10 Best Nail Polish Brands in India 2020 with Price

The Indian marketplace has lots of good nail paint products, which are extremely good at excellence and quite reasonable too. The benefit there is no need in the collection in terms of quality or colors. Here we here just those Indian nail paint product which is simply offered either during online shops or throughout your limited stores. Nail shine of the recent past and nowadays have undergone a large change. People’s flavor and option have altered and new makeup business has been initiated. These businesses also try to give with the excellent and more alien paint for nail shine. We are similar to show off a selection of colors on nails.

These are the best nail paint product in India. We have them and they are wonderful. The paint concentration is great, induces truly well and lasts for an extended time. Therefore if you are a follower of not shiny nail paints and standard feel on your nails, these are impressive you must provide a try once.

Best selling nail polish in India 2020:

There are various types and purposes to nail top paints. Significant them and decision out what you love before the buy is important. Let us appear at any guidelines on how to select one. The business offers an excellent method to secure your nails for extensive use as well.

10. Inglot Nail Polish

Inglot is yet any more well-liked Indian product, which has prepared its set in the Indian advertising, thanks to its good quality brand. The nail polishes from this product are slick and long long-lasting and cost 450 for 10 ml.


  • The nail polish has the paint dry tools.
  • Stay control is amazing.
  • The nail polish dries very simply
  • The cost is always real.

9. Street Wear Nail Polish

A product of Revlon makeup, Street Wear is meant to provide to the early life, in particular, offer ultra-clear colors and cost in a planned range, initial at Rs 50 for 5 ml. You can get your choice among these brands, depending on leading your flavor and plan. Trust is truly significant and it comes with a point. Street Wear creates gorgeous nail polish and the group is exclusive. The method is great and the request is very soft.


  • It dries very quickly so no push.
  • It does not provide any kind of impatience.
  • The wait power is just remarkable.

8. Chambor Nail Polish

Chamber is an additional worldwide Swiss product, which was initiated in India in 1992. The products bring great excellence nail paint in clear hues and provide an excellent finish due to the company of nail hardener. These are accessible at a cost of 250 for 5 ml. The paint is super graceful and you will reduce in line with the quality.


  • Long-lasting nail paints.
  • Elegant color collection.
  • Available In many beautiful shades.
  • The nail paints are infused with high shine technology.

7. Lotus Nail Polish

After that on the record of best nail polish brands in India is Lotus, the Indian aesthetic product which made it large in the Indian marketplace in 1992. The nail paint from this product is not only inexpensive in price but also element free, which creates them easy to use. They approach for Rs 100 for 5 ml. This variety is protected and does not reason any impatience.

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  • The value is as well high-quality.
  • The lotus nail paint cost is very realistic.
  • The covering is very unique.
  • It does not provide any impatience.

6. Elle 18 Nail Polish

Elle 18 is the product that mostly focuses on early life, showcasing clear colors approaching at reasonable prices. The make belongs to the achiever and the cost 60 for a 6 ml bottle. This product screams difficulty and the nail polish contain an attractive blend of valuable oils and strong color. The nail polish gives the most specific application and is so simple to apply.


  • These dry up simply.
  • The paint lasts for extensive on the nails.
  • The excellence of this nail polish is amazing.
  • The function is very shiny.

5. Loreal Nail Polish

Loreal, the well-known aesthetic product features after that on the list of best nail polish products in the state. The nail paint is accessible in a variety called L’Oreal Paris paint which gets wonderful colors and shining texture the cost 200 for 5 ml. utilizes is amazing and it provides a gorgeous specific finish. The excellence is to expire for and these will most recent forever.


  • The value is simply unbelievable.
  • These dry so fast without taking some time.
  • The finish is beautiful.

4. Colorbar Nail Polish

Another name in the register is that of Colorbar, the product initiate in 2002. The product is highly praised for its well-off color and shiny finish and is reasonably high cost, initial at Rs 150 for 8 ml and mainly of its brand accessible at Rs 350 for 12 ml. It has gorgeous close and encloses seaweed extracts which facilitate to care for your nails.


  • The prices are valid.
  • The application is simple and soft
  • Wonderful for nail painting lovers.
  • Stay for a very extensive time.

3. Faces Nail Polish

Faces are a good product when it gets to the nail polish. Their nail polish approach in two sizes as well as it has several things for nail painting lovers like nail painting stickers, synthetic nails, etc. We suggest this product because of the excellence, colors, size and bear the cost is 110. Some products are very trustworthy, sally is certainly one of the best nail polish have tall color induce and provide a beautiful polish and finish.


  • The color thickness is very large.
  • The extra-large brush makes the purpose easier.
  • The end is very even and exact.
  • The treatment is flawless.

2. Maybelline Nail Polish

Maybelline is a worldwide product, which is advertised in India by Loreal India. It gets a reasonable range called the paint show, which cost at Rs 70 for 8 ml and present 35 effervescent colors, the state end, and Colorama variety are also realistically priced. These do not break off. The color amount is very tall and the colors are wonderful pigmented. These dried up very fast and are 95% spite free. The excellence is value going for.


  • The paint is well-off in pigmentation.
  • The variety is very large; they have various collections of nail polish.
  • The nail polish dries very simply.
  • The costs are always valid.
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1. Matte and Quick Nail Polish

This brand by Lakme functions as a bottom layer as well as a high coated. If your nails do not get nail shine too well, Make it will facilitate with grip. It makes the matte end, so if you are not the kind to like the too polished nails, this facility great. It as well is chip evidence, so will care for your nail shine from being cleaned out. It showcases a huge variety of colors and begins for Rs 120 for 9 ml.


  • The color for a long time on the nails.
  • The function is very soft.
  • A smaller amount hustle.
  • These dry up simply.


Having your nails complete at the shop by expert generally think great. But one item that you can’t disagree with is that manicures don’t approach inexpensive. If you are surrounded by those who set off for new polish every couple of weeks, you’ll be separation with secure to an impressive every time on your nails.