Top 10 Best Men’s Blazer Brands to Buy in India 2020 with Price

The famous American journalist, Kay Daley’s once said – Wearing beautifully crafted attire elevates my spirit, expresses my sense of self, and helps me define myself as a man of particular importance. ” No one could have said it better. The elegance of a man in a costume is incomparable. Whether it’s a business meeting or a formal meeting, a special occasion like a wedding, or an important presentation, you need a suit that reflects your personality and style.

We have narrowed down the 10 best men’s suit brands that you can invest in India, especially for a wedding or a casual occasion.

1. Raymond Men Blazer

Raymond Men Blazer

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A brand that needs no introduction, Raymond has been decorating men for over 50 years in India. The brand tops the list of many when it comes to a special occasion suit. From ready-made suits to rich fabrics that can be used for personalized suits, they are well-known for dressing the most appropriate for a man. Choose yourself a stylist to look for on your doorstep with fabric swatches and take your measurements for a suit that is right for you.


  • Wear it for work or an evening party/dinner,
  • It will look effortless, especially as it is designed for the occasion.
  • Made using 65% polyester,
  • 18% viscose and 17% wool, this slim fit case from Raymond extends the timeless elegance.

2. Peter England Men Blazer

Peter England Men Blazer

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Peter England can boast of having the ball rolling for branded men’s ready-made shirts and trousers at affordable prices. They opened the market for more brands to follow. Until Peter England came into the picture, it was customary to have custom-designed shirts and trousers, especially for any middle-class Indian home. With Peter England, things have changed. Men began experimenting with ready-made shirts and trousers, and as the saying goes – rest is history. The brand also offers a sleek set of suits.


  • A pair of trousers and a single breast 2-button closure.
  • Pair it with a white or beige shirt
  • You are ready to beat the complimentary times whether at work or in the game!

3. Van Heusen Men Blazer

Van Heusen Men Blazer

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Van Heusen is known to provide power dressing for men. The brand has expanded its product line into a fabulous collection for women, but there is strong support for their range of men, which is not easy to overtake other brands.Van Heusen helps you mix technique and style in a professional costume.

The best blazer brand for both men and women. Wear a sharp slim-fitting casual blazer with a trendy look at a business conference. Van Heusen has a variety of options for you to choose from, including Single Breast Blazer, Double Breast Blazer, Slim Fit Blazer, Strip and Check Blazer.


  • We simply fell in love with this stylish three-piece Blazer from the brand.
  • this seems royal and Blazers to a suit reserved for turning heads at a party.

4. Zodiac Men Blazer

Zodiac Men Blazer

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Zodiac is one of the very few brands that have retained their brand value and cannot be found on any eCommerce websites other than their own. They rarely sell, and their price points are premium. Men who wear the zodiac can never go back to any other brand, so they don’t care to go the extra mile to shop at their offline stores for their favorite brand. Their collection is also listed online, but the experience one gets while in the zodiac store can be quite draggy.


  • The stitching is impeccable
  • The look of the jacket can be paired with black trousers and a blue shirt.

5. Louis Philippe Men Blazer

Louis Philippe Men Blazer

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Spelling class, sophisticated and elegant, Louis Philippe offers chic and stylish menswear. From suits to shoes, they offer a complete solution for men who want to dress in style. An international super brand for menswear, this brand offers formal, semi-formal, personalized clothing and accessories. They have a fantastic range of rich offline stores and online.


  • Designed for conventional fitting,
  • It is made of 55% polyester and 45% wool.
  • Pair it with a white or black shirt and show off your style of work for work or evening party.

6. Arrow Men Blazer

Arrow Men Blazer

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A normal arrow shirt has been a part of many men’s shelves in India. They were one of the earliest premium menswear brands to enter India, and their range of casual wear was very furious. Arrow, part of AravindLtd’s stable, has expanded its reach by offering its stores and other multi-brand retail outlets. Shop here for the full Arrow range (men and women). This will open your shopping window to other brands from Aravind Limited Home.


  • This design offers a gorgeous Indo-Western look
  • Not comfortable in full Western attire.

7. Zara Men Blazer

Zara Men Blazer

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Since the time Zara entered India, the fashion sensibilities of fashion-conscious Indians have changed for the better. Zara, one of the most sought-after fashion brands in the world, sets the trend for relaxation, which also applies to their men’s collections.


  • Focusing on the details can be seen with two front flap pockets,
  • a contrast pocket square with an affection pocket on the chest,
  • lining with two inside pockets, a double back vent,
  • Buttoned cuffs and a front button.
  • Below are plain chino-style suit trousers in a slim fit.

8. Park Avenue Men Blazer

Park Avenue Men Blazer

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From Raymond’s home, Park Avenue is a premium clothing line for men and women. Formal wear collection from the brand makes it the perfect choice for corporate power dressing, though they all come with a price tag that can pinch your pocket. Launched back in 1986, their menswear collection is well-crafted, and since it’s from Raymond, you can blindly trust the quality of the cloth used.


  • This beautiful brown dress from Park Avenue can be worn for work or you
  • I can wear it with a rich shirt and tie for a wedding or party.

9. Blackberry Men Blazer

Blackberry Men Blazer

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The 25-year-old home-grown brand, BlackBerries is synonymous with blazers and suit jackets in India.BlackBerry is a premium men’s fashion brand that has been on the market for over 25 years. Aside from being the best brand for blazers, it also produces shirts, denim, footwear and more. Raise your style game from casual to luxurious high fashion with the BlackBerry Blazer. The stunning stylish blackberry blazer can be paired with a solid white shirt for a casual event. Wear it with a playful printed shirt on a casual trip.

The Delhi-based brand today is spread across India with over a hundred company-owned showrooms and nearly a thousand multi-brand outlets.


  • With a leather collar,
  • This classy slim fit in black is designed using 82% Terylene and 18% rayon-like fabric.
  • Color and style make it ideal for workwear and an evening out for a special occasion.

10. Hangup Men Blazer

Hangup Men Blazer

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You may not have heard of this brand, but a simple search online for a men’s suit will show you a wide range of potential marketplace portals. From Flipkart to Amazon to Myntra, they all have a beautiful collection of handicap menswear, especially suits. From designer suits to every day wear suits, they have it all!


  • Easy on the pocket, this designer case is made using cloth,
  • which is a blend of polyester and viscose,
  • You can get all-day comfort.


Above are some brands in Man Blazers and those are popular in India. You can purchase products are manufactured by these companies from online as well as offline market. If you like to wear branded cloths and do not know which are leaders in Man balzer’s manufacturing, check out this list.