10 Best Tea Brands In India 2020 with Price

Are you a tea lover? Want to know about the best selling tea brands in India 2020? Then you are landed on the right spot. You can proceed with this article and then find the top-selling tea brands in the most effective manner. In general, tea is basically involved in the part of the Indian culture, where everyone prefers to have it daily. Tea is considered as the state drink of Assam. At present, India is said to be the world’s second-largest tea producer with a more number of well-known brands and tea estates. Apart from Assam, tea also exclusively grows in Darjeeling and Nilgiri. It is very much popular among all types of people, especially in India. Go through further and know the details.

Best Selling Tea Brands In India 2020:

You can go through the complete list of top 10 best selling tea brands in India 2020 which are mentioned below:

10. Taaza Tea :

If you want to have a tasty tea and enjoy its delicious impact, then sure you can try Brooke band taaza. It is a very much popular and famous tea brand in tea, which is suitable for everyone. Taaza is the particular name that is provided to the new type of tea which is introduced by Brooke Bond Tea Company. The price of the Brooke Bond Taaza in India is INR 265 per kg.


  • It is a very strong tea, which can cure a headache immediately
  • If you want to refresh your mind, then sure this tea is suitable for you.
  • The taste of this tea is very unique.

9. Tata Tea :

This Tata tea brand is mainly owned by the Tata group in an effective manner. It is also the second-largest distributor and manufacturer of India. This brand also launched a certain effective social campaign which is known as Jaggo Re.  The major motive of this campaign is to wake up to fight against corruption. The price of the Tata Tea in India is INR 420 per kg.


  • Tata tea is mainly the top player when considering the Indian tea industry
  • This brand owns around 5 brands in India: Gemini, Chakra Gold, Kanan Devan, Tetley, and Tata Tea
  • It also consists of many subsidiaries in India, Czech Republic, United States, Great Britain, and Australia.

8. Society Tea :

The society tea brand is also a well-known brand in India. This brand is established before 75 years and it is owned by Hasmukhrai & Co. Since 1933, this brand is considered to be the most popular tea manufacturers in India. It also consists of the most innovative marketing campaign. The price of the Society Tea in India is INR 415 per kg.


  • It is identical to the fragrant aroma, which is very popular internationally.
  • It is also popular for its richness of quality and consistent taste.
  • It gets involved in a strong distribution network.

7. Red Label Tea :

This brand consists of all types of attributes so that this brand is mostly preferred by Indians. It is also mostly available in all the shops. It is the most successful and popular brand of Unilever. Based on its popularity and demand, this tea brand has arrived with top-notch features at a reasonable rate. The price of the Brooke Bond Red Label in India is INR 390 per kg.


  • The taste and fragrance of the tea is outstanding
  • It enjoys huge selling and profit in India alone
  • It is holding the attention-grabbing share of the tea segment all over the country.

6. Lipton Tea :

Are you a green tea lover? If yes, then this Lipton tea is the best option for you. The company was established in 1890 by Thomas J. Lipton Co. Apart from India, this brand is also popular all over the world. Its head office and factories are located in the USA, Hoboken and New Jersey. The price of the Lipton Tea in India is INR 278 per kg.


  • It is very suitable for the health-conscious person since it solves many health-related issues.
  • It becomes an instant hit among green tea lovers and becomes popular within a short period of time.
  • The demand is increased, due to its popularity.

5. Wagh Bakri Tea :

This tea brand is established in the year 1892 and in the starting stages itself; it acts as a premium one. Sir Narandas Desai, the tea baron has been started this company in Ahmedabad. He also experienced in the art of tea growing and blend. He learned it while running a tea estate in South Africa. The price of the Wagh Bakri Tea in India is INR 410 per kg.


  • It is considered as the largest tea house in India
  • This brand is found to be India’s most widely consumed and best tea brands.
  • Ingredients are very special and hence tea also so social

4. Pataka Tea :

This brand was established in the year 1952. From the year 2000 onwards, this brand becomes very much famous in India due to its ultimate features. It has done fairly well in the tea segment after its launch. The price of the Pataka Tea in India is INR 320 per kg.


  • Got huge appreciation and success within a less span of time
  • This Tea brand also consists of many Ayurveda benefits
  • Taste of this Pataka Tea is very unique

3. Tetley Tea :

This Tetley tea brand comes under Tata global beverages. Its distribution and manufacturing business is spread over 40 countries and sells around 60 branded tea bags regularly. Apart from India, it is also a bestselling brand in Canada and the United Kingdom. The price of the Tetley Tea in India is INR 300 per kg.


  • It is the second-largest tea manufacturer with a good fragrance.
  • It is the premium loose leaf tea
  • Preferred for those who want to taste different and healthy tea

2. Marvel Tea :


The Marvel Tea brand has launched in the year 1994 from the marvel tea estate limited which is located in India. Across the country, it consists of 3000 distributors. Don’t miss the chance, if you want to drink delicious tea. The price of the Marvel Tea in India is INR 340 for per kg.


  • This brand is having huge variations like Marvel Red Tea, Marvel Yellow Tea, Marvel Premium Dust Tea and Marvel Gold Pattian
  • It is mainly declared as the refreshing beverage

1. Taj Mahal Tea :

This brand is very much famous in the Bollywood industry. Many brand ambassadors also there. When you have involved in heavy work and became tired, then Taj mahal tea is the best option to get your energy back. The price of the Marvel Tea in India is INR 225 for per kg.


  • The variants are Taj Mahal Nilgiris, Taj Mahal Classic, Taj Mahal Darjeeling and Taj Mahal Gold.
  • It the best remedy for your headache and other health-related issues.


You can check out the top 10 best-selling tea brands in India 2020 from the above-mentioned list. Hence, you can choose the most suitable tea brand on the list. Are you still waiting? Your wait is over now!!! You can able to taste your favorite tea brand now.