10 Best Men’s Shirts Brands in India 2020 with Price

Are you interested to buy shirts? Looking for the best-branded shirts in India? Well, we have listed the 10 best men’s shirts brands in India 2020. It makes your purchase easier and pick under your budget. The Men’s shirts brands give nice outfits, personalities, and style quotient. Don’t get confused. Here, you can check the 10 best selling Men’s shirts brands in India. It will help you pick the best one under your budget.

1. Van Heusen Men’s Shirts :

Van Heusen Men’s Shirts


Van Heusen is the best apparel company known for its quality and design. The company is selling branded shirts and others worldwide. Van Heusen is formed by Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited. It was started in 1921 and introduced in India in 1990. Now, this brand is considered as the most loved shirts by men. With updated and latest collections, every man likes to wear only this brand. Due to its quality and design, people are interested to afford shirts. Within a short time, the company achieved successful selling in the Indian market. The price range of Van Heusen shirts is from Rs.1500 to 3000.


  • Crafted using cotton, silk, linen, fabric
  • Patented soft-folding collar
  • Cutaway and spread collar types
  • Solid, checked and printing stripe
  • Fits for regular and slim
  • Looks elegant for party order

2. Park Avenue Men’s Shirts :

Park Avenue Men’s Shirts

Park Avenue is the most familiar brand and owned by Raymond. The company was launched in 1986 with its premium quality outfits. Most collections are new and pick only the latest designs for the customers. Park Avenue Company brings an exclusive range of shirts for men. This company shirt blends comfort and stylish look. By these features, Park Avenue shirts are different from others. Consumers can find formal, casuals, and official meet up arrivals. Park Avenue shirts are the highest grade quality among others. This brand has a fine share in the Indian market. The price range of shirts is from Rs. 1000 to Rs.2000.


  • Materials used are copper, silk, fabric
  • Auto collar shirt
  • Varied colors are found
  • Fits for slim and regular outfit
  • Anti-UV shirts and non-Iron shirts available

3. Peter England Men’s Shirts :

Peter England Men’s Shirts

Peter England is a leading company started in 1889. This international brand is owned by Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited. The company is selling top-notch branded shirts for men. With its different patterns, price range, and colors, it is the most loved brand. It has a blend of comfort and style to make your choice best. Men find this brand as standardized fits, styles, and superior quality. Their latest collections are linen, feather, touch, summer spring collections. The price range of Peter England is from Rs. 700 to 1800.


  • Sells only latest collections
  • Different patterns and styles
  • Unique designs with formal design
  • Blend of comfort and style
  • Semi cut and stand-alone collar
  • Nuvo slim design

4. Louis Philip Men’s Shirts :

Louis Philip Men’s Shirts

Louis Philip is a branded apparel company started in the year 1989. The company sells branded shirts and wears for Indian customers. It is owned by Madura Fashion and Lifestyle by Aditya Birla Group. The company started selling the brands in India in 1989. It is familiar with fabric quality, fascinating designs, and price range. In India, the company has 20% shares. It defines class, elegance, and status by bringing a range of clothing. The price range is from Rs. 2000 to Rs.8000.


  • Full and half sleeve check
  • Soft cotton and silk materials used
  • Ultra-slim, regular and slim design
  • Wear during a formal occasion
  • Pinnacle of luxury Indian wear

5. Raymond Men’s Shirts :

Raymond Men’s Shirts

Raymond Group was started in the year 1925 and located in Mumbai. The brand is very familiar for men to get stylish attire. Lots of branded shirts are manufacturing by this company. It mainly focuses on quality and fabric conditions. In India, this is the topmost selling branded shirts for men in 2020. The company sells readymade shirts and stands the best designs. It gives the executive look to men who afford this brand shirt. The price range varies from Rs. 800 to Rs. 4000.


  • Variety of colors and fabrics
  • Added comfort and style
  • An elegant look to men
  • Cotton, silk, and linen materials used
  • Regular and comfort fit

6. John Players Men’s Shirts :

John Players Men’s Shirts

ITC moved into the fashion world in the year 2002. John Players are the best brands for men and kids. This brand is very familiar due to its unique collections. The price range is also affordable. It is especially familiar with amazing party wear and casuals. This company is selling the best formal shirts brands in India. It received awards and holds a good place. The price range varies from Rs. 350 to Rs.2000.


  • Spread or mandarin collar type used
  • Regular and slim design
  • Great fabric and amazing fit
  • Fun casual wear collection
  • Great fitting and different designs

7. Arrow Shirts Men’s Shirts :

Arrow Shirts Men’s Shirts

Arrow is the branded and oldest company owned by PVH. The company was started in the year 1851 and a part of Van Heusen Corporation. But, it is an American Multinational company and manufacturer. It adds comfort fittings to men. Due to its design and best quality, it is still the best brand for men. Quality fabric is what this company is manufacturing. The brand has nailed it and satisfies the men. The price range of shirts is from Rs. 600 to Rs. 4000.


  • Linen, cotton and silk materials used
  • Formal and casual outfits
  • Slim and regular fits
  • Gives ultimate comfort
  • Distinct shirt patterns and designs

8. Allen Solly Men’s Shirts :

Allen Solly Men’s Shirts

Allen Solly is the fastest apparel company owned by a part of Madura Fashion and Lifestyle. It was established in the year 1744 and very popular until now. This brand is the most familiar choice for the 1990s generation. Allen Solly crafts the materials nicely and blends with comfortable and better outfits. It introduces new concepts of fashion to men. The designs are sophisticated to cater to every age group. The price range of shirts is from Rs. 900 to Rs.2500.


  • Full sleeved, half-sleeved designs
  • Regular and tailored fit
  • The polyester-cotton blend used

9. Parx Men’s Shirts :

Parx Men’s Shirts

Parx is the most familiar segment owned by Raymond. The formal shirts by Parx are quite familiar with men. It brings casual and semi-casual shirts to everyone. This type of shirt will change your style quotient. They can wear for fun and formal outfit. Style and designs are always in the top position. It offers cool and trendy colors with a uniquely fashionable look. The price range starts from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 1500.


  • Lovable brands for Indian youth
  • Unique style pattern
  • Textured and stripe type model
  • Change your lifestyle

10. BlackBerrys Men’s Shirts : 

BlackBerrys Men’s Shirts

This brand is owned by Mohan Clothing Private Limited. It is the topmost fashion brand in India in 2020. In 1991, they started selling the top quality shirts for men. Due to their best quality and stylish patterns, men are picking this branded shirt. Quality fabric and fit are the most important factors of this branded company. It gains a good reputation in the Indian market. The price range starts from Rs. 800 to Rs.3000.


  • Cotton linen blend materials used
  • Solid striped with woven sleeves
  • Regular and slim body fits
  • Great shirts for men
  • Gains good reputation in the Indian market


From the above, the men can prefer the 10 best selling Men’s shirts brands in India 2020. It adds a fashionable look to you and gets formal outfits. Each brand has a unique style and signature. Pick some more popular brands to get elegant outfits for men.