Top 10 Best Anti-Pollution/Virus Protection Face Mask Brands to Buy In India 2021 with Price

Mask has become a very essential thing in our life, especially in the past six months. In this pandemic, when people are leaving their house for work, the most important thing they check is whether they have their face mask or not. One of the famous painter, Leonardo Da Vince, advised the use of wet woven cloth to protect against toxic agents of chemical welfare in the 16th century. After World War I and the Spanish flu epidemic, in 1918, face masks became commonplace. When COVID-19 got spread all over the world, multiple countries recommended wearing cloth masks which will help in reducing the spreading of the virus. Even before this pandemic, few people used to wear face masks to protect themselves from air pollution created by car and truck exhaust, chimneys, factories, wildfires, and many other things.

As recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) cloth masks should be used in places where social distancing is not possible and that would help to stop the spread of coronavirus. When talking about face masks we should always look for the best material and brand. Though some people might think that it’s just a mask and anything they wear should help but every product has pros and cons and that’s why it’s important to know everything about the mask you are wearing, especially in this pandemic situation.

So here is a list of the top the 10 anti-pollution/ virus protection face mask brand in India:

1. Prana Face Mask

Prana Face Mask

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Prana air mask is a smart air-purifying mask. It has a built-in battery and it comes with a special filter. It is different from other masks. It provides a 6 layer protection which includes 2 layers of activated Carbon to prevent harmful gases and a layer of Pre-White filter to prevent particles larger than 0.10 microns and has a special HEPA filter that stops particles of 0.3 microns in size or larger. It also protects from gases and dust. It has an N95 filter and has a rotating in-built fan. The built-in battery is rechargeable and lasts for around 6 hours.

Price: Rs.2500 – Rs.3000


  • It consists of 5-layer HEPA filters that help to prevent pollen, smoke, and fine dust particles.
  • It uses advanced filtration technology that collects polluted air particles up to 95.99% efficiency.
  • The air volume of this mask is adjustable as per your activity.
  • It can be charged with a Micro USB charger.

2. Atlanta Healthcare Face Mask

Atlanta Healthcare Face Mask

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This is an N99 mask and it aims to remove almost all of the air pollution and particulate matter present inside the air and gives you clean and breathable air. It has an ear loop, valve, noseband, and filter. It can be worn longer than most disposable industrial masks. But once the filters are full of pollutants, the mask needs to be changed. It protects from fuel-based pollutants emitting from petrol, diesel, and gasoline.

Price: Rs.1800 – Rs.2200


  • It has a thick layer of long-lasting carbon to filter gas pollution.
  • It is fashioned focused.
  • It can be worn for a long period.
  • It is tested to block viruses and bacteria.
  • The level of micron filtration is 0.3.
  • There is no moisture build-up and has multiple valve options.

3. Honeywell Face Mask

Honeywell Face Mask

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This is an anti-pollution foldable mask. It is the world’s renowned brand for personal safety protection field for 100 years of experience in respiratory protection. This mask is specially designed to protect the users from probable respiratory ailments and allergies created from the polluted air. The mask comes with a valve for moisture release which reduces stuffiness

Price: Rs.1000 – Rs.1500


  • It has a high-quality filter media which blocks PM 2.5 dust, haze, filtration rate up to 85 percent.
  • It has attractive colors and designer patterns.
  • It has a skin-friendly lining and comfortable fabric ear loop straps.

4. Dettol Face Mask

Dettol Face Mask

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This mask is perfect for people who live in a busy city. It has a 5-layer filtration that protects from all types of harmful air pollutants. It comes with a breathing valve which is also removable. It comes in different sizes which makes it easy for people to choose a perfect and comfortable fit.

Price: Rs.800 – Rs.1000


  • It has a 5-layer filtration that is effective in filtering out up to 98% airborne particles, harmful pollutants, and up to 99% harmful bacteria.
  • It gives you a comfortable fit and is available in three different sizes (S, M, L).
  • It is also suitable for children.
  • It can be used for a month.

5. 3M Face Mask

3M Face Mask

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This mask has the highest PM2.5/ PM10. It is effective in filtering 99% of dust particles which is also the highest in this segment. In terms of fittings and comfort levels, this mask has exceptional quality. It is the best mask for outdoor, traveling, cycling, running, grinding, or long periods of wear.

Price: Rs.300 – Rs.500


  • It has 99% filter efficiency.
  • It is made of thermoplastic.
  • It is extremely comfortable.
  • It has a 3-Panel design that fits a wide range of faces.
  • It has N99/FFP3 Mask EN 149:2001+A1:2009 Approved certification.
  • It also consists of an exhalation valve and 3M low breathing resistance technology for better breathing.

6. PureMe Face Mask

PureMe Face Mask

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It is a reusable anti-pollution mask. It is made of pure cotton. It comes with four separate activated carbon filters. It has stretchable earloops attached to it for easy wear. It can protect you from highly polluted places:

Price: Rs.300 – Rs.400


  • It has 5-layers of filtration.
  • Ensures complete comfort even in hot conditions.
  • It is reusable.
  • It has N95 grade filters.

7. idMASK2 Face Mask

idMASK2 Face Mask

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This is an anti-pollution mask that comes with a shield. The shield protects the filters. The mask is available in different sizes. The mask protects you from PM2.5 particles. This mask is basically for sportspeople so that they can wear it during sports activities.

Price range: Rs.3500 – Rs.4000.


  • It has 3-layer protection that filters particle.
  • Gives you air-tight fit.
  • It is made of soft silicon.
  • It claims to filter out 95% of particles.

8. Vogmask Face Mask

Vogmask Face Mask

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This mask helps you to protect your lungs from any airborne illnesses or pollutions. It applies a creative and unique design. It is excellent protection from microscopic particles, dust, pollen, and other airborne components. It protects from PM2.5 particles. It is comfortable as well as stylish.

Price: Rs.1800 – Rs.2000.


  • Superior protection from PM2.5 particles in air pollution and other air containments.
  • Helps to protect from 95% airborne particles.
  • It has activated carbon filters for germs.
  • It is comfortable as well as designable.

9. CRUSADERS Face Mask


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This is an anti-pollution marathon mask. It protects you from dust and toxic gases. It has a unique zipper lock technology. It guarantees consistent filtering of 99.97% of particulate pollution including PM10, PM2.5, and even PM0.3 size of bacteria.

Price: Rs.1200 – Rs.1500


  • It has 4-layer filtration
  • It is comfortable.
  • It offers good protection from air pollution.
  • It also has a valve design.

10. Repeller Face Mask

Repeller Face Mask

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It is a daily use anti-pollution mask. The mask has a unique triple-layer filter system. The first layer catches larger pollution particles such as dust and PM10. Next, the Three-Ply Micro stops nearly 100% of smaller particulate matter such as PM2.5. Anyone living in a high air pollution level should use it.

Price: Rs.500 – Rs.1000


  • It has a 3-layer filtration.
  • It has N99 activated carbon filter.
  • It has exhalation and adjustable straps.
  • It is washable.