Top 10 Best Men’s Sweaters Brands to Buy in India 2021 {Woolen & Famous} with Price

The comfort of wearing a sweater in the winter season is too comfy and cozy to give you a great vibe the entire season. People usually prefer going with a sweater in the early days of winter when the temperature is going to fluctuate between 20˚ to 25˚ or below this number. Sweaters are providing the best feeling so far that’s why you can find that these are the most reliable option to go after.

There are plenty of materials which give the perfect feel and if you want to go with a reliable one for extreme winters, then woolen is the best material choice. Woolen is known for its warm, comfortable, and highly durable property which other materials can’t offer. Even woolen sweaters are quite affordable to get the best deal in almost every budget for sure.

Going with any of the famous sweater brands can help you expect great colors, warm and cozy material, durable fabric, quality stitching, and much more in one place. It might be hard to find a popular brand just by looking at reviews or advertisements only. A famous brand has higher credibility, genuine reviews, quality after-sale services, and whatnot.

During the purchase of men’s sweaters, you can look after the highly popular brands and get a great value for money deal. Here we made a list of best-selling men’s sweater brands in India in 2021. We are mentioning the price range to help you expect a great deal in the decided budget. Without wasting any more time, let’s begin –

1. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Sweaters

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Sweaters

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Tommy Hilfiger is an American brand that was established in 1985. This brand focuses on easy going styles and manufactures some of the best quality fashion clothes. From the purchase of a t-shirt to a sweater, you can expect everything from this brand at the mid-range price point. People who like to look cool can definitely go for this brand. Even all the metropolitan populaces will find this brand comfortable to begin their sweater research. The color-blocked series from this brand is incredibly impressive and a great option to go after.

Price Range – Rs. 1,149 to Rs. 7841

Highlights –

  • Simplistic but stylish color collection.
  • Great brand credibility around the globe.
  • Flawless fittings with great comfort.

2. Monte Carlo Men’s Sweaters

Monte Carlo Men's Sweaters

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For premium stylish apparel, Monte Carlo holds the presumed spot on our list. If you are looking for something great and traditional color option in India, then Monte Carlo seems like the only brand to have such a unique variety. From getting an English-style sweater to something traditional, the variety is top-notch and the color choice is amazing. You can find different shades in every color choice along with great-looking designs to meet your need in an effective manner. The easygoing outfit is the major reason behind the popularity of this brand.

Price Range – Rs. 1,099 to Rs. 3,485

Highlights –

  • Easy going designs for great prices.
  • Provides a range of styling options.
  • Provides all the faded and impressive colors.

3. US Polo Men’s Sweaters

US Polo Men's Sweaters

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When it comes to going with the purchase of a premium brand’s sweater, US Polo. Assn. never stay behind in any manner. The use of fabric is definitely dynamic for the upcoming winter season. You get advantages like enhanced color options, great design, impressive build quality, higher thread count, quality stitching, and much more to get you the best for your money. To add something spicy, you can go with their vibrant color options which will add more colors to your winter closet for sure.

Price Range – Rs. 969 to Rs. 4,799

Highlights –

  • Vibrant color options for English styling
  • Provides some of the best slim-fit designs.
  • Woolen blended for a better comfort level.

4. United Colors of Benetton Men’s Sweaters

United Colors of Benetton Men's Sweaters

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The style house of great design and color around the globe is UCB, also termed as UNITED COLOR OF BENETTON. It is an Italian brand and it is famous for the picky designs, cheeky vibe, and charming colors. If you are going with this brand, you will find great things like affordable price tags, new patterns, funk style, and extremely warm woolen fabric to fulfill your need in an effective manner. This is the reason that UCB is getting a great demand in the past couple of years. Jazzy and comforting design is everything and you can get it here at UCB.

Price Range – Rs. 827 to Rs. 2,999

Highlights –

  • Comforting and Jazzy color options.
  • Impressive build with the use of woolen.
  • Get charming patterns with new designs.

5. Peter England Men’s Sweaters

Peter England Men's Sweaters

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The incredibly blended woolen sweater from Peter England holds a special place in our hearts. The great color options including the jet black get you one of the easy-going options to fulfill your need. This brand focuses on regular fit and still gets top-tier fitting to most people in an effective manner. No doubt that Peter England has a great experience as they started in 1889. It is an Indian brand even though the name seems so English here. You can try out their V-neck collection and find the best option for yourself.

Price Range – Rs. 848 to Rs. 1,999

Highlights –

  • Amazing collection in V-neck styling
  • Incredibly warm woolen sweaters and sweatshirts
  • Regular fitting goes great for most people.

6. Arrow Men’s Sweaters

Arrow Men's Sweaters

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Arrow is a popular American brand which started operating in India around 25 years ago. This brand achieved great success for the excellent concept with new designs and a wide range of color options. If you are looking after the best design and you like the cozy, comforting, and premium design then Arrow has the best collection to look after. This brand has some of the coolest designs from the US and the premium look never stays behind to amaze customers.

Price Range – Rs. 1,119 to Rs. 2,573

Highlights –

  • Incredible looking design.
  • The credible brand for higher durability.
  • Provides premium for an affordable price point.

7. Pepe Jeans Men’s Sweaters

Pepe Jeans Men's Sweaters

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Pepe Jeans holds the seventh spot on this list but if you look after the popularity level, Pepe jeans seem like the best option so far. The autumn-winter collection of 2021 is quite unique from the brand and there is a wide range of quality patterns to impress you. The aesthetic look and faded color options are going to work fine with any type of clothing you prefer. The look is impressive and there are options live round-neck, V-neck, and more to give you the best in all kinds.

Price Range – Rs. 1,259 to Rs. 2799

Highlights –

  • Provides some of the best color options.
  • All the style options are offered here.
  • Best quality fitting with affordable pricing.

8. Fort Collins Men’s Sweaters

Fort Collins Men's Sweaters

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Fort Collins is known for manufacturing excellent woolen clothing such as sweatshirts, sweaters, and other winter stuff. The astonishing collection from Fort Collin is the major reason that this brand is going to give you the best of both worlds. The selection of the finest quality woolen by this brand is great and having all the incredible options for men and women ensures that you can perfectly find whatever you have desired.

Price Range – Rs. 864 to Rs. 2,099

Highlights –

  • Enormous designs with an astonishing look.
  • The selection of a woolen blend is great.
  • Eye-catchy, comforting, and durable.

9. Forever 21 Men’s Sweaters

Forever 21 Men's Sweaters

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Forever 21 is a credible brand and widely popular among girls but when it comes to great quality sweaters for men, it is a worth checking brand. The notable presence of Forever 21 made us have a look at their collection and we found that they provide some of the best designs for highly affordable price points. The round neck design is great but you can take a look at the V-neck clothing which seems quite pretty as per the current trend.

Price Range – Rs. 860 to Rs. 1,998

Highlights –

  • Impressive styling choice with great designs.
  • Enhanced color options in the woolen sweater.
  • The brand is famous for its vibrant colors and affordable price.

10. Blackberrys Men’s Sweaters

Blackberrys Men's Sweaters

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If you want a premium sweater with top-tier level comfort, then Blackberrys are the perfect brand to begin your journey. The collection from this brand is widely popular for simplicity and simple is always beautiful. The woolen made sweaters with vibrant colors are also durable and they have impressive reviews. You can look for amazing colors, size options, and different styling to find the right product for your specific need. In a close-knit family gathering, Blackberrys seem like the perfect brand to opt for.

Price Range – Rs. 843 to Rs. 1,799

Highlights –

  • Perfect for a close-knit family gathering.
  • Luxurious design with reasonable pricing.
  • Wide range of sweater types and colors available.

The Final Verdict: 

The selection of any brand from the above-mentioned list seems like an easy choice. The popularity level of each brand mentioned in this well-curated list is top-notch and you can expect great durability. Prices might vary as per discount or new product arrival but this price range will help you take an easy guess of budget. We hope that this list will make you find the perfect brand for your need.