Top 10 Best Red Wine Brands to Buy in India 2021 with Price

Are you interested to drink red wines? If yes, then pick the best selling brands. Due to more taste and quality, people choose the best one. Well, we have picked some bestselling red wine brands in India 2021. It will help you to purchase the right one under your budget. People who are interested to drink wines, especially red wines play a vital role in parties. We help you to pick the branded one and suitable for your budget.

Here, you can check out the list of best selling red wine brands in India 2021. So, make sure to pick the best one under your budget.

10. Sula Rasa Red Wine

Sula Rasa Red Wine

Sula Rasa is the best red wine brand with 16 degrees Celsius. It is known as French oak barrels that further matured in the bottle. This red wine can be paired with chocolate, barbeque, and Gouda Parmesan cheese. It is a special wine which is served to everyone. During weekends, you can enjoy the party well. The Sula Rasa crafted from handpicked grapes from the vineyards. The red wine is opulent and lush and adds taste to your mouth.


  • Shiraz grape variety
  • Price is affordable
  • The alcohol content is 13%
  • Prepare dishes likes, barbeque, cheese-like Gouda, and chocolate

9. Myra Misfit Red Wine

Myra Misfit Red Wine

Myra Misfit is a branded red wine launched in 2013 by Mr. Ajay Shetty and located in Bangalore. Myra launched a red wine portfolio across distinct categories. They are entry-level, super and premium launch. The company launched red wine in 2016 called Misfit. It comes in a limited edition bottle. It has classic Sauvignon and fruity Shiraz French oak barrels. With all-natural characteristics, it becomes the top-selling red wine brand in India 2021. It adds a rich aroma taste with a strong berry whiff. The taste is very fruity and spicy. This red wine has a medium sweet finish.


  • Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety used
  • Bottle size is 750 ml
  • Price is Rs.1500
  • Prepare foods in lamb, meat sauce, pizza

8. Fratelli Sette Red Wine

Fratelli Sette Red Wine

This is a familiar brand which has a good aroma and flavors. Sette’s meaning is seven in Italian and uses by everyone. It involves seven brothers of Fratelli Had. Your dream came true by taking vintage to give an exceptional quality product. This brand has one percent of grapes from Fratelli Estate owned vineyards near Pune. It fills with Piero Masi as a signature blend and matured in French oak for 14 months. It becomes the first Indian icon wine, just like California. A unique signature blend discovers a new wine writer and wine consultant.


  • Prepared by Akluj Vineyards
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 50%
  • Sangiovese 30%
  • Cabernet Franc 20%
  • Bottle size is 750 ml
  • Price range is affordable
  • The alcohol content is 13.5%

7. Grover Zampa La Reserve Red Wine

Grover Zampa La Reserve Red Wine

The Grover Zampa La Reserve is a leading red wine manufacturer located in Bangalore, Karnataka. In 1982, Kanwal Grover discovered this red wine. In 2017, Grover Zampa red wine was named Winery of the year by Sommelier India by India’s largest wine magazine. The company is the largest wine exporters in India with their product. It is the second-largest vineyard and wine-producing company in India after Sula vineyards.


  • 80% cab
  • 20% Shiraz
  • Well balanced medium wine
  • The smoky aroma in taste
  • Spice and complexity
  • Combines grace and majesty palate
  • Soft finish features with peppery notes
  • The alcohol content is 13%

6. York Arros Red Wine

York Arros Red Wine

The York Arros is a leading red wine manufacturer located in Maharashtra. The company has limited production and selling red wines. In India, it is become familiar due to its aroma taste. This is a young winemaking team that produces high-quality red wines for India 2021. Along with bright fruit, this red wine is a must-try brand. Some ingredients are strawberries, raspberries, and cherries. It includes Indian spices and opened up with softened glass. The alcohol presents have a paired with French oak and bright fruits. Red wine is good for adding it to foods.


  • Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety
  • Bottle size has 750ml
  • Price range is from 800 to 1500
  • The alcohol content is only 14.3%
  • Food prepared like grilled or tandoori meats, and cheeses

5. Krsma Sangiovese Red Wine

Krsma Sangiovese Red Wine

Krsma is a new brand that is increasing all seasons. It comes to a Sangiovese from the hitherto. The company manufactures juicy red fruit served with a hint of spiciness on the palate. A nice balance of fruit has been carrying out with acidity leads to a good finish. The brand has to carry out with mellow tasting wine with lots of cherries. The company describes aromas of spice, red berries and jasmine.


  • Sangiovese grape variety is added
  • Price range from 900 to 1000
  • Alcohol presence is 13.6%
  • Prepare dishes like seafood, chicken starters, and main courses

4. Charosa Sauvignon Blanc Red Wine

Charosa Sauvignon Blanc Red Wine

From the Charosa Vineyards Company, it is located in Nashik. The company manufactures red wine with tropical flavors of gooseberries and orange freshness. This company red wine has medium-bodied wine that serves with an excellent concentration. Charosa Sauvignon is a well-balanced wine which is a perfect choice for a soft finish. The price range is from Rs.750 to 900. The company has red wine which is a bright, straw-colored mid-palate wine. It goes excellently with seafood and chicken sizzlers.


  • Filled with rich coconut, vanilla, and chocolate
  • Medium-bodied wine
  • A well-balanced wine with a soft finish
  • Tempranillo grape variety is mixed
  • Alcohol present is 13%

3. Big Banyan Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine

Big Banyan Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine

Big Banyan Vineyards are a leading red wine manufacturing company. With natural grapes, the company manufactures high-quality red wines. It is a luscious taste and everyone is looking at this brand forever. The intense color is good enough to drink. This red wine brand has sweet fruit taste with oak fragrant. The company manufacturer this red wine with the elegant taste of berries, cherries, pepper and so on. Merlot grapes are widely used to prepare. The alcohol presence is 14%. It is the least expensive red wine in India in 2021. The price range is Rs.800 to 900.


  • Chilled between 16 and 18 degree Celsius
  • Prepare well for light dishes
  • Cost is less

2. Barique Reserve Cabernet Shiraz Red Wine

Barique Reserve Cabernet Shiraz Red Wine

This company is manufacturing red wine with four seasons. It is located in Maharashtra and selling red wine brand in India 2021. The company prepares this red wine with more taste with a combination of spices and blackberries. This type of red wine is chill and pretty well much popular. It goes well with barbeque foods, meat, and roasted vegetables. You can enjoy this wine and thankful to this manufacturer.


  • Enjoy with many Indian foods
  • Perfect for dinner parties
  • Combined with spices
  • Price is Rs.1000

1. Seagram Nine Hills Red Wine

Seagram Nine Hills Red Wine

Seagram Nine Hills is a reputable company in India. The company received an award in 2007 for the best red wine manufacturing. Due to its aroma taste, it adds to any flavors. With berries and strawberries, this type of red wine is so popular. This manufacture adds a small amount of vanilla flavor to the red wine. It would chill and serve with spicy Indian foods. This branded red wine has aroma taste and very familiar for parties.


  • Pleasant aroma of cherries and strawberries
  • Mixed well with vanilla
  • Stays for a long time
  • Price range is Rs.850 to 1000