Top 10 Best Rum Brands to Buy in India 2021 with Price

Are you searching for the best selling rum brands in India 2021? Then sure you can follow this article further. In this article, you can find the top 10 list of best-selling rum brands in India 2021. You can able to pick a suitable rum brand for you through this list. Rum is the favorite alcoholic beverage for party lovers too. By making use of the molasses or sugarcane, run and its variants will be produced.

Best Selling Rum Brands In India 2021:

You can go through the complete list of top 10 best selling rum brands in India 2021 below:

10. Captain Morgan Rum

Captain Morgan Rum

Captian morgan is one of the best rum brands that are available in India. The name of this brand came after the name of 17th-century Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica. He is also a privateer. Based on the slogan of the “To Life, Love & Loot”, Captain Morgan is marketed and manufactures by British company Diageo. It can able to be distilled via making use of pure sugarcane and then aged in special oak barrels for around one year. The price of Captian morgan in India is 700 for 750ml


  • The variants are Captain Morgan Black Jamaica Rum and Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
  • Taste can be mild hints of spices
  • The alcohol content is limited

9. Malibu Rum

Malibu Rum

Malibu is mainly suitable for those, who want to feel the different flavor taste. It will have a taste of coconut which is from the Caribbean. It is a French brand and its owner is Pernod Ricard, who calls this rum as the flavored rum. If you want to enjoy your summer holiday with your favorite rum, then sure this Malibu brand will be the perfect option for you. On behalf of the coconut, the Caribbean rum is fresh and smooth. The price of Malibu in India is around 700.


  • The variants are pineapple, bananas, passion fruits, mango, and melons
  • Known as flavored rum
  • Can blend with tequila

8. Bacardi Rum

Bacardi Rum

Bacardi is perfectly suitable for all kinds of party lovers in India. It has been marked as the premium alcoholic brand which consists of around 200 products. More than 150 countries, their sales are strongly going without any obstacles. The original version of this brand will have a fruity taste along with some sorts of vanilla taste. The price of Bacardi in India is from INR 825 to 1538.


  • It is available in five variants Bacardi Superior (White Rum), Bacardi Gold (Gold Rum) and Bacardi Select (Dark Rum).
  • Got more awards and honors
  • Taste is fine
  • Available in several flavors

7. Old Monk Rum

Old Monk Rum

Generally, the old monk is considered as the best and most iconic rum brand in India, which is preferred by every drinker. This brand is very much popular due to its affordable price. All types of drinkers can afford this old monk. In most of the wine shop, if you ask for rum, you will be offered with an old monk. It is mainly due to its popularity. The price of an old monk in India is INR 1000. In India rum is cheap because sugarcane is the primary ingredient in rum and we are a sugarcane producing country.


  • It is available in five variants: Supreme, Deluxe, White Rum and Gold Reserve
  • Content of alcohol is limited
  • Gives more taste by mixing with cola

6. Hercules Rum

Hercules Rum

This rum brand stands unique due to its iconic ingredients and tastes. It is also very much famous among the defense forces. This Hercules rum will never give any hangovers to the drinkers and it has made this rum to be so unique. The variant of this rum brand is the most ultimate. Its popularity is very high and continuous. The price of Hercules in India is INR 527 for 1000ml


  • It is available in three variants Hercules Rum (Dark) and White Rum Hercules Deluxe Rum (Dark)
  • It is also perfectly suitable for cold winter nights.
  • It is strong and robust.

5. Havana Club Rum

In 1934, this Havana club was founded in Cuba. Along with India, this brand is the best selling rum brand all over the world due to its effective ingredients. Around 120 countries, this brand is very much popular and a number of drinkers prefer this brand too. The taste of this brand will like a blend of Caribbean vanilla and chocolate that are around for over 7 years. More and more it gets aged, the more it can give a taste. The price of the Havana club in India is INR 800 for 750ml


  • Smooth and reliable light rum
  • Work with cocktails
  • Suitable for classic Piña colada and Mojitos

4. McDowell’s No.1 Rum

It is one of the best selling rum brands in 2021 which is suitable for Indians and they loved too. It is unique for its standards. United Spirits Limited owned this brand. In the year 1968, this brand is launched and then, its sales got expanded. Customers all over in India are getting highly rum from this brand at a cheap rate. The price of McDowell’s No.1 in India is from INR 600 to 850.


  • Its variants are platinum, diet mate and single malt
  • It is launching and providing special packs
  • Acquired a gold medal in the year 2006

3. Contessa Rum

Mostly, this rum brand is popular among the military. It is absolutely good for health. It is considered as the Radico Khaitan brand. Basically, it is made up of a cane juice spirit. Along with that, it consists of the notes of dry fruits, cocoa, and vanilla. This can be when the rum is aged over 12 years. During the winter season, it can be great to have. If you want warm, then sure you can try this brand. The price of contessa in India is INR 750.


  • It got several prizes like Silver Medal in the World Selection
  • Especially for military
  • This rum brand is sold in over 60 countries.

2. Jolly Roger Rum

If you want an exotic flavor taste at each and every sip, then sure you can try this Jolly Roger rum. It is a dark rum product, which is most famous in the Indian market. It is basically the best rum and it will be unique for its content, taste, quantity and quality. In 2021, this brand is also going to be the top-selling rum in an ultimate manner. The price of Jolly Roger in India is INR 680.


  • Molasses-based product
  • Taste of spices
  • Made with a well-balanced flavor

1. Old Port Rum

Amrut distillery started to manufacture brandy and rum and offered it all over India to military canteens in 1948. This rum will be charcoal-filtered, rich in molasses, flavourful with more butter, citrus and woody notes. It is older than the other brands for longer periods. The price of the old port is INR 550.


  • Its variants are Old Port Deluxe Rum, Old Port Matured Rum, Amrut Classic Rum
  • Famous all over India
  • Very fresh and smooth


You can able to find out the top 10 best selling rum brands in India 2021 from the above-mentioned scenario. Just grab your most preferred rum brand from the list. Your wait is over now!!! You can get your required rum brand now and taste it.

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