Top 10 Best Shaving Razor Brands to Buy in India 2021 with Price

To have a professional look in the meeting and wedding hall, the men have a close shave on the face. As a result, it shows brighter and brings confidence one you. Therefore most of the men search for the razor to shave and get the right finish over the face. In Indian, there are a number of razors out with special features that make your shave neat and clean. At the same time, it never meets skin irritation.

Therefore you can have to pick a suitable razor from the 10 best Selling Shaving Razors according to your skin. If you don’t have any ideas, you can get into the below article which holds enough information about the razors brand in India 2021.

1. Gillette Shaving Razor

It is one of the most popular brands and highly selling in the Indian market. This was well-known among the people in the year 1901. This brand designs a huge range of shaving razors with special personal care to avoid major stress during the shave. It is out to buy at the price of INR 290.


  • It built with the 3 high definition razor blade
  • This razor has 5 micro-fine to get a deep shave
  • It is quite simple to handle with proper control
  • The blade is coated with the TUT telemore coated.
  • It offers great glide and comfort to shave.

2. Laser Shaving Razor

This brand famous among the different parts of the world and it sold out around 4 billion of the razors every year. This razor offers soft and neat shaves with no stress and it is manufactured with the top-quality equipment. This brand company obtains ISO certification and also passed a different test. This company makes use of a new method to improve the shaving razor with comfort. You can order online with a price range of the 480 INR.


  • It is lubricating strip present better comfort
  • This razor has pivoting razor head
  • It is an ideal choice for men
  • The blade is made with the stainless steel option
  • It has smart ergo design

3. SuperMax Shaving Razor

Are you searching for an international brand, and then you can go with super Max Razor. It is the top-selling brand in India and other countries in the world. This brand remains in top place in the market for 30 years due to its quality product. It designs innovative ideas to meet additional comfort. This brand launched a triple blade disposable razor first in the market. It is out to buy at the price range of 185 INR.


  • It has a maximum shelf life up to 60 months
  • It is a cartridge razor type which loved by every man
  • Its simple to operate with a long handle
  • It has 3 swift sll and smx3.

4. Philips Shaving Razor

This company is more famous in delivering electronic shaver but now it slowly launched ordinary razors in the Indian market. On the other hand, it offers a huge range of shaving accessories in the market. It can make use of wet and dry conditions with real comfort. Therefore most men from India love to go with this brand in the market. It is out to buy at a price range of 14900.


  • It has different flex head support to have comfort shave on various face
  • It is 100% waterproof to user
  • You can save a lot of time on shaving with this razor
  • It design handle with extra grip support

5. Wilkinson Sword Shaving Razor

It is one top European brand it has a special place in the Indian market also. This brand committed to delivering top-quality razors and other shaving care products at an unbeatable price in the market. This company established in the year 1772. It has experts in manufacture different models so the men can buy with the model as per the wish. It is out to buy at the price of 227 INR.


  • It built with the shock absorption technology support
  • The razor has an auto adjustable option.
  • It has a flip trimmer
  • The blade of razor built with the 7 hydrating gel pool

6. Personna Shaving Razor

The brand is an expert to bring a wide range of razors for women that become more comfortable to go with the best option. This company is experts in delivering multi-blade razors along with the lubricating strip to get comfort shave experience. It is specially designed for the women to meet smooth shave and it design razor product along with the help of the right equipment and it is well tested before selling over the Indian market. It is out to buy at a price range of 499 INR.


  • It built with 5 technology blades
  • It gives an excellent shave
  • This razor let to go with the deep shave with the right moisture
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin

7. Merkur Shaving Razor

Though, it is a German brand that provides high-quality shaves all over the world, especially from India. It has a massive razor with various head styles that allow every man to have a deep shave. It built with the straight safety bar which has made shave safer and no risk over it. This brand has a different handle like 2 to 3 pieces and it is more reliable. You can order this razor online at the price range of the 12,156 INR.


  • It has long handled to go safer shave
  • It is lightweight
  • It built with Straight safety bar
  • It has an adjustable blade angle

8. Dorco Shaving Razor

Dorco Shaving Razor

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It is familiar for its quality innovation and it is the number one brand launched with the 6 blade razor in the market for women. This brand order via online at a low price and it earns good names for its safe shave. It is out to buy in the more than 130 counties in the world and you can buy at a price range of 399 INR.


  • It built with advanced razor handles
  • It has great trimmer edge support
  • It has enough razor caps to cover blades.

9. Pearl Shaving Razor

Are you searching for a top brand razor in India, then search end up with the pearl shaving razor. It is manufactured with the help of the export metal parts and other brass products. It delivers a fine quality product and this company obtains with ISO certified company. It is out to buy for 650 INR.


  • It has twist open razor
  • It has 4 long handles to meet the best grip
  • It is suitable for beginner
  • This razor gives excellent features 

10. Ameego Shaving Razor

This brand is experts in delivering a wide range of shaving products which built with an innovative product with high and standard quality to the market. This brand razor is highly selling in the market which gives hand to the customer. It is out to buy at the price range of 350 INR.


  • It has 5 blade surface technology
  • The blade of the razor is coated with the telomere
  • It has a flexible guard that hold 15 micro fins
  • It has an ergonomic handles design to secure a better grip
  • This razor built with the indicator lubrastrip support.


We have discussed detail information of the top 10 shaving razors in India so the buyer goes through the article and picks a suitable product in the market without meeting any trouble of it. Almost every brand is out to sell at a reasonable price which is more comfortable to order within your target budget. It gives a neat and clean shave every time.