Top 10 Best Namkeen Brands to Buy In India 2021 with Price

Do you love Namkeen? Want to know the best selling Namkeen brand around India? Then you can proceed with this article further. If you are a snack lover and interested in tasting all kinds of snacks, then sure you have to try Namkeen. It is delicious, light and tasty snacks. In general, snacks are the best things that make our free time worthy. Also in India, snacks will play the major before having the meal or in between the meals. Here, in India, the salty taste snacks are mainly known as Namkeen and it is very much popular as gifts and time pass food. You can find many quality brands of Namkeen in India, which gives a unique taste.

Best Selling Namkeen Brands In India 2021:

Below, you can go through the details about the list of top 10 best selling Namkeen brands in India 2021:-

1. Haldiram Namkeen

If you have decided to have Namkeen, then sure you should never skip having haldiram prabhuji. It consists of top-notch with ultimate features. This brand is not only limited to produce snacks but also they produce beverages, sweets and much more. This Namkeen brand is having a brand in all over India. The price of the snacks from this haldiram prabhuji brand is from 80 INR to 230 INR.


  • It produces revenue of around 5532 crores per year
  • Taste is very delicious, salty and gives the best snacks feel.
  • It is very much suitable for various events like birthday parties, marriage and much more.

2. Bikanervala Namkeen

At the time of talking about the salty snacks, the first brand that will come to the mind of most people is Bikanervala Foods Pvt. Ltd. It is mainly due to its impacts and achievement. It always gives quality Namkeen snacks to the buyers. Its headquarters is mainly located in Delhi. This Namkeen brand is famous among all age groups. The price of the snacks from this Bikanervala Foods Pvt. Ltd brand is from 140 INR to 350 INR.


  • Moong dal, khatta meetha are special items of this brand
  • Popular in foreign countries also
  • Have received awards for its quality

3. Chhappan Bhog Namkeen

Chhappan Bhog Namkeen

One could not avoid this brand when considering the Namkeen snacks. It lies in the top position on the best selling Namkeen brand in India. This brand mainly brings the most delicious and tasty snacks around the country in an effective manner. These snacks would vary in prices and ranges. The price of the snacks from this Chhappan Bhog Namkeen brand is from 90 INR to 280 INR.


  • Turnover for per month is approximately around 1 crore INR
  • Unique combos of delicious snacks are available with gift hampers
  • These snacks are most suitable for homecoming and anniversaries

4. Mukhorochak Namkeen

Mukhorochak Namkeen

This Namkeen brand is also very much famous and it is originated in West Bengal and Kolkata. Even though it is from Kolkata, but it is popular all over the country. They are mainly famous for their extreme quality service in an enhanced manner. This mukhorocak quality Namkeen is providing a top-notch chanchur. Still, this brand is ruling the market strongly. The price of the snacks from this mukhorocak quality Namkeen brand is from 125 INR.


  • Turnover per day is approximately ten tons
  • Both adults and children can have these snacks
  • It is mainly famous for its variety available.

5. Maxvita Namkeen

Maxvita Namkeen

It is one of the best Namkeen bands, which is founded in the southern region of Karnataka, Mysore. Around 50 peoples are employed here. They make delicious Namkeen snacks for the people. With the best ingredients and flavors, the experts will mainly prepare these snacks. Those who love tomato flavor must try this snack. The price of the snacks from this Maxvita Foods India Pvt. Ltd brand is from 75 INR.

6. Kaleva Namkeen

Kaleva Namkeen

Are you searching for the varieties in Namkeen? Then sure you can choose this brand without any hesitation. This brand is located in Delhi which is offering the most delicious and various snacks in Namkeen in a top-notch manner. Everyone will love it, due to its unique taste. This is suitable for food lovers to have a unique experience. The price of the snacks from this Kaleva India Namkeen brand is from 80 INR to 375 INR.


  • Around 500 varieties of Namkeens are available
  • The manufacturers of this brand will provide a sweet, salty and mixed variety of Namkeens
  • Famous items of this Kaleva brand are Bengali rasogolla, Mysore Pak, Karachi halwa and much more.

7. Pratap Namkeen

Pratap Namkeen

Pratap Snacks is also one of the decent and best selling Namkeen brands in India with a unique quality and making style. Its headquarters is mainly situated in Indore. It is having the taste of the 90s most favorite snacks – ‘Yellow Diamond Rings’. Many children prefer this snack due to their crazy shape and delicious taste. The price of the snacks from this Pratap Snacks brand is from 75 INR to 260 INR.


  • The most popular products of this brand are rings
  • It generates around 40% of the company’s total revenue
  • Provides tasty snacks like scoops and chulbule too

8. Prakash Namkeen

Prakash Namkeen

This Prakash Namkeen brand is very much famous among the people since 1940. It also comes under the best company to produce tasty Namkeens for people with healthy ingredients. The special items from this brand are the khatta mixture of Namkeens. You will never say no when you taste it. The price of the snacks from this Prakash Namkeen brand is from 65 INR to 320 INR.


  • It consists of various Namkeen types like fulwadi, mini samosa, bhujja and varieties of sev, etc.
  • In the process of making Namkeen, they have tried new experiments
  • Its high-quality process increased the popularity among customers

9. Frito-Lay Namkeen

Frito-Lay Namkeen

It is a most interesting Namkeen brand, which is having huge selling all over India. Even this is not an Indian brand, but still, it is popular among kids. Kids love this type of snacks mainly potato chips. The mix of spicy, salty, pepper and other ingredients will be ultimate in these brand snacks. Even adults will try this and have fun. The price of the snacks from this Frito-Lay brand is from 300 INR to 600 INR.


  • Lays and Cheetos are the most popular items of this brand.
  • During your leisure time, this snack will be the best option for you
  • Comes in huge categories for the people

10. Kipps Confectioners Namkeen

Kipps Confectioners Namkeen

Kipps Confectioners Pvt. Ltd is very much famous in offering high-quality Namkeen snacks for people who love delicious snacks. There are huge varieties are available in these snacks and you can choose your suitable one. The price of the snacks from this Frito-Lay brand is from 200 INR to 700 INR.


  • Whatever may be the function, people can serve their guest first with this delicious snack
  • They are having a great turnover for each year
  • The experts show a huge interest in increasing this snack quality.


From the above-mentioned scenario, now you have come to an idea about the best Namkeen brand. Choose the most suitable one for you and friends based on your taste. So, you need to wait further. Just enjoy these delicious salty snacks with your family or friends and have fun!!!