Top 10 Best Vest (Bunyan) Brands to Buy in India 2021 with Price

Despite the popular advertising of a men’s costume – Yeh Ander Ki Baat Hain, all the brands of the genre go by themselves, most of the rope in Bollywood actors, which is certainly not something off the shelf. Men’s underwear or pants have enjoyed the cheering of some fans and their choice of attire, and if we go through the ads, masculinity is defined in men. Let’s take a look at India’s top 10 men’s attire (banyan) brands 2021.

Vest brands in India offer a wide range of products for women and all ages. In 2021, people’s favorites have changed a little. As big players come up with new items, some new players are also gaining popularity.

10. ONN Vest

ONN Vest

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From Lux Industries Limited Home, ONN is a premium men’s underwear apparel brand that is not recognized by anyone other than King Khan from Bollywood – Shah Rukh Khan. The brand is rich in innovation and style. Check out their product portfolio, and make sure you love the range they have to offer, including denim underwear.


  • Trendy and comfortable,
  • it’s made using 100% comb cotton,
  • which is lightweight,
  • Breathable and super soft!

9. Jackey Vest

Jackey Vest

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Whether it’s men’s, women’s or children’s underwear, Jackie specializes in craftsmanship that is incredibly super comfortable – in terms of price or quality. They have been the forerunners when it comes to retailing interior apparel – complimenting the genre by fitting and packaging. Page Industries Ltd, Bangalore is the exclusive licensee of Jackie International Inc (USA) for the production, distribution, and marketing of the brand in India. We love this white muscular attire from the brand. Wear it to the gym or a lounge, or wear it under your shirt or shirt for the convenience of a day, it is sure to be your favorite attire.

Jockey has always been the first choice for sports lovers. Who is Jim Naughty and follow Jackie Passion with devotion. This has created a strong relationship between the Indian consumer and the brand. Price:  3 simple sleeveless vest price about INR 450.


  • Jockey offers astonishing neck types and patterns
  • Designed for Both men and women
  • Durable materials are used

8. Hanes Vest

Hanes Vest

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They are a century-old international brand that is reason enough to believe in quality and comfort. From underwear to outdoor clothing, each of their products is well designed and suitable for everyday wear – for men, women, and children. Although they have not yet launched a dedicated online store in India, the brand has an active online presence through various market place online players such as Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra and Ajio. High in style:


  • This suede or banyan cotton extension is made by itself, making it
  • The perfect choice for men who are always on the go!
  • Designed with the color block pattern,
  • This outfit has a sporty and youthful look.

7. Lux Cosi Vest

Lux Cosi Vest

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One of India’s oldest lingerie brands, Lux Innerwear is headquartered in Kolkata, but it also has a jealous All India presence. Lux Cosi is almost synonymous with men’s bunions, and the brand is actively growing in Bollywood celebrities for its various TVs. Varun Dhawan is their latest Bollywood actor to promote the brand. Price: 5 pieces of white vest costs about INR 350.


  • Allow the wearer to have it on their body all day long without uncomfortable
  • Lightest fabric used
  • Made using 100% cotton

6. VIP Vest

VIP Vest

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Credit for bringing men’s underwear out of the closet they set the trend for other brands to adopt their strong luxury TVCs. Their advertising campaign featuring Tara Singh is still remembered by many – MajbudAisa and Tara Singh Jaisa have amalgamated the key features of the brand. Today, VIP has expanded its product line to offer not only men’s underwear but also loungewear, hats, socks, and handkerchiefs. A pack of 3 average price is VIP vest starts INR 470.


  • Making it a day of comfort.
  • The interlock fabric of the garment is ideal for the Indian climate
  • It can absorb excess sweat.

5. Rupa & Co. Vest

Rupa & Co. Vest

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One of India’s largest knitwear brands, Rupa Men’s Clothing is not only for men but also for this brand. With 10 affiliate brands, it offers men’s, women’s and children’s inner and formal wear. From the Bermudas to Lounge T-shirts, shorts, leggings, capris, t-shirts, they all have them!

The range of men’s attire has received tremendous support from its customers for its impeccable quality and value for money. The collection includes the following – Basic Banyan, Round Neck, Round Neck Shirt and Gym Dress. Price:  cotton 5vests of Rupa costs about INR 320.


  • For men who like their pants with sleeves,
  • The guy from Rupa fits the bill.
  • Made using 100% cotton,
  • It is itch-free all day.

4. Dollar Vest

Dollar Vest

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Being Akshay Kumar’s brand ambassador, he defines what the dollar represents through its various print ads and TVCs. Dollar Industries is one of the best brands in the lingerie industry and they have a strong presence in the UAE and the Middle East apart from India. The company owns 14 brands, including a collection for men, women, and children. They have everything from underwear to leggings, winter wear, and activewear! They have a special collection for youngsters designed with fashion aesthetics in mind.


  • wrinkles and trunks, each
  • Made using 100% cotton yarn. Akshay Kumar’s series of TVs are designed to reach his fans and the brand.
  • What caught our attention would be the feature of the itch-free melting label,
  • Which is comfortable for everyday wear.

3. Macroman Vest

Macroman Vest

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A brand from Rupa& Co., the MacroMan-M Series sheds a youthful and playful light around it. Kapoor Kandan boy Ranbir Kapoor is the face of this brand. The MachoMan-M Series, aimed at the General Y men, offers a variety of inner, outer, outer, lower, sports/leisure and thermal wear. Price: Macromanpack of 3 vests is about INR 560.


  • It belongs to the brand’s sportswear series
  • Crafted from premium comb cotton fabric.
  • The bold lines and wide shoulder strap are majestic and cool.

2. Amul Vest

Amul Vest

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Sot NawabSaif Ali Khan is the face of this brand and the funniest line – Ye Toa Bada Doing Hine is still etched in our memories, no one yet understands it. But this brand is worth mentioning because it is widespread all over the country and they have a full range of men’s underwear – from clothing to underwear to trunks.


  • Made using breathable cotton,
  • these underwear are the usual bananas
  • Provide all-day comfort and compliment the body.
  • The wide shoulder makes these pants a fantastic fit.

1. Dixie Scott Vest

Dixie Scott Vest

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With Salman Khan’s endorsement of this underwear brand, should we be surprised by its accessibility across the country?

They have a strong network of 850+ distributors and this brand has an active online presence. They cater to a different set of target audiences with the subsidiary brands of Basic, Royal, and Uno. Create t-shirts, trunks, shorts, capris, thermals, hoodies, tracks, underwear for brief ad boxers, they have a wide range to choose from.


  • Many men still prefer their clothes in white, and
  • We are sure that innovations in print and colors will soon catch their fancy
  • It will not be long before men will see their shirts match their outfits!