Top 10 Best Towel Brands to Buy in India 2021 {Bath & Hand Towels) With Price

After a refreshing bath, wiping off your body with a clean towel makes you feel great. You can use any length of the towel but the best one is to use different sizes for different purposes. You can find long towels to clean your body after a bath and the same goes for hand towels which are small and travel friendly.

All those people who like sweating hard in the gym prefer small hand towels to clean their sweat. So, towels have a range of purposes and if you want to have a great feel, using a soft and absorbent towel will enhance your overall feel. It is easy to say that all the towels are the same but in reality, they have a small difference in thread count, material type, absorption rate, and more.

The Indian market is flooded with a range of brands offering towels from 100 Rs. to 2000 Rs. where expensive doesn’t mean the best one. With the rise in cost, you can find great patterns and use of different materials. If you want to find the best, going with a popular brand seems like a great choice. You won’t have to look after so many things.

Here, we made a list of our favorite top 10 best towel brands in India. These brands are offering bath and hand towels for a reasonable price point. On the other hand, these brands are highly credible for their great quality and durability factor. Want to learn more? Let’s take a deep dive –

1. Bombay Dyeing Towel

Bombay Dyeing Towel

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From wiping your face to body, the super absorbent nature of Bombay Dyeing towels is going to feel amazing. These towels are made of 100% cotton, soft, and fluffy, which help to get a comforting feel while wiping. You can pamper your face with these towels and it will absorb plenty of water in a single-use. The best part of Bombay Dyeing is, they offer towels that have hypoallergic nature which means you are not going to develop any kind of allergy using the same towel for quite a long time without washing it. You can use this brand’s towel from bath to gym due to its absorbent nature.

Price Range – Rs. 160 to Rs. 2700

Highlights –

  • Super absorbent bath, hand, and face towels.
  • Uses 100% cotton in the manufacturing process
  • Wide range of color choices available here.

2. Cotton Colors Towel

Cotton Colors Towel

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Are you looking for skin-friendly towels at a pocket-friendly price point? Well, Cotton Colors seem like the most reliable brand in these criteria. These lightweight and thin towels are best while traveling. The key quality is super soft nature which keeps on increasing with the use. Absorption rate might seem slow but these are good for long-term purposes. There are plenty of faded color options that seem genuine for prolonged use. Durability is the last and most important quality that you can expect from this brand.

Price Range – Rs. 150 to Rs. 1,499

Highlights –

  • Extremely lightweight travel-friendly towels
  • Comes at an affordable price point.
  • Available in different sizes for versatile use.

3. Swiss Republic Towel

Swiss Republic Towel

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When it comes to the premium range of towels, the Swiss Republic comes in the first place due to the use of Egyptian cotton. With the luxurious look and premium in-hand feel, you are not going to regret the purchase. There is highly absorbent 2-ply cotton combed into these towels which make it reliable for the body, and face use. Wiping with these towels will be comfortable and it will make you have a great experience. With all that said, you can find that premium brands are slightly expensive so you might find it slightly above the budget.

Price Range – Rs. 349 to 3,999

Highlights –

  • Extremely soft and comfortable body and hand towels.
  • Made of 100% Egyptian cotton
  • Uses combed 2-ply cotton

4. FreshFromLoom Towel

FreshFromLoom Towel

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In case you are expecting a luxurious experience but for a slightly lower price point, then FreshFromLooom has some impressive deals for you. They offer extremely comfortable towels for body and face use. You can find that they provide simple color options with a highly absorbent attribute to impress you. The key quality is a great design and a simple pattern. The only downside is slightly lower durability due to the extremely soft nature of the towel.

Price Range – Rs. 99 to Rs. 1,899

Highlights ­­­–

  • One of the most affordable but premium towel brand.
  • Manufacturer towels for Hand, Face, and Body
  • Uses soft cotton for excellent absorption

5. Trident Towel

Trident Towel

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Needless to mention that Trident seems like a quality brand for simplistic but eye-catchy designs. If you like to collect great looking towels then you can choose this brand. It is not about the appearance only as Trident gains a reputation in extremely durable and highly absorbent towels. If you want something versatile then you can get different sizes set and look for impressive color options to have a great experience. Even though you have seen amazing designs, you can find 100% cotton made towel here.

Price Range – Rs. 149 to Rs. 1,999

Highlights –

  • Manufacturers 100% cotton towels
  • Amazing design and color options
  • Versatile and highly durable towels.

6. Spaces Towel

Spaces Towel

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A brand of trust and higher credibility for your skin should be like Spaces. This particular brand amazed us with the eye-catchy look and skin-friendly fabric. The cotton used by Spaces is comfortable for your skin because it is 100% cotton, the second quality is excellently combed threads for super absorbent nature. Drying towels seem easy here and you are getting all of these features for a mid-price point which can’t be bad for you.

Price Range – Rs. 199 to Rs. 1,749

Highlights –

  • Available on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong
  • Luxurious comfort with an affordable price
  • Versatile towels for hand, face, and body

7. Akin Towel

Akin Towel

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The amazing range of Akin towels will be your first priority for simplistic designs and comfortable cotton. With the soft feel on your skin, Akin gained its respect. They have offered a wide range of towels in the premium price range but there are some affordable options with similar properties. With the use of 100% premium Egyptian cotton, your skin will get a refreshing feel in every single use. The best part is easy maintenance and great durability of the towel that you are going to love every single time.

Price Range – Rs. 269 to Rs. 4,499

Highlights –

  • Versatile towels for Gym and Bath uses
  • Easy maintenance and higher durability
  • Simple but great color options.

8. Space Fly Towel

Space Fly Towel

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A towel brand that focuses on easy maintenance and better durability should never get unnoticed. As Space Fly focuses on making your work lesser with quick drying of towels, this brand will feel better for those who travel a lot and need their towel dried in a quick time. The use of finest grade cotton feels great when the towel touches your skin and absorbs plenty of water in a single wipe. The best part is combed cotton and great design that you can feel soft in every single touch.

Price Range – Rs. 169 to Rs. 699

Highlights –

  • Highly durable and affordable towels
  • Manufacturers towel for hand, body, and face
  • Offers breathable and highly absorbent fabric

9. Turkish Bath Towel

Turkish Bath Towel

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Softness matters a lot when it comes to towels for the face and body, Turkish Bath is a reliable brand. No doubt that pure cotton towels are great for long term use. You can use them on the face, hands, and body. They are going to dry your skin at a fast rate which feels great to use. The brushed cotton which is combed effectively packs into a small space that helps you travel with the towel with ease. Cleaning the towel with easy machine wash will reduce maintenance also.

Price Range – Rs.249 to Rs. 799

Highlights –

  • Easy to clean towel
  • Made of durable and soft cotton
  • Support Machine Wash

10. Lushomes Towel

Lushomes Towel

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When it comes to choosing between premium and durable towel brands, you can’t be wrong with Lushomes as they have soft towels for a slightly premium price point. They have rich color options. The extremely soft cotton combed into a small brush shape to help you clean the body at a faster rate seems like the top notch feature here. You can get lots of options in design and they have different sizes to get you the best quality towel for versatile purposes.

Price Range – Rs. 199 to Rs. 1,999

Highlights –

  • Keep your body clean with refreshing cotton
  • Comes for a pocket-friendly price point.
  • Super absorbent with eye-catchy color options


All brands mentioned in our list have higher credibility in the Indian market for great quality, premium design, extensive durability, and reasonable price point. Choosing towels for body and hand from these brands with a closed eye is never going to be regretful. If you are buying towels for bath purposes then you can choose long towels whereas all these brands have small hand towels also. Choosing a pack that offers all the sizes helps saving a little by getting great deals.