10 Best Scotch Brands in India 2020 with Price

Whether you think yourself a scotch specialist or have just started to enjoy the well-known tipple– here are some of the greatest bottles to fill-up your wineglass. The hundreds of brewery across its area, the diverse countryside offer a range of flavors and feel and have formed some of the leading brands in the globe. Although liquor is a kind of whiskey it differs from the US whiskeys such as single malt.

Similar to sparkling wine, Scotch can simply be classified included soon as the liquor is distilled. Top 10 Best Selling Scotch Whisky Brands in India 2020:

10. Ardbeg Scotch

The grouping of the island’s liquor water, lush soil, and a big supply of peat the soil side-effect which smolders in the refining process, departure the Scotch with its foggy flavor has made it a much loved surrounded by single malt expert. Rich and with a smoker corpse, the 12 years aged single beer Scotch liquor will leave you with the flavor of licorice, chocolate, and tobacco.


  • India gives to 55% of the marketplace distribute globally. This is most likely due to the detail that Indians prefer inflexible liquor to wine or cocktail.
  • It has a strong taste and Indians are well-known with such essence in their food.
  • Although there are some local liquor brands available in the state

9.  Arran Robert Burns Scotch

Devotion Scotland’s general poet, Robert Burns, Arran launch a scotch whiskey in his name. Refine on the little island of Arran and ended with water starting the Loch na Davie the unpolluted and sweet-smelling liquor will strike you with remarks of sweetie, fruits, and chocolate glazed pecans. Made with the purpose of easy intake, the single malt can benefit from either on the rock or neat.


  • It is an excellent liquor and one of the most well-liked scotches of the world
  • Its single malt continues to be made in one of the oldest distilleries of Scotland

8. Johnnie Walker Scotch

Famous by Scotch-lovers for its extensive and lasting finish, Johnnie Walker gold bars Label is made from a combination of whiskeys from the Speyside and upland regions. There are everyone to try as well, as well as some peaked terms, a flavor outline not usually associated with the brewery.  The blend comes as one as a good whiskey full of vanilla and shady fruit.


  • The first name of these Scotch liquor products is related to Johnnie Walker and forename after the soldierly Scottish ballad.
  • Scottish myth saying that you can listen to one Walker have fun when you feel good
  • The sweet and deep beverage that is amber in shade and has a fruity smell of vanilla and sweetie.

7. Glenlivet Scotch

When the British management began challenging the Scottish brewery, lots of them began producing liquors underground. Glenlivet was one of the ruler illicit breweries. The iconic product has never closed down make top quality single beer and the 14 Year older bottle, with its slow sweet almond close, is the main example of such.


  • It is the largest, oldest and most well-liked Scotch brewery in the world.
  • It is among the most excellent selling Scotch liquor in India.
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6. Kilchoman Sauternes Scotch

Kilchoman is a farmhouse brewery, which means it develops and produces the barley on the website. As a reasonably new brewery, it opens it has fast made a name designed for itself as the only farmhouse distillery on Islay. The limited version discharge of the Sauternes Cask end spent months growing in ex-bourbon and ex-wine barrel before being bottled to couple the island’s typical peat flavors with creamy, flowery notes.


  • It is a single beer scotch whiskey that has traditional the greatest number of rewards, with 7 gold medals from the worldwide Spirits Challenge.
  • The name of this only beer Scotch whiskey means Sauternes.

5. Glen Grant Scotch

Glen Grant is a beam, apple clean, single beer Scotch whiskey originates in the year. They are the 3rd largest producer of beer whiskey in Scotland and one of the best sellers in the world as well as lots of other parts of the globe, with some terms being fashionable in Italy as well. The distillery is placed in the main Speyside area.


  • Glen Grant is one of the small amounts of Scotch beer whiskeys that still keep the owner’s name.
  • It has a light mode and shade due to the high still as well as the cleanser on the top.
  • For the only beer whiskeys, due to more throwaway income and better awareness.
  • In favor of India and ranks among the top-selling Scotch liquors in India.

4. Highland Park Scotch

Highland Park is recognized for a few effects that are exclusive within the Scotch liquor trade namely. The whiskey is usually quite peaty and developed mostly in a sherry-seasoned container, with bourbon cask used for a few terms as well. This liquors come from both first-fill and top up sherry container and is bottled at a lesser 70 proof, resulting in a milder and less foggy flavor that works well in the blend.


  • Highland Park is made in the order of 40 beers and a small piece with a vanilla syrupiness.
  • The most flexible scotch liquors
  • The royal prince of Wales is a supporter of Laphroaig liquors

3. Aberlour Scotch

Aberlour is first-rate but often disregarded single malt that is possession by French drink business Pernod Ricard as well the holder. But if you are looking for a sherry explode, try the first-rate container -strength. It’s rich in taste and large in alcohol, but food and drink simply despite its hefty confirmation.


  • One of Aberlour good varieties is a better scotch that is mix using more than 55 single malts with a smell of candy and misty wood.
  • One more of its liquor range is the 10-year-old smooth and soft whiskey, with the smell of fruits and silly.

2. Laphroaig Scotch

Peaty whiskey can be a very troublesome problem for drinkers. Several people like the earthy, smoked rush that encloses them from nose to end, while others feel it tastes like a harsh tire fire. There are unlike levels of peat, of the path. If you have the cash to use, the extra-aged terms are where the liquor starts to get on the new scope. But decades of growth allows a mass of other essentials to come into have fun that isn’t directly evident in some of the youngster expressions.

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  • It has a dim mode and color due to the high stills in addition to the purifiers on the top.
  • This liquor is imported by Aspri strength, for India and ranges among the top-selling Scotch whisky in the globe.
  • It used to be a soft whiskey but later on, they started adding a lot of sweet from the year

1. Craigellachie Scotch

Craigellachie has an entire fun maker of Speyside mode going on; however, let’s put that away for a min. What all this quantity is a liquor that’s light in the facade, but rich with taste and feel. As far as a few years before, it was generally used as a part of Dewar’s blends. Craigellachie does not include color to its liquor.


  • It ranges high among the biggest selling scotch liquor in India.
  • Craigellachie was particularly blended to party India’s 50th year of freedom and is a much loved among many in the state.