supports up to 50-meter water resistance

4. Rolex Watch :

It is a massively popular brand in India but also all over the world. This brand watch loved by business people and other professionals and this watch become a remarkable position in the Indian market. It is well developed with existence in the year 1946. It is highly preferable by different watch lovers. Even, there is several people not afford due to its price range in India. It is out to buy at price range up to 320,000.


  • It has steel case material
  • This brand watch support mint condition
  • It is applicable to buy for both men and unisex
  • It has automatic movement

5. Fastrack Watch :

It is one of the common choices for youth stress across the world and especially in India also. This brand watch gets dominating youth due to the funky and trendy masterpieces. Hence it is considered as the highly preferred watch since 2008. Now, kids and other teen demand watch to wear daily accessories. This brand watch is completely youth-oriented and other kids. You can buy this watch from a starting price of 700 to 12000.


  • It has water resistance up to 100-meter depth
  • One year manufacturing defects
  • It designed with the analog display type
  • It looks stylish among young girls and boys
  • This brand watch designed with the new technology 

6. Tommy Hilfiger Watch :

If you come to buy brand luxurious watches, then you can stop searching with this Tommy Hilfiger watches. It is one of the famous and reputed brand watches and it is applicable for various events. It delivers a great look on you and other people who wear such a brand watch. It is out to buy at a price range of Rs 4000 to 8000.


  • It has stylish straps and other attractive colors to pick
  • It has a 44-millimeter case diameter
  • This brand watch has Quartz watch movement type
  • It has round and dials glass material support.

7. Timex Watch :

This brand company expert in manufacturing powerful wristwatches and it is Timex Group USA. At present, it is a highly selling watch brand in India and is constructed with a sophisticated Italian design to deliver special and masterpiece. This company assures to deliver a watch with the quartz design. These brand watches are suitable for the meeting and workout and other parties. It is out to buy from the price range of Rs 995 to 15000


  • It designed with the multi-layer resin case
  • It has a stainless steel back case
  • It has four pushbuttons.

8. Citizen Watch :

In the Indian market, it is one of the highest selling brands watches a. this brand watches built with the advanced technology to meet all want of buyers. This company considers and design watch for both men and women. These watches are durable when compare with other type of watches in the Indian market. It is one of the right masterpieces for all updated lovers. It is out to buy from a price range of Rs 6000 to 34110.


  • It has an automatic watch movement
  • It has an analog watch display
  • The outer part of the watch is made with the help of stainless steel
  • It is out in the blue and another color
  • It has a 2-year manufacturing warranty

 9. Casio Watch :

It is one of the competitors of Titan and it will never end among both brands. This brand concentrates to design a classic and stunning watch for young girls and boys. It is one of the famous japans company and manufactures different electronic product but it specializes in brings out the casino watches in the Indian market. It is applicable to buy a price range of Rs 279 to 54410.


  • It has quartz watch movement type
  • This brand watch has chronograph display
  • It has water resistance depth up to 50 meters
  • It sold out in the Indian market with a 2-year domestic warranty.

10. Titan Watch :

This brand watch never needs an introduction because it is a highly reputed business in India. Titan watch meet all wants of both Indian men and women so it is highly selling brand watches in the market. This brand watches provide budget-friendly and also high-end wristwatches at all times. This brand watch is out to buy from starting price range from Rs 695 to 25,000


  • It designs with the stainless steel case material
  • It has an analog watch display with clear views
  • It made with leather material
  • It has a round case shape and mineral dial glass material.


Ongoing with above to 10 brand watches assure you to meet all needs. It is well designed with a great look so both men and women can try with any of the best watches mention above. Each brand watch has its features and function so it assures to meet all want of buying it.