10 Best Washing Machine Brands in India 2020 with Price

A washing machine is an essential home appliance among the people in the current day. It assists in cleaning clothes effectively and saving a lot of time. If you come to pick the right washing machine for home, then it is too hard due to its variety of choices. Almost all tools are affordable and built with unique new features. So it makes a lot of confusing to go with the best option. No worries, this article gives a hand to the people who want to go with the right and fit washing machine for your home.

1. IFB Washing Machine :

IFB is the first leading home appliance company, and it delivers products for the kitchen and another laundry, such as washing machines, air conditioners. The washing machine built with the new updated technology like the front, top loader to a smart loader. I hope everyone feels free to try with this high brand machine at home to wash clothes. New technology washing machine built with an LCD screen to get a notification and change various options as per want with comfort. This machine is available to buy at a price range of 31,999.00.
  • Front loading washing machine
  • Altogether remove bacteria and bad smell
  • Wash and care programs
  • Program repeat option
  • Senator Aqua SX

2. LG Washing Machine :

LG is a highly preferred choice of significant people, and it is quite simple to take care at all times. LG Company manufactures two main products, such as refrigeration and washing machine. This company wishes to bring out the energy-saving machine with a waterproof motor and built with smart technology. It is a great enemy for all stain and dirt marks. This machine is out to buy at the price range INR 29,373.00.
  • Built with the automatic loading machine support
  • Less electricity
  • Out with two years of comprehensive
  • Touch panel
  • Perform much faster

3. Haier Washing Machine :

Haier is the most common home appliance company in India, and it manufactures washing and refrigeration and another air conditioner. It built with semi-automatic machines and protected major overfilling of clothes. A washing machine has 5.8 kg capacity, which is excellent for a small size for family usage. It has 1000 RPM and a faster drying rate that make it more comfortable to handle. From the market, you buy at price range of INR10, 990.00.


  • Completely automatic top loading machine
  • Two years of warranty and five years of warranty on motor
  • Rust free body support
  • Digital display
  • Tub and clean wash

4. Bosch Washing Machine :

Bosch is a brand electronic company in Germany. It designed a wide range of energy-efficient washing machines. It is out with the latest features and other modern technology, which makes the cleaning process simple and effective. This washing machine reduces overall moisture in the clothes and lets to dry much faster. It designed with the Voltcheck option that assists in finding out fluctuation in the voltage. Though, it built with the anti-vibration design that minimizes more excellent stability. It is out to buy at the price of INR 14,499.
  • Higher spin speed
  • Front-loading option
  • Two-year warranty
  • Suitable for 3 to 4 member family
  • User-friendly to handle
  • Vario drum

 5. Samsung Washing Machine :

Almost everyone heard about the Samsung washing machine, and it is well-packed with the help of the smarter and much faster. On using this machine, people get simple UI and easy control. Get precise information from the intuitive LED, and it built with Tempered Glassdoor that makes to use a more extended time. With the help of the concentrated water spray, make sure that detergents are equally distributed. I hope this brand washing machine highly preferred in the market. The waterfall technology provides cleanliness and rinsing. You buy such type of the brand washing machine at the price range of the INR 10,999.00.


  • New LED display
  • Diamond Drum
  • Magic filter
  • Air turbo
  • Eco Tub clean

6. Whirlpool Washing Machine :


Whirlpool is famous for the home appliance, and it specializes in design washing machine refrigerator with high tech features and technology. Hope this brand assures to meet all want of buyer in the market. This brand company designs a washing machine with an exceptional look and unique features to complete the washing action successfully. Unfortunately, if your lover dress gets dirty and stain, no worries try with the whirlpool washing machine that works better to remove all dirt and make clothes neat and clear. This device built with 3D scrub pads and dynamic technology that ensure each clothes has no detergent. The price of the washing machine is up to INR 12,890.0


  • Ten years warranty on motor
  • Built with power scrub technology
  • Made with 12 wash program
  • Unique spa drum
  • Minimize abrasion

7. Mitashi Washing Machine :

Mitashi is the leading electronic manufacturing company, and it is specialized in home appliances, mobile, and tablet. This machine built with the new and updated intelligent Hall sensor Advance programs, which give a hand to communicate with the control panel. You find out the option to readjust plan and water level and rinse time. The main plus of the machine is to save water, time, and energy. The washing machine has a useful soak function and its support to remove the overall stain from the clothing. In the online, you can buy at the price of INR. 13,990. 


  • Fully automatic top load
  • 600 rpm
  • Built with 4-wash programs
  • Plastic
  • 7.8 kg

8. Midea Washing Machine :

Midea Company provides a high load semi-automatic washing machine with unique features. It is one of the front load washing machines which required less energy source and water to clean the dress. This machine built with the 23 wash programs, and its simple to change program options as per your wants. Even, if the uniform and daily used clothes get soiled, no worries by having such a brand washing machine. This machine works better on your dirty and stains. You get the device at the price range of IRN 15,999.


  • A completely automatic front load
  • 23 wash program
  • Polypropylene
  • 7 kg
  • Higher spin speed
  • Lower drying time

9. Godrej Washing Machine :

If you are looking for a brand washing machine, go with the Godrej. Almost the Godrej washing machine designed with the automatic top load and built with direct-drive technology. A washing machine has 100% Water Resistant Control Panel that makes to feel comfortable. This product is suitable for 3 to 4 family members, and it is out to buy at the price range of INR13, 490. To find out the water level of the machine, it has Fuzzy logic that delivers the right updated of water level.


  • Capacity: 7 Kg.
  • Roller Coaster Wash Technology.
  • Flexi-Wash technology.
  • Eco Mode.
  • Cloth Load Indicator.
  • Child Lock

10. Onida Washing Machine :

At first, the Onida company manufactures Television and AC, but now it’s slowly step up to make end number of home appliances such as washing machines and other devices. A washing machine has new features like an air dryer, which is not only removed addiction water rather than remove the moisture from clothes much faster.

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  • Fully Automatic Top Load
  • Capacity: 6.2 kg
  • Max Spin Speed up to 700 rpm
  • Digital Display Supported
  • 10 Wash Programs.
  • Lint Filter Supported.


From the above article, the buyer can find out the top brand washing machine features and price details. Hence buyers can pick the best choice as per your set budget without meeting any risk of it. Each brand of washing machine has its features, so it assists in picking the best choice in the market.